April 16th, 2008


Yet Another Sales Post

Hello to all again! ^_^ I've been meaning to do THIS sales post for awhile, but never got around to it. I'm hoping there will be more stuff here that you guys like/want. :)

Before anyone clicks on the sales post link, I just have one question: Who was the culprit behind the "sneak attack" during last night/this morning's bid assault on ebay for the Dragonite and Pikachu plushies?! *shifty eyes* I'd like to say "DAMN YOU!!" but also shake your hand for a brilliant maneuver during last seconds of the auction. *extends hand* Be sure to post your winnings when you get them so I can pout some more. XD Also, if anyone on here was the other person I was "battling" with, you put up a good fight. *nods* I realize Pokemon fans do NOT need sleep when an item we want is on the line. XD Plus, i think we all had a good laugh out of the fact that the guy selling the plushies had NO clue what they were. Haha! He thought Dragonite was Charizard. Luckily, he called it Charzard, so only the select three of us Poke-fans found it... mostly likely by accident. :)

Anyhoo, on to the sales!

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Yey!~ (Crafts, new things and sales!)

Yey! I managed to find the out of print japanese Pokemon 10th anniversary DVD and it's so fab! ^_^ It's a collection of all the Japanese anime openings and endings, right up to Diamond and Pearl:

I was even happier to find that it has a really cute reverse sleeve featuring my new favourite, Pachirisu!

In other collection news, the cards I ordered from
featherclaw arrived this morning (thanks so much - especially for the cute envelope art!).  I also got parcels shipped today to [info]goku_the_saru, [info]shootthetanks, [info]mjneko, kyogre56, [info]resilientspider, and [info]youreviljester so they should be with you soon! :)

We've also been busy with Pokemon crafts recently ^-^

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We've still got lots of zukan/cards/plush left in our sales post! - http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1015879.html ,  so take a look if you missed it the first time around, I'd lie to find nice new homes for everything :) Also, I finally got around to taking a photo of the Eeveelutions Tomy figures - if anyone is interested in buying them please let me know, they are in nice condition and I'm sure someone would appreciate them more than me. I'm not sure how much to sell them for though :S

I'm sorry that this post has been so random ^^;
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maniac_online, resilientspider, yaoi_queen, taycs :: Your items have been shipped! Please let me know when you get them! C:

quiazr :: I still need payment sent to julieindi (at) yahoo.com you before I can ship your items! Your total was $4.43 for the Gengar spinny top and the Snubbul sticker. Also, were you gonna send me that Giovanni's Nidoking? :o If you want to that'd be amazing, but I'd need to give you my address, too!

latifox :: I'm just gonna hold the Marowak unless someone else wants it, so just let me know when you're able to send payment!

kiraras_lemon :: I checked the weight, but forgot that the items were going to the UK! @__@; I'm such an idiot. I'm guessing that it won't be any more than five dollars to go to the UK. Were you still interested in the Eevee and Jolteon balls?

Also, space_fight, featherclaw, and penanna :: Have you guys gotten your items yet? D: I don't remember if you told me you did or not, but I just want to make sure .. I'm getting worried about them, but then again sometimes the mail takes a while. Dx

My sales post is still active, so feel free to dig through it if you haven't already! I WILL haggle prices if you're really interested. C:
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Small Sales Post + Collection Update (and a bonus question!)

I just recieved a small lot of stampers from eBay this afternoon. I don't want the other three, so I'm selling the rest for $5 each (including worldwide shipping).

They are a little dirty/worn, and Aerodactyl has a chipped wingtip. They do have the advantage of being self-inking, however, and they're made from a stone-like casting material... I can't remember the name, it's something like Hydrostone? But at any rate, they're not cheap plastic. :)
Paypal only please, no holding items.

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Group auction - WON! <3

Please excuse me for posting more than once today, but I just won the 20 Pokémon suction cups for the group auction! :D

As stated in the linked post, you'd pay after the auction is won. So in order for any of us to get these guys I need money from the following!

I'm keeping: Cubone and Dragonair
Still available: Deoxys, and Luvdisk

I'm calculating in the PayPal fee and your shipping. The figures are $1 each by themselves. Please send to: danika_garcelon [at] mac [dot] com.

Jigglypuff and Master Ball - alakazzandra: $4.42 (paid!)
Wynaut - chibisilverwing: $3.39 (paid!)
Ho-Oh - juumou: $3.39 (paid!)
Celebii and Jirachi - penanna: $6.47 (+international)
Pelliper - kyogre56: $3.39 (paid!)
Lugia - invader_julie: $3.39 (paid!)
Lapras - kiriska: $3.39 (paid!)
Heracross and Pikachu - pikaplex: $4.42
Cacnea and Glalie - unowncafe: $4.42
Pinsar, Dugtrio and Corphish - Itachi: $3.00 (no shipping required)

Thank you everyone who's willing to help me with this! ^-^ I didn't even think that so many would be interested in the first place. You guys are great. <3 In the invoice the auctioneer said that they would take 2-3 weeks to arrive. So please be patient!
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Dratini zukan

Hello everyone, i'm in need of a dratini zukan (one of the few things i need for my collection growing at snails pace...no scratch that snails go faster carrot pace) I've never seen one like ever off ebay (british ebay) or even zukan ranger before it stopped selling zukans. So yes does anyone have one they are willing to sell/trade??

notee: i know i have to pay some people don't tell me i know. lolzs when my mom gets home from work i'll have her paypal you the money. :P i know i'm lame and young.
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Misspelled auctions?

I participated in three auctions over the last two days and I only won one of them (resilientspider and shiny_vulpix, we lost our auction... Sorry! ;__; It went too high), but the one I did win? I'm quite happy with it. :D It was totally worth staying up until 1:30 AM last night for.

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Now, normally this plush goes for $50 and up--I just saw one today sell for $88 or so, and the other remaining one is around $100. I got it for $31 including shipping, which is a bargain for this guy.

Why, you ask?

Because he and Pikachu were listed as: "Pokemon, Pikachu and Charzard, good condition". I think the combination of the fact that he isn't Charizard and that Charizard was spelled wrong to begin with made this guy pretty hard to find, hence why I got him so cheaply. I was incredibly lucky I spotted them when I was searching for Mew plush (the seller was also selling a Mew plush, and they had one of those scrolling "Other items from this seller" things).

So, my question to you, pkmncollectors, is this: Have you ever gotten a bargain on an auction due to spelling errors/identification mistakes/hard-to-find auctions? I'm just curious how many of you have found cool things that just weren't listed correctly.

I've taken to doing searches on misspellings of Pokémon or items I'm looking for, just in case! This strategy is usually not that great, but occasionally a real gem will pop up.
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Clear Kids auction winners!


- $7 to kefanii!
Wartortle - $4 to lizardon!
Gyarados - $5 to eknock!
Dratini - $7 to quaizr!

If you guys could PayPal your amount plus $2.50 shipping to becky_1229@yahoo.com, that'd be great! Let me know if you're outside the US so I can calculate correct shipping. Thanks!

... I am an idiot. I meant to delete my last update post, but instead I deleted my entire sales post. Awesome!
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Now for something spontaneous.

Guys, I have a confession to make.

I LOVE SHUCKLE. It's cute and squishy and makes moldy berry juice and it's CUTE.

While I can't buy a lot of things right now (as if anything of it really exists amirite?) does anyone at least have a Pokekid for sale or trade? How about anything else? :X
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Collection question :O


I forgot which one of you has the pretty much complete Umbreon collection... could I get a pic/link to it and what each item is?

Also, anyone have a complete Dunsparce collection? XD
I know I need the Battle... collosseum figs, but does it have a Pokedex fig? (BC one has Dunsparce and Dittosparce)

Aaaaaand~ Anyone know what Parasect items there are? XD
there's some buildable fig, tomy, maybe a Dex fig... I have the Kid and Zukan...
I'm thinking of starting a Parasect collection.

And I'm also needing a mental list of what I need (That's not bootleg) for my other two collections.

(Two auctions ending in an hour also: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZevilroy )