April 20th, 2008


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check out the bell plushies if you havent yet! :D the auction still ends sunday at midnight pacific time, but i don't get back from class until an hour after that, so have your mind made up by then, i won't count all kinds of late bids!

well, with all the hyper over magnets, i decided to post my magnets collection, updated! i'm super excited about this update!

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group buy?

I was browsing eBay for any Pachirisu stuff I may have missed, and I came across this.. I really want that Pachirisu name keychain, but I asked the seller, and in order to get it, I have to buy the whole set. So I was wondering, is anyone interested in buying these? The cost would be around $5 + shipping for each one of them, let me know if you'd want to reserve one!

Darkrai - pending... (featherclaw) secondary (glacidea)
Turtwig - glacidea
Chimchar - dingerroxxors
Piplup - rini124
Pachirisu - taycs
Buizel - dingerroxxors
Buneary - crimson_angel02
Drifblim - warandromance
Happiny - rini124
Pikachu - rini124

I'd like to see this happen before the sale ends, which is in only one day. If almost all are called by then, I'll just buy the set and sort it out afterwards.
I bought the set~ I'll let you all know when they arrive so that you can make payments. Remember, serious buyers only!
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Sales Reminder and QUILAVA PLUSHIE!

Just a reminder that I still have stuff for sale! Packages from this sale should go out tomorrow or Tuesday. I apologize for the shipping delay, but I've had a tiring week (and it'll just get even more tiring). v_v

BUT look who came in yesterday! :D

I was worried that USPS might have eaten him (just like it did another package going to me ;_;) but he arrived safely! Made by the one and only Lone Pichu and is SOCUTE. *____* He currently rests in my Usakochan Quilava hoodie!

Wren: Bitty boop

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Hey! Remember that group auction not too long ago? I still need to following to pay please:

Celebii and Jirachi - penanna: $6.47 (+international)
Heracross and Pikachu - pikaplex: $4.42
Cacnea and Glalie - unowncafe: $4.42

I also thank you all for being patient with me with payments. I'm now earning money for myself and have paid back everything to my parents from silly overdraft fees. e .e So this list is mostly for myself, and I'll be paying the following people today:

• Froslass zukan from eBay guy - $6.70
Cubone and Marowak Topps from x_Kyo_Sama_x - $1.85
Marowak BK card from Invader_Julie - $4.43
Possibly Cubone and Marowak normals from Juumou - $4.50
And $7.10 for Castform to pay her back for the Cubone/Marowak zukan!

Speaking of which... I got castform's packages early this week!

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I really need to make a collection post sometime. D: Still waiting on one package in particular involving a Cubone and Psyduck though~ <3

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NEW GETS! I've never used Rhyperior in-game, but he just looks so cool. And happy Dialga was a must-get for me, as well as Meganium. All I need is a Typhlosion Zukan to complete the Jhoto starter set.

Close-up of some badges I got off Etsy.com. I know the person basically took clip art from the internet and turned it into these, but they actually look really good and will look great on my Ash Ketchum cosplay vest.

I got a few other things from some members in this community (Venusaur Ex card and some other cards) but I'm kind of in a hurry and can't take pictures of them right now.
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Newbie is new :)

First off, to the communty maintainers, sorry for being so incessant about wanting to join this comm. I just wanted to join, and didn't mean to come off as annoying or anything.

Anyways, to the rest of you, I am Encas, and I collect teh pokeymans. I've also done business with several members here, including lineaalba, juumou, and Gin. Specifically, I collect Phione (thus the avatar. Phi-one<3...), Murkrow (no inflence here from any other members, I swear!), Castform (possibly some influence from another member here, but I dunno...), Larvitar (it's teeny, and I even have equal amounts of merchandise of Pokemon that I DON'T collect, like Weepinbell and Gengar), and Minun(I know there's a Plusle collector here. Maybe we could help each other out?). I also have a fondness for Entei, Latias, and Mothim, though I don't collect them.

That aside, I'm looking forward to being an active community member and posting some pictures of it as it grows. I also look forward to getting to meet some of you, too. So, yeah. I'm here. 

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Upcoming Jakks figures!!!!

Just finished browsing Toywiz and thought some people might be interested in the release dates of the upcoming Pokemon figures and action figures from Jakks! Just a note though, some of these dates might change because I've seen a couple packs released earlier than the dates shown on Toywiz.

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[ttgl] ↗minna no peace

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I have a few extra Pokemon figures for sale/trade at my new sales journal :)

figures include: Plusle, Aipom, Hoppip, Caterpie, Wobuffet, Blissey, Sentret, Cleffa, Mew, Growlithe, Mudkip, Eevee, Pikachu, Marril, Charmeleon, Raichu, Wooper, Chinchou, Cacnea

Please check them out here at onigirisales!

Poke Goods Picked Up!

My trip to Little Tokyo was most pleasurable! ^_____^ They had a new stock of items! O__O They never have great inventory, so I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. I bought... 8 new kids and my precious as HELL Riolu Xmas plush! <333 Those Xmas plushes go for well over $30 online, but Anime Jungle has them for $12.99 each. <3 So happy! I was also happy to get a Cresselia kid for only $2, instead of paying up the ass for it on ebay. ^_^

I'll have pics later. I can't stay on long, cuz my sis is IMing a friend of hers and was nice enough to let me on to post this. XD

I bought items for people who reserved/showed interest in items I had bought for myself in the past. This includes:

2 Darkrai pez dispensers for featherclaw and ladylegsdarkrai (formerly known as youreviljester )
Let me know when you guys can pay. :) As a reminder, they are $7 + $1.50 s/h no matter where you live. ^_^ My paypal is yaoiloverhotmail at yahoo . com

Also, I have a brand new, still in it's bag Torterra kid for sale. He came with a 5 pack. He's $4. Shipping will be $1 domestically in the US and $2 everywhere else. :) If you want a pic, just ask and I'll supply one when I get a chance to get on the Mac again. =P
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Hi everyone! Another update from me XDD

In response to my previous post here, I have an update on arrivals ^_^ My Togetic card from invader_julie  arrived! Thank you! But I may sell it, if you won't hate me for it, as I've suddenly gone off the evolution line a little ^^;; And I really need the money DX;

I also received a Riolu>Lucario zukan from kiraras_lemon , who bought it from someone, I plan on keeping these two little guys, so whoever you are, thank you XD ^_^

Anyway! I raided Gashapon machines today, and have a lot to sell XD See under the cut! I've put prices up a little bit, and I'm going to be charging for paypal fees, as I need the money and getting the ones I wanted cost me a lot DX Hence why I've got all these, all of them bar two came from Gashapon machines ;-; (TRAP!)

Including: Phone charms, Tomy (Palkia editions) figures and Screen cleaners!

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And that's all from me! Please comment if you are interested in anything. Feedback is located here in my sales post.

EDIT UNDER CUT! More items xD
Ja ne!

lots of pokemon cards for sale! =)

Well I've never sold anything here before, so I hope I don't make any mistakes in this first post, if I do, I apologise in advance profusely and assure you it was not intended XD For some reason it's rather scary making your first post in such a big community.. meep!

I'm also in the UK so I don't know if the prices convert oddly into USD or whatever >.<

Oh well, here goes nothing I guess hehe

I have loads of various Pokemon cards; a few holographic tcgs, loads of old topps cards and some random promotional burger king cards from the first movie.

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Sorry it's rather image heavy, I was having trouble taking photos of so many cards lol XD

Thank you in advance to anyone who is interested =)

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Alright, so I'm really starting to get into collecting Zukan, but have no idea where to start looking. I was able to find some from the new set on ebay by searching for "Pokemon Zukan", but can't really find anything else. And when I search for "Pokemon gashapon", I get a load of bootlegs. Are there other keywords I can use to find certain zukan? I've browsed through the Zukan Ranger site and have compiled a list of the Zukan I like the most and would love to own.

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If anybody has some of these they're willing to sell, or knows where I can find any for a good deal, I'd love to hear from you.

I organized and updated my ENTIRE Pokemon card collection. It took about 3 hours (EXTREMELY PICTURE HEAVY)


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Caterpie Plushies!

I can't explain why, but I think Caterpie is absolutely adorable... And so I have decided to start collecting its plush (of which I know of the existence of 5). I know of a UFO plush, a UK-exclusive from BK, a Yo Yo Nuigurumi, the friends plush, and the Bell Plush. I just bought a boxed Friends plush and am bidding on Gin's bell plush, but I haven't seen the others around.

I'm looking for the UFO plush in particular:

Does anyone have any Caterpie plushies they're not attached to, or information on the rarity of these guys?

Oh, and could someone add the Plush Project to the links on the main page? I just think many other people would appreciate it as much as I would. :3