April 18th, 2008


Group Auction: Pokemon Soundtracks!


I came across this auction by doing my daily searches; I really want the 5th movie (Lati*) Soundtrack, but I don't really care for the others. ^_^

Also in the lot are the 4rth movie soundtrack (Celebi/Suicune), The 6th movie soundtrack (Jirachi), and the complete GBA Ruby/Sapphire soundtrack - (I'd want this, but I already bought it a few years ago from CD Japan. :D)

Would anyone be intersted in helping me out to get these? They might be out of print, actually. I have NO idea how high the auction might climb, so I may just do things auction style to be safe so I know we'll have enough money. ^^;

But this is just a feeler post - please comment if you'd be interested!

[Updates updates!]

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? =DD

First things first: I have received a package from castform on the 8-10th of this month, and today I recieved mine and kiraras_lemon 's package from yaoi_queen - Thank you very much! (See under 2nd cut! ^o^)

So I'm still awaiting packages from norkia, candycafe and invader_julie. However! I know of at least three packages that are being held for me at the Uni Post office, but I know at least one of those is an SMJ box. I was thinking of explaining my Uni post office so that people would know why there are such delays on me getting things even if I know they're here, so now that I have issues with it, here it is xD:

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So yeah. If I don't tell you right away that I've got your package even if you know for a fact it will have been delivered, this is why. I would have things sent home, but my father has a cow over every package through the door. This is the lesser of two evils xD

So having said that, collection update, while I'm here xD

Jira-chan, what are you doing under my scarf?

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Having spammed you all a bit now xD I have a question! I've been spotting this Jirachi plush on ebay, because it looks adorable ;-; and downright fuzzy tbh xD But could anyone give me anymore info about it? Also, on the tag I see Celebi, is there a Celebi plush to go with this one?

EDIT: Also! antichrist are you still interested in the Weavile from this post? I'm sorry I didn't get back to you ;-; *failed it*

Many thanks!

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hi guys! if you have any more silent bids for those specific bell plush, email them to me before you go to sleep, since i will email the winners when i get home :D if you want to know who has the high bid or what it is, i can tell you, but i wont be home for about 4 more hours!

there will be bell plush auctioned for a few days, and then some stuff on general sale this weekend or early next week! i will also be stocking more new tomy figures like glaceon and others you guys asked for this weekend.

also the new kids and UFO catchers should be coming soon too!! YAY!!! GARCHOMPKIDSejigjejgjergdr

well, i want to share one really special thing i'll have on sunyshore. i battled and battled and i GOT IT!!! i half spent what i did just because i wanted to see these badgers in person (similar to why i end up with so many bell plush).

its the full indigo leauge badge set!! AAAAAH!!

is it time for the giant raichu plush to be released yet? sigh XD
Fav scene in the GN XD

Sales Post Almost Over ^-^

Hai guys, just a reminder of my auction link still that's going on for a few more days. A couple of capsules, zukan and figures ^-^


Giratina Figure : High bidder eggsterminatus at $20

Togekiss Zukan: High bidder tortoises at $6

PS: missmoonsault still haven't received your package so i hope it comes soon T___T *excited
Glacia, Absol, Kolink

Updates & Great news!

fernchu! Received the holo Shinx promo! Thank you so much, the freebies were great too <333 Thanks again!
obakehoshi - Still no Charmeleon >>; I don't think this trade was meant to happen either ._.


Pokemon Center have released the Giratina & Regigigas Pokedolls for sale! Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but I know I'm happy :D
(Info thanks to AAPF as always)

EDIT: Oh, apparently they're on the official site anyway XD

Later today I'll be having a collection update, yay!
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More auction spam- I have three new auctions and I still have the Lugia auction up :)

Also, chatsy, your stuff finally made its way back to me- I'll be sending it off to ya Monday. So sorry for this mess- you can have $10 credit on any future sales posts I make or a free sketch. Your choice. :)

And THANK YOU so much to Eeveelution for sending that stuff back to me! My offer to pay you back for shipping still stands if you change your mind. :)
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Small Collection Post and Darkrai Pez Dispenser Reminder

First off, I got a little impatient and decided to show my new collection thus far. I still have stuff coming to me in the mail, but I'll post about that stuff when they come. ^_^ For now, here's what I have:

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Second on my agenda for this post is the matter of the Darkrai pez dispensers I posted about a few weeks ago. I'm heading to Little Tokyo on Sunday on a mission for Darkrai plushes for scarsofsunlight and want to know if anyone else would like to reserve one of the pez dispensers. Again, I cannot guarantee the availability. So far, the people who have expressed interest in them are:

featherclaw and youreviljester

If anyone else would like to reserve one, here's the link to the post in which I discussed pricing and shipping.

Thanks again! I'll let you know what the status is as soon as I get back on Sunday. :)

Final sales

Since I oh so intelligently deleted my last sales post.. xD Might as well stick it back up for a bit while I wait for payment from some people. Winners of my auctions! I'm still awaiting payment from lizardon - $6.50 and quaizr - $9.50, assuming you're both in the US.
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End! :D Let's try not to delete this one this time around.
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Raikou and Entei up 4 auction...

First, I would like to mention that I have added some new stuff to my Suicune and Absol collection pages:



My Luxray and Purguly collection page is redone and ready for viewing:

Luxray & Purugly

I am getting ready to redo my Team Rocket page and I should have it done probably tomorrow...That just leaves my dreaded Treecko/Grovyle collection page to update...Though both Pokemon are a secondary collection, they are probably my biggest...

Also, I have put the Entei and Raikou model kits up on ebay:


There is a little over 4 days left and they have no bids...These kits are mint and in the original boxes, so check it out...

Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

Sales Post!

My first sales post. XD

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I take Paypal only. When you pay, please include a list of everything you purchased and your LJ name to help me keep everything straight. XP
(Ex: Payment from (Username)
Payment for:
I'd also be willing to accept trades for anything on this list:

Shipping for anything that isn't flat/I can't put it in an envelope will be $2, everything else will only be $1.
I will only ship within the US, so if anyone overseas is interested in anything, get in touch with a friend who lives in the US and I can ship it to them so they can ship it to you.

If buying cards:
List everything you want and be sure to specify which picture it is from, and I'll give you a total. With larger orders I'll be willing to give slight discounts.

ALSO: If you want a larger picture of any of the cards, just let me know and I can scan it for you.
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~*~Saleza Postia~*~

Hi everyone! :D I haven't posted in forever (although I have talked to a lot of you on chat recently ♥)

I'm selling lots of random things like kids figures, keychains, a plush, chou getto, etc. (Some old, some new) Please have a looksee! :3

Sales Policy:

1. All items will be shipped from Japan. Seller will ship to anywhere in the world.

2. Seller accepts paypal ONLY.

3. SELLER WILL NOT HOLD ITEMS. Sorry, I've had many bad experiences with holding items before ;-; First come, first serve.

4. Shipping is NOT included in prices. Will calculate shipping based on location. Paypal fees, packaging materials, etc are included in shipping prices. Insurance costs extra. Seller is NOT responsible for lost/damaged packages that have not been insured.

5. Seller does not accept trades at this time. Sorry ;-; As much as I love getting arts and stuff, I'm kind of in need of money right now ;-;

That being said, have a look! ^-^ WARNING: Image heavy

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Oh, also, enshogirl, I still have your stuff (Vaporeon, Zapdos, Jolteon new TOMY figures) on hold for you, the total was $17 including shipping. Do you still want them? If not I will put them up for sale, so just let me know :D

Talking Darkrai on ebay

Hey guys, this is youreviljester. I'm trying to officially switch over to this lj username for pokemon stuff. You like? :3

Anyway, I was browsing ebay and found an auction for a Tomy Talking Darkrai, the first I've seen on there since I bought the one I have. In case any of you were interested, I wanted to give you the link. So here it is! ^_^ There's about 4 days left on it. Good luck if you decide to go for it!

Lucky Star: Oversoul

[Last SMJ box in, and small sales!]

Yeeeeeeeey, this was my tiny tiny haul. So small, but oh so important! penanna got one thing from this box too, togetic friends plushie ^^
But she's fussy and she did not look too impressed xP

So left to right; Eevee battle museum (using Charm, socute x3),

Espeon friends plush; turned out not to be too dirty or bad in condition, eyes were unscuffed = perfect! and the fur just needed gentle brushing =o

Espeon battle museum,

KOLINK KESHIPOKE. I remember when I was bidding on this, Gin was getting more hyped up than I was! She was the one who linked me to it, and sat and joined in the thrill of the Auction Chase with me. Good fun :DD
But seriously. This is like, the crowning glory of my Lions collection, so rare, so cute, and for 150 yen an absolute -bargain-. It's a little vertically challenged though |3

Raichu Friends plush; He's a bit worn, but the fur is nice and fluffeh, and he can be easily restored. YAY RAICHOO <3

Jolteon MiniCot figure; he needs to go on a diet, he's chubby! XD I still think he's cute, he am speshul. But yess. One more minicot to find, flareon, but I can guess right now, that is *not* going to be easy ;-;

Right, down to business c:

I have a Kyogre Suction Cup figure reserved for wereblood - $3
And a Houndour Battle Museum figure reserved for garefowl - $7
Do you guys want these fellas still? =O

Terms Of Sale;
- I will ship internationally, prices DO NOT include shipping, and this will be given upon interest.
- I will accept PayPal only, e-checks and CC welcome, all fees will be added in with shipping.
- International buyers wishing to pay by Money Order must find a middleman/deputy to receive the money. I cannot accept them.
- I accept personal cheques from the UK only. Concealed cash is at the buyers own risk.
- I will hold items on this sale for 3 days only, after that the item will go back on sale, or given to the next person interested.

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There will be a larger update after the weekend, so these figures will -not- be shipped immediately, for that reason I have introduced the 3 day hold policy.

I am also going to bed in an hour or so, therefore, I am sorry in advance for not replying to anything before tomorrow x3

Thankyou guyzzz..