April 23rd, 2008


Small Sales post - last call for Kids figures, Kids Book and Guide. ^_^


Last time posting these figures for sale here - I've discounted most of them. If they don't sell, they'll be going to ebay. ^_^ I've also got a Pokemon Kids book; since I don't really collect most kids anymore, and I've sold off 75% of my kids collection (for newer members of the community, for awhile, I had over 200 Pokemon kids figures in my personal collection. ^^; I'm down to less than 45.)

Policies under the cut!

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One more thing, unrelated to sales.

With my Charizard collecting, thank you for all of the information. ^_^ I'm only looking to collect some plush and figures most likely, but it doesn't have to be all of them. :D

I did snag this on ebay, however. I wanted it a few years back, but never bought it.


It's around 12" tall. O_O I know there is a smaller UFO, but I believe it has it's mouth closed.

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thought ya'll might like this picture :D

these people still owe me money (if you dont know why, ask XD)

QUAIZR >:( come on, man, you said youd pay a week ago. im a bit tired of chasing you.

scarsofsunlight (pending MO)


also, i want to put a note about the sunyshore s/h fee.

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Happy Bat


Hello from me again!

Alright, after doing a lot of thinking I've decided to change it up a little. I'm still major collecting Kabutops because I love the heck out of him, but I was never really set on Kyogre in the first place. I know now that I want to collect Luxray and his evolution team. So if anyone has any Luxray anything for sale (I'm especially partial to stuffed animals) could you please let me know and let me know how much you are willing to sell them for?

Also, I've been looking around for the full "Team Rocket Returns" card set. Does anyone know where I can pick that up or have it for sale? I'm a big Team Rocket cards fan but was unaware that they made a new set until just recently!

Thank you!

Dancing Pikachu


So I see this on EBAY and freak, I WANT this, it would totally be awesome to have in my collection..Something very rare to have..I can afford the bidding price but when I called for the shipping on this I knew it would be high but not 285.00 high.....It would be coming all the way across the US since it's location is in California..and the guy says it's very heavy..Ah wells can't have everything, that of course if I could ever win the lottery then maybe...of which would be a fat chance in hell....
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You can has shining Magikarp plz?

For sale, a near mint Shining Magikarp. Only a small amount of surface scratches make this card not 100% mint. Otherwise, it looks great! I'm asking 15.00 for it, which is much cheaper than ebay prices! This includes shipping to anywhere in the world!

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Fav scene in the GN XD

Items Sold!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates for you guys below...things got a bit hectic and i wasn't able to get updates right away X_X

For those of you who've won these auctions, just email me at bluetip13@hotmail.com so i can grab your addresses and give you a total. I'm running around getting confused with names, addresses and such because of everything else that's going on right now so if you send me the info via my inbox then it'll all be organized and in one place xD

Giratina Figure : Winning bidder eggsterminatus at $20

Togekiss Zukan : Winning bidder tortoises at $6

staraptor, send me your mailing address for your Nidorina plush!

ravestars85, send me your mailing address as well for your Guilty Gear game!

Luxio Capsule Figure : pikachuashnat, i'm not sure if you got my comments but please let me know what your answer might be for the Luxio capsule as fairymon7 put the bid at $6 that evening so just let me know when you can..thank you!
[Cairnie] Dolly hat Jess

My first sales post: 1st Gen stuff

Hello, I'm sorta new to this community, I've been directed here by a friend of mine.  Recently my dad got down a box full of 1st generation [around 1999/2000] Pokémon stuff from the attic, and we no longer collect Pokémon, so I've been told to try my luck at selling them here.  I've read all the guidelines and stuff, so here goes. 

New: Items that are crossed out are sold.

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Surfing Pika

Pokémon Adoption Firm!

So, pkmncollectors... My room is literally OVERRUN with Pokémon. They're on nearly every surface, and I'm having trouble even finding room for the things I'm definitely keeping! x_x;

So, not much else to do but have a SALES POST!

PLEASE PLEASE help me out and adopt these guys. I need space to move in my room!

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BARTERING IS OKAY. Please barter if you don't think my prices are fair!

(ALSO, penanna, are you still interested in the Celebi plush? Could you please let me know when you'll be able to pay for it, if so?)
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Friend Code DP, Hedgie Love

Collection o' Buiz.

I was gonna do this much earlier. But I had to get the right Bui first. Bui plush collection, yay.

I think I know roughly what I'm missing - Laying UFO, Laying Beanie, Buizel 'Name tag' and... Throw Pokeball Bui. Does anyone have one of these for sale, or can get hold of one from a store or anything?

Also, happyjolteon - Here's the Salamence close up (Hope it helps - I've grown fond of him in the packaging)!

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a notice! i am packing up and will have mailed all bell plushies/pokedolls/kids/tomys/other orders by tomorrow :>

now, here is why i post. does anybody here want to reserve the pokemon bentou box 7/11 is releasing? it comes with an exclusive box, chopsticks, hankerchief, and clear shaymin tomy figure. i'm not sure if youll be able to get this figure otherwise (they make it sound like it ONLY comes with the bentou).

obviously i'd have to clear out the food before mailing :X but i'm offering to clear it out and wash the box clean before mailing. (for the record, i dont like bentou lunches XD the food will be donated to a poor guy with no money, AKA my fiancee.)

its a reserve-only, limited item, so if you want it, i will reserve it for up to FIVE PEOPLE!!!!

reply to this and say YES I WANT IT! and i'll go to 7/11 tomorrow and reserve for up to five people who may have replied.

according to the site its about 9.50$ for the package :D i have no idea how much shipping would be to you.

the site!



Complete RSE Special 1 set going for roughly $20 (currently) on Y!J. That's the 'Zard line, 'Saur line, Squirtle line, fire puppies, snakes, scratchcats, green mantis, angry 'buzz, and flytraps for those who don't recognize the set. I'm sure more than a few are interested.

Request: Does anyone happen to have any Caterpie kids or its Zukan for sale? I'm not looking to spend a whole lot, but the wiggleworm is too cute to ignore. :D

I must come across as a huge Bug-type fan, but I'm actually not. XD

Group Auction: Rare Zukan

I'm considering doing a group auction for the set just posted by another member: http://page5.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e76201670

I'm not going to say I'm 100% doing it just yet, because another member, regen had expressed interest in doing one, too. ^_^;

I'm sure we all know this auction could end up quite pricey, so I'm not even sure we could win, but I suppose we could try, right?

The set I would be looking to keep for myself is Charizard. The others would be available, but I want to talk to regen first, since I'm not sure what she wants or wanted from the set. ^_^; Just want to talk to her as a precaution so it doesn't feel or look like I'm stepping on anyone's toes.

This is just a post to let other members know that I'll be working on it.

Edit: Wrong link. Sorry guys, I'm not having a good day. ._.;
Edit 2: I am not taking bids or claims yet, just as a note.

Also, the sets in the auction are:

-Squirtle + Evos
-Bellsprout + Evos
-Charmander + Evos
-Bulbasaur + Evos