April 14th, 2008


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WOW! its my week for lucky get's! when i got gabrias last night, i rubbed him on my hands wishing for his good luck to rub off on me.

well.... it did! today at the pokemon center (i picked up shaymin candy for sunyshore!), they had the new chupa figures! so i grabbed five pokeballs and went to go see what i'd gotten.

second ball (it was a masterball) .....RAICHU!!!!!!!!!

two amazing things.
1) pokecen is SMRT. they mixed the old chupa balls in with new ones. VERY CLEVER WAY TO GET RID OF OLD ONES. i unknowingly grabbed two old ones and three new ones. so i technically only had three chances... and i got raichu. whoo!

2) um... chupa figures got HUGE. they are also made out of better stuff (the same plastic as zukans are, vrs. shiny plastic). whoooooo!!! here is raichu next to chupa chups kolink and staraptor.

(yesh, i need to dust).

for the record, i also got ramparodos and another staraptor from the old set, and octan (octillery?) and gligar from the new set. gligar and octan are also HUGE.
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Was there ever a more appropiate use of this icon? I'm looking for the Misprint Ancient Mew. Does anyone have it that they're willing to part with? I have the corrected Japanese one as well as multiples of the English one, but I must have the misprint. You all know why.

Anyway, don't forget to buy my stuff and send me to Calgary!

Cardass Stickers? Also Collection Web-Page

I have some Cardass stickers from way back when. Pictures under the cut! I wanna know if they are real or bootleggy. :D

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I also have my Munchlax/Snorlax collection webpage all updated. :D Some of the pictures are really big though. I think I need to crop the kids picture into three separate shots. Also if you pop on over to the fanart section, you can see a lovely Munchlax done on my package by pheonixxfoxx.

The new things in my collection are the Fushigi no Dungeon figure (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE) and the adorable Munchlax Wobble Ball from pheonixxfoxx. I have included all the info I know about things, and pictures of tags and capsule inserts. If you know something I don't about one of my collection-members, please tell me! :D

Also feel free to make fun of my probably-wrong Japanese. :[

Oh yeah, if you gank any pictures for wish-lists please let me know so I can feel special or something. :o

Updates + Custom Kids

Hi guys just wanted to give a few updates.

No SMJ box yet- No zukans. Sorry :/ SMJ is being extreeeeeeemly slow lately.

Secondly- I got in my package from pheonixxfoxx with my Okami kit (yeah non poke related but you know super happy!) so in preperation for painting the okami kit I did a few custom kids:


Shadow Lugia is a work in progress...for my friend. And shiny Umbreon is finished. Complete with sparkly clear coat to make the "shiny" effect even more dramatic.

When I finish the lugia I'll take more shots and better clearer shots..but for now I thought this was a good preveiw.

Crits/Comments welcome please! Acrylics were used, as well as some sparkly clear stuff, and I havnt found a decent sealent yet so when I do I will seal them.
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Surprise!! Surprise!! SMJ actually delivered my box in a timely manor!! Maybe they are finally getting their act back together...Yeah Right!!!

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to show off what arrived!! As you can see above, I got another set of the Legendary Beasts model kits mint in box!!! All three are for sale, but I am considering putting them up on eBay...This auction cost me some $$$ for the other items that were in it, so I would like to make something back...

Entei - $15.00
Raikou - $20.00
Suicune - $20.00

or all 3 for $50.00
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Thanks, I will also have a ton of new items in my shop in the next couple of weeks:

Pokemon "Goody" Shop
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Glacia kid found O_o;; Uh...

So... I got a package in the mail today with a Glacia kid. I didn't buy another one, since the only one I bought was for a friend... Why would she need another? >_> I checked my paypal... And I never sent a payment to the sender... So did anyone by the name of Katie mail me one by mistake? D; Super confused...
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Received! :D

I got a few things in today and thought I'd let people know! C:

ravestars85 :: I got the Eevee binder! It's tinier than I thought but SO CUTE! I did the proper thing and promptly moved my Eeveelutions collection over to it, along with my Typhlosions and Mudkips. (: My other binder was getting too full with my "favorites", so I moved my absolute loves to this adorable little binder. Thanks so much!

yaoi_queen :: I got the Feraligatr deck and Skitty bobblehead~! Thanks soo much! That Feraligatr is so pretty. :D And my friend will LOVE the bobblehead! X3 And you're right, those fake cards are so hard to tell apart from the real ones! o_o;

Also, I will be mailing out everyone's packages that purchased things from me at my sales post by the end of this week. I need to wait for the money from paypal to transfer over before I ship everything, seeing as I have no money to ship them on my own. XD Sorry for the wait, I will let you guys know when I mail everything! <3

Collection post soon .. soooonnn .. as soon as I finish getting in all my new goodies. :D Hopefully I'll also get that Brock's Mudkip and a Shining Mudkip soon, to bring my total of Mudkips up to fifteen .. *giggle* I have nine Typhlosions as of now, but I'm expecting three more in the mail, and two figures .. eeee, it makes me happy. xD
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mini collection update

I bought the new kids today to add to my collection~ I'll update my pokekid photos another day when there's better lighting. I'm only missing an Umbreon for myself but there's lots of time for me to get one for myself. The unopened birds in the back are gifts for my best friend and the Umbreon is for warandromance- you can email me at ronderland at hotmail for more details, I hope you still want! I need your address and choice of shipping it {in a box / unopened in a package / opened /w box flattened, etc.}. Total so far {including the packaging unless you want to upgrade} is $2.50 but I have to find out how much it costs to ship to you before I give the final total :3

I also want to let bat_bow_tie I received my new pokedolls~ thank-you! I'm posting this here so I can share photos of them~ I love my Plusle and Minun. Because I finally received these two, I decided to upload photos of my pokedolls collection. These do not include my UFOs or Canvas', etc. Just pokedolls. I'll do the others another day~

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Pokedolls Wanted: NATU , Shadow Lugia
Coming soon: Skitty, Charmander {when the anniversary one is released}
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Group auction?

I'm suddenly curious as to how group auctions work, seeing as quite a few have been going on recently. There's a particular set of PokePark pins on Y!Japan whose Pikachu I am very interested in. I've just started collecting pins again (Disney and Pokemon), and I've always had a certain fondness toward PokePark items (when I was little, I loved to imagine what a Pokemon theme park would be like). Anyway, would anyone be interested in helping me (or even willing to buy the set in the first place, seeing as I'm fairly low on Poke-funds)?

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Pokémon 151 Badges

I thought I'd point this out: a full set of the 151 Badges. They're in the display board/pouch thing and not mint with their card backing, but still... Some people might want to make a group auction out of this for some of their favorites, or something.

(If anyone does, I'd love you forever for the Scyther. :D)

Y!J 151 Badge Collection.

Oh, and random question about Y!J menu at the top: which number is the shipping price? Is it the one right underneath the username of the highest bidder? Thanks, happyjolteon!
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Sales Post!

It's been a while, but I've got an awesome sales post lined up for you guys! It features some exciting new items, as well as items I've previously carried and then re-stocked due to popular demand. :D Please be warned that the post is very image-heavy!

The sales post is now a part of my collection journal in the works, so you're welcome to friend it if you're interested. :3

( Be sure to read the payment and shipping policies, and of course, have fun! )