April 21st, 2008



yes, at the center last night, i randomly picked up 21 leafeon kids, and some others, too! i didnt know this set was going to be out! SO GO GET'EM!

Then you can select "pay with money order/chest/echeck" and then seperately paypal me the total amount -3$ from shipping. just include that you are doing this on your sunyshore order form!

GIN, I WILL BE/HOPE TO BE WINNING A BELL PLUSH TONIGHT (click here to check them out):
Then I'll combine it with this stuff and take the shipping off from the bell plush' total :D

in other news. i got most of the giratina plushies, their stock ran out for the day right when i arrived/because of me. i'll be running back tuesday to get the last few for ya'll :D but here is a story...

i was browsing with the final half dozen or so giratinas in my baskets. after i took them all they were gone, so i assume some people were dissapointed. i had my basket on the floor and was kneeling to look at some puzzles, and a boy came up to my basket and grabbed a giratina and stared at me. he just stared. i was thinking "you gonna say somethin to me?". he was old enough to ask, but he just stared. so i slowly reached out, took it back, and even more slowly, put it back into my basket. then i moved on.

seriously, people at the pokemon center sometimes have grabbing issues. another time i felt a tugging on my bag so i turned to see a FULLY GROWN MOTHER squeezing the raichu plush i keep attached. squeezing it with ALL HER MIGHT, over and over, like it would squeak. again i was thinking "are you gonna say something to me or just squeeze that?!". without even once looking at me she gave up, looking REALLY annoyed, and walked off.


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hiii everyone =) I still have this sales post, but I was wondering if anyone had any Piplup related items that they might be interested in trading or selling? =) bearing in mind that until these sell, I don't have too much money to throw around =(

I have pretty much no Pokemon merchandise except for the cards which I'm only selling to try and build a Piplup collection XD it's really hard to find stuff in the uk it would seem

ooh and also, does anyone know where you can buy Region 2 versions of the latest Pokemon DVDs? (from destinys dexoys)
for some reason you can't buy them in the uk and my dvd player wont play region 1 but I heard region 2 dvds are available, just not in the uk >.>

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updated lions! and a new addition to my jolteons...

before i start, bell plush auctions will end in FIVE HOURS! im going to school so i wont be updating the totals, so check the comments to make sure you are winning who you want.

AND i still have plenty of leafeon pokemon kids, mint in box! come and check them out! you have a good chance for a clear one in one of these, since the pokecenter man brought me a whole box and usually one factory sealed box has at least one clear inside.

WELL OKAY. i got a new addition to my jolteon collection today... its a bell plush.


no. not jolteon. ;-; but it is a mint in box eevee, who will hold the place for a jolteon bell plush - hopefully in good shape, or even in box! i will probably grow attached to eevee, but in the case of jolteon costing me a lot of money, i will have eevee there to sell in order to help... hah! poor thing.

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Fav scene in the GN XD

Sales Post Auctions Ending ^-^

Haha ahh...i almost forgot about this -__-;; This'll be ending tonight around 9pm i guess xD No bids on the capsules yet so please give them a good home!! Thanks for looking ^-^


Giratina Figure : High bidder eggsterminatus at $20

Togekiss Zukan: High bidder tortoises at $6

Luxio Capsule Figure : High bidder pikachuashnat at $3

Mini Tea Set Update

For those who took part in the group auction for the mini tea set, I received it in the mail today. Unfortunately I just got home a few minutes ago and the post office closes in 10 minutes, so I don't quite have enough time to sort everything out and print shipping labels in time. I will mail everything out tomorrow afternoon when I finish with classes. If you are within the US, I will send you a delivery confirmation/tracking # once I've mailed things out.

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Alright folks, this is it. Hopefully my last sales post for a while. I've [sorted through my entire collection] and took out everything that I absolutely did not want and now I'm selling them here. I'm also giving you the chance to buy the entire sale binder, which will save you a LOT of money and net you TONS of freebies (I swear I'll just grab like 5 big handfuls and throw them in the box haha). I just really want to get rid of these cards because they're taking up so much space, and I'm kinda low on funds right now

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Finally, I'd REALLY appreciate it if you replied to my sales post with the following:
1. Image URL of item(s) you'd like(right click an image and choose Copy Image Location, then Right Click in the reply box and click Paste), along with the name of the item(s) and price
2. Total price without shipping.
That'd help a lot. Thank you!

Collection addition and question for Southern Californians

I finally got this zukan, and it's all thanks to the ever-glorious, and amazing, regen! :D I'm still waiting for some packages to arrive before I finally get around to having time to take pictures [when there is light in my room] for a collection post. :D I just needed to show my excitement at this particular zukan, because I have been wanting it for ages. I was so excited when I received this that I was worried that I would break it trying to get through the Fort Knox packaging that regen so wonderfully wrapped my goody in.

To those of you who live in Orange County, Los Angeles County, or anywhere near Little Tokyo:

Does anyone, say possibly in the summertime when we might all have better schedules, like the idea of having a little pkmncollectors meet up in Little Tokyo? While speaking to yaoi_queen the thought sort of surfaced up, and it might be fun to just maybe have a fun time shopping, getting lunch, and talking to others who are also collectors. It eliminates the worry I know I get when I shop there wondering "omg. they must be fellow pkmncollectors. ::hide::" It doesn't matter if there isn't much response, but it might be fun. Something to get out of the house, right? The point of this is to see who is interested, or willing to do it, so we can have an idea. Thanks to anyone who responds!
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My Pokemon, let me sell you them

... Lamest title ever!

Anyway, hi. I'm Kit Sniper. I'm not a Pokemon collector. Please don't yell at me.

I usually find stuff on local flea markets and such and sell them on eBay, but I found a huge Pokemon lot today and thought of putting stuff up here for sale instead. I asked a community maintainer and she said it was fine, so I'm posting my stuff here. Sorry if I seem spammish! There's lots of pictures Collapse )

I accept PayPal (preferred!) and Money Orders drawn in US funds. I'll ship most everywhere outside of the US, you only have to pay for the shipping. The only place I won't ship to is Mexico, every package I send there gets opened by their postal service and things get stolen by the employees. Shipping costs will depend upon your location - and I DO combine shipping on multiple items.

When asking for a price quote, PLEASE mention your zip code or country of origin so I can calculate postage! :)

I know I'm new here, but I've got over 650 positive feedback on eBay as a seller and buyer.

Thanks for looking... if you have any comments or questions about any particular items, feel free to ask.
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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The Birds

If you've bought something in my last sales post, your stuff has been shipped! Everyone should have gotten Paypal shipping notices except for my international customers (akirajess and cherrim); rest assured that your stuff has been shipped out as well. ^_^ Unfortunately I didn't have the time or energy to do my usual Thank You doodles. ;_; In that case, I can offer a free single-Pokemon sketch request to any of you! (Just reply if you want one~)

One night in the pkmncollectors chat, Gin wanted to see all of my bird collection in a single photo. I managed to (somehow!) fit ALL of the stuff I own on to a single shelf (with many minutes involving trying to keep Articuno zukan's wings attached while I fit it on the shelf). With my recent victory in obtaining the Pidgey and Moltres bell plushies (to soon accompany my Pidgeotto!), I feel like it's a good time to show off almost a year of Pokemon bird collecting! (Although a lot of stuff in the pic is obscured. One of these days I should really take pics of the individual families. D:)

(Click for a bigger image!)

Just a note... if anyone has a SWABLU/ALTARIA ZUKAN or a SITTING TAILLOW POKEKID that they're willing to sell me, I will love you forever. :D Swablu is the only one that I need to complete my Normal/Flying zukan collection and sitting Taillow is the only kid I need to complete my collection of Taillow/Swellow kids! I also aim to collect some Falkner and Winona related things, so if you have anything besides the US TCG League Zephyr Badge and Falkner V-trainer for sale, please let me know! :3


All packages (with one exception) were finally mailed! Sorry for the delay.

happyjolteon, I have the address from your paypal, but your memo said to mail it to the address in the 'email?' I may have deleted it by accident. Please email me: the.linea.alba(at)gmail.com, with the right address and I'll send it out later this week. ^_^;


BELL PLUSHIES AUCTION IS OVER!!!! yay! :D now i can mail them all to their new homes!

please paypal your bid + 3.00$ shipping to MY LJ NAME@yahoo.co.jp! please pay ASAP, i can't be chasing people for 2 weeks like i was with colored figures.

if you have a pending order (basically, giratina doll, poke kids, tomy figures...) you only need to include 1$ extra. if you have double bell plushies, its 4$ total for shipping :D

okay... heres the list! include who you won and your LJ name in your payment, and your sunyshore order number if you have one pending. thanks guys! :D

Charmander: 18.00 scarsofsunlight
Charmeleon: 14.00 scarsofsunlight
TOTAL: 32.00

Oddish: 8.00 happyjolteon
Vileplume: 25.00 happyjolteon
(+16.99 for regigigas pokedoll)
TOTAL: 54.49 (this has shipping configued, dont add anymore!)

Dragonair: encas
Vulpix: warandromance

Sandshrew (not mint in box): kefanii
Caterpie/Scyther: obakehoshi
Lapras: kiriska
Moltres, Pidgey norkia
Dragonite: ravestars85
Pikachu, Squirtle: double_breaker
Dratini, Snorlax: nefhithiel
Wartortle: prguitarman
Venusaur: pkmn_masta
Sandshrew (mint in box): kaygee84
Blastoise: starseed4
Happy Bat

Payment out

Just want to let those I bought from know that payment/your card(s) is in the mail and should be arriving shortly.

Hope it's okay to post that here, I lost a couple e-mail addresses.
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Hoppip friends
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Hey guys!
Stuff as come up financially, and I have to sell more of my collections ._. Please don't be offended if you see something here that you sold me. Selling some of these plushies was hard, I know people will O_O at some, but, there ya go. Your gain! :D

TONS of new items, reduced prices on old stuff!


Rare plushies, pop-ups, stickersss, and more!

If I don't receive notification of previous payment, or payment, they will be back up for sale in a matter of days.

Collection post and Meiji cards pictures

We got our Meiji pokemon promo cards today! 
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And I got quite a few packages last week so I've finally gotten around to posting my collections on my journal page here
For some reason, a few of my images aren't showing up. I think I broke imageshack, it's refusing to load O_o
I'll fix it up in the morning though. But there is lots of very random pokemon ^^ Thanks to everyone who's helped add to it. I think I only have one more package coming now, so it seems I need to start buying again. Thank god for paypal

Blaziken Plush FTW... literally! =D

Look who I won on ebay this evening:

<333 He's so cool! The person selling it had no clue what it was. She called it (and I quote):
"1P~ 11" Stuffed Pokemon Digimon? Red Eagle Lookin' Dude." XD I think he was worth the $14 I paid for him, eh? :)

Oh, and for those of you who recall the ebay card incident I had recently: the lady paid me back today. So all is well. :)
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It's that time again

And it only took one Costco tote bag this time!

I was out of town for the weekend but I spent a good part of that time working on getting these ready. Everything that was paid for from this post was shipped out today, with the exception of a few that needed supplies I didn't have with me. Those will be shipped out tomorrow morning on my way to work. The rest will be shipped as e-checks clear/payments are received/money orders accounted for.

Please remember that items take approximately seven to ten business days to travel from Canada to the United States, while international shipments may take a couple of days longer.