April 19th, 2008



okay guys! due to POPULAR DEMAND i have items for PRE-SALE on sunyshore. meaning, i am basically offering to run and get these dolls/figures for you mint from the pokemon center for a commission fee. no, i am not concered i won't be able to get these items, but i cannot guarentee. preordered items will ship THIS MONDAY!

i am only doing merch runs THIS weekend. i wont be doing them again for these items for a while. my "big" sunyshore update is going to be moved to next weekend, so if you want the dolls from me and wait, it'll be too late D: these items will be gone by sunday.

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bell plush auctions will start later today.

bell plushies!

NOTE: if you have any questions/comments/complaints about the auctions, just IM me or join the "pkmncollectors" chat on AIM! yes, we are in there talking! :D


-Auction starts now and ends SUNDAY NIGHT, 12 AM PACIFIC TIME.
-Increase bids by 1.00$.
-Bid as a reply to the previous bidder. Make a new comment if you are the first bidder.
-Shipping will only be about 3$ per bell plush, so don't fret over that.
-Any bell plush with a special circumstance has had that spot highlighted! Any plush without specifics you can assume is in great condition!
-Any bell plush that gets NO bids will go on Sunyshore. NOT ALL BELL PLUSH ARE LISTED HERE! The others I will have for sale will be in my Sunyshore update in a week.

Okay... have fun! On to the gallery!

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Big Bang Theory BAZINGA

Cardass Sale

Soooo just as good as Christmas SMJ package came in!! ^.^ Sadly this isn't my BIG haul!! I still have a package coming with Battle museum Espeon,  Battle museum Umbreon,  V trainer Espeon and FINALLY  V trainer Umbreon!! [Yes thats right!] Sadly the seller from hong kong on ebay said they only had two sets with v trainer umbreon. [Both of which are long gone ;_;] So I've been hunting for one for myself  and finally found one on Yjapan of all places!! And the seller had an espeon as well! XD I can't WAIT for that package to come in!! >:3 I found them under pokemon figure [thank you jumou your guide is so awesome!] for anyone else looking for them, not under their actual names.

But what I did get is a full set of the new zukan [with both shellos] and my regular attack espeon *.*
She's just gorgeous!! :3 I'm gonna try to take pictures of all my new goodies tonight! But I've got my copy of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of Darkness so I'll be playing that as well. [Yea my work got it in early so I got my copy early XD] Been playing it for like 3 days on and off.. I'm a SKITTY!! *.*

Onto the actual sale post tho enough bragging!
Preview image of cardass and japanese pokemon flips for sale cheep!

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Koga? :o

Lulz I haven't posted an entry on here in ages.

Some of you may know I collect stuff having to deal with Koga/Kyo :] Or anything to do with that gym, really. SOOOO
Does anyone have any Koga/Janine/Soul Badge junk they'd like to sell me?
I have like... Hardly anything :D

Minicots are Mini

Ok so...upon being very bored, I thought of a question I could ask you guys! Minicots. What exactly are they? (ok, I know they are mini figures xD) but were they from a set? a vending/gumball (whatever xD) machine? etc.

I myself have an Alakazam one and I think it's just SO cute xD So I was wondering if any of you guys had any (if so..pictures please =D) I am just curious to see how many and/or which Pokemon have one...or perhaps there is a list somewhere out there of them?

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PS: Who else is getting Mystery Dungeon 2 tomorrow?

Pokémon Manga

Does anyone happen to have any old Japanese 4 koma or 2 koma manga laying around that they don't have any particular attachment to and would like to sell? I've kind of started a collection with the intent of scanlating them and would always love some more. :3

New updated sales! More kids, and deckboxes!

Thanks guys for making my kids post earlier this week so successful! I went through and cleaned up the post and lowered prices on some of the kids. I also re-photographed the ones I have left. The reserved group of kids is currently at the SMJ warehouse, but they have not messaged me with an invoice or anything yet. I've emailed them, and I'm still awaiting a response. I want to get the damn things shipped so I can get them to you guys. Anyway, here's the updated sales!

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Espeon and Umbreon Attack Kids Auction with Custom Paint Option

Thanks to my boyfriend (whom is awesome and amazing c: ) I have an extra espeon and umbreon attack kid that need a loving home. I decided to offer up something interesting with this auction though:


Im giving you the option to choose a custom shiny paint job on the kids (see the umbreon beside the regular one for an example) I use acrylics, and a clear (Non gloss) sealant. You will have the choice to have a clear glitter coat put over them as well to add to the "shiny" effect at no additional cost.

If you DO want it just tack on 10 dollars to the total. If not than..whatever your final bid is the final bid.

All kids are new just taken out of the box and still have their clear wrappers (perfect paint job and no paint rubs), and come with the box and card.


Espeon - Start @ 5 rinkatink

Umbreon - Start @ 5 rinkatink

Shipping in the states is 2.50 International add a dollar. I have to add paypal fees to the final as well.

I'm ending the auction Tommorow at 10 PM EST. Questions? By all means ask!
Mew Giddy

Updates on Lots of Things!

Firstly, shipping is more expensive than I was intitally told. ._. I'm really pissed off because of it, but um...unless you want to be nice to may, I won't make anyone who's already payed pay the entra few dollars for shipping. Because I'm nice. But now I'm starting to run out of money so uh...please be nice to me? ^^;
Shipping within Canada: $2.64
Shipping to the US: something like $3.50
Shipping anywhere else: $4 and up, I guess
I'll have to get the exact details next time I go to the Post Office, but the people there kinda scare me and I hate being a bother. XD

ANYHOW, remember those gachausa charms of legendaries that are no longer in circulation but are still available in a machine at my local mall? Well like I said when I last went there I nearly bought out the machine, but today I brought some spare change I'd been saving and after lunch there with my siblings bought a few more. :)

Still waiting to get a freaking Mew (I've spent about $30 on that machine thus far and still not a single one!) but I'm selling what I've got, along with the others I didn't sell last time. They are all still sealed in their capsules, so if you want 'em fresh then here's the place to get em. Shipping them still in these capsules will be a bit more expensive, so I can just take em out and send them in their plastic (and yes, I include the little sheet list thing) plus the free artwork commission of one-two Pokémon (examples can be seen on my DeviantArt). They're a tad bit more than what I got them for because they're brand-new and hard to find, I want to cover my butt for the ones I'll have leftover that won't get sold and I seriously need the money to help chip in for my friend's birthday gift (since what she's getting me is seriously generous and I hate people paying for me). I still can't transfer stuff from my Paypal into my actual bank account since I has teh junior account so this money's hardly even going into my hand. .___. Oh, and lol @ $30 over a bunch of charms. My friends made fun of me. XD
Um, anyhow, here's what I got:
Mewtwo charm: $2.25 (x2)
Lugia charm: $2.25 (x2)
Celebi charm: $2.25 (x2)
Deoxys charm: $2.25

Like I said, all unopened, mint condition, come with free artwork (tell me what Pokémon you'd like for this bit!). My Paypal is sorah25[at]hotmail.com, as is my e-mail address to which you should give me your address.

For other stuff, have a look at my Sales Post! I also take trades in certain cases, but for more information please see my Sales Post. ^^

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Happy Latias *

My smallish Eeveelution Collection

Hi everybody.

I've got a small Eeveelution  & Shinx (& evo's) collection going, but living in Australia it's a bit harder to find stuff.
So if anyone has any un-wanted Eeveelutions or Shinx/Evo's (even if there bootleg/fakes/cards/etc), I can trade for them for shinie's on the DS game (which will be clones).

What I'm mainly after:
Pokemon Center Plushies (Japanese or American)
Stampies (like heerosferret/Sunnyshore has)
Cards (any language (mainly Japanese & english))
Basicaly anything!

Look @ my LV9 :iconLV9: (deviantART) account to see what I've got so far.

But, due to lack of money/funds I can't buy.