April 17th, 2008



I know lots of people on here make their own Pokémon merchandise or do commissions for such items. What are the things you like to do best? It could be sketching, digitally painting, sewing plushies, embroidery, cross-stitching, clay-shaping, carving, knitting, crocheting, paper folding/cutting, or something I may have forgotten to list entirely.

I like cross-stitching and drawing, and I'm making my first attempt at making a plush. ^^

Pictures are most welcome. :D

Bout time...

Ok, I FINALLY have everyone's items out. It took ages due to arguments at the post office (something about, if I had cardboard in the envelope it costed more, but if it's just lots of paper it's ok? HUH???), but it should be all arriving very soon! I put some extras in the sticker boxes :)

Also, I finally found the new Jaxxs Chatot ^______^ Thank you to those who mentioned it to me! I had only known about the old one.. the new one is much nicer! Very happy with it indeed. Curious why all the Starlys look like bloated peeps though X)

Lastly, I noticed at TRU they have smaller figures in a tube, about 4 per. Anyone know a site to see them all? I'd only seen the one with piplup in it

Oh, and to those who won the Luxray kid.. did you still want it?


To everyone who purchased things from me from *THIS* sales post:

Those who have paid me, or worked out a deal with me, your items have been sent out as of 10 minutes ago. Combine having little time to go to the post office while it's open with waiting for payments, and you get your reason why it took a week. I guess from now on I should start telling people that I usually ship out about a week and a half after a sale. :P

My Pokemon collection is composed almost mainly of Mew. I know there are a ton of other people who collect a particular pokemon more than others. Now, I pose a question for you:

Do you find that one of your favorite items, if not your favorite, is actually not of the Pokemon you mostly collect? If you do, then take a picture and post it. The following isn't my favorite item, but it is my favorite pokemon kid:

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I realized after taking this picture, I am missing two critical things for my Moltres collection - the HUGE TOMY and the Large Kid, both of which I DO have, they were just in the other room at the time. --;


Feels a bit different to collect something new. ^_^ I'll be getting the bell plush soon, but I'm not sure if the UFO catcher really interests me - (it's kind of ugly, to me. ._.;)

Also in the photo is my clear Umbreon kid! I've got the new pose one coming in the mail, along with Espeon. (I'll just need the first clear Espeon, then. :D)

Also put two pokemon related auctions on ebay - one being the Yutakayumi Espeon doll, and the other being a HUGE Talking Mew plush. ^_^

EDIT: It'd be helpful if I gave a link, now wouldn't it? ^^; http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZshining_umbreon


Mini Tea Set Group Auction Won

Update:: These were shipped out to me today (04/18/2008) and should arrive sometime next week.

So the auction on the mini tea set just ended a short time ago. It ended at $33.50 + $6.50 shipping = $40. (Proof here)

There are 12 pieces in the auction, all of roughly equal size. 9 of them were claimed. I'm splitting the costs equally among all 12 pieces, which means I'm paying for the ones that weren't claimed.

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articuno -- ice beam

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I know I've asked this before, but it's worth another shot...

Anyone who owns that huge DX Weavile pokedoll willing to give me some information on it? As in pictures, size and etc? And if anyone out there is willing to part from it for some big bucks...? >___> IT'S WORTH A TRY, it's something that I desperately want..  especially after my boyfriend made me lose the one on Ebay a couple of months ago. But seriously, if ANY of you out there has one and would consider selling it, you can contact me through e-mail or AIM if you don't want to comment here. <3

Also, does anyone know if there are any clear Weavile kids? Or if the Sneasel one comes clear? Pictures also a plus; I heard all the D/P kids come with a clear version...oh and how about a shiny version? Okay, enough questions for now, don't wanna explode too many brains. x_x

I also got a couple of packages from people! Once I get my load of packages I'll make a nice, big collection post and address everyone that sent me a package to let you know your package arrived safe and sound. :3