April 24th, 2008

low prices are tempting~

Hey guys, origamigryphon pointed out this auction the other day and I was wondering if anyone was interested in some of the items. I know they're western toys and those are usually lower quality but I've been wanting the American Eeveelution keychains forever so I'm planning on trying to win the auction just for those (considering how low the price is atm).

If anyone wants any of the other items I'll gladly make a list and keep track of it. Since there's lots of items and the price is low for now, all of them will probably be cheap.

So, for the record, I'm claiming the:

- Eevee keychain
- Vaporeon keychain
- Flareon keychain
- Jolteon keychain

Any takers?

ETA: These are the items (from what I can tell):

Keychains: A clear pokeball, Raichu, Charmander, 2 Charmeleons, Charizard, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Blastoise, a different, larger Blastoise, Dragonite, a different Dragonite, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Misty, Nidoking, Raticate, Caterpie, Machop, Kangaskhan, Togepi, and Psyduck

Ash magnet

Bouncy balls: Charizard, Poliwhirl, and Mewtwo

Ball: Poliwag and Hoothoot

BK Cubone

Pez: Blastoise, Squirtle, Charmander, Psyduck

Nidoran male figure

Charmander alarm clock

Annnnd some other things I can't even identify!


denkimouse: Raichu and the watch
soddymothdust: Raticate keychain
light_venusaur: One Dragonite keychain
flag: Hoothoot ball
tufails: Blastoise, Charmander, and Squirtle Pez, Misty, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur keychains
taycs: Charmander clock
kari_xiii: Large Blastoise and Ash magnet, second in line for Squirtle and Blastoise Pez and Charmander clock
psychmoonshadow: has dibs on Mewtwo ball if they want it
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Applause Spearow and Squirtle plushies

I want a Spearow plush featured in this set, but I can't really justify paying $16 for it. Would anyone be interested in buying the Squirtle? I'm asking for $8 (half the total price) plus $2 to cover shipping it to anywhere in the world and paypal fees; or, if someone has it for sale individually, I may be interested as well. :D

I'm also looking for a couple of Burger King plushes, particularly Seadra; I know there's a seller on eBay that has it for (I believe) about $14 shipped, but I'd like to ask around before I bite it. I'm also interested in the legendary birds and any other birds to a lesser extent; Seadra's just my biggest priority.

EDIT: I will also happily accept trades (my wants list is here) and I'm willing to trade for the above plushies as well! My stuff up for trade is here.

CoroCoro promo?

Hey everyone, the new issue of CoroCoro Comics is out, and it has Shaymin on the cover. I took a closer look at the furoku, and it is packaged with a Nintendo DS case!
Now, I know that it couldnt possibly come with a free DS game for Four bucks. I was thinking that the promo might be Shaymin- related, as in a promo card.
Does anyone have any information?

PS: If nobody knows, I'll buy it tomorrow and let you know what it is ^^; The suspense is killing me!
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Small Sales Post

Im expecting a large SMJ box soon! (whenever they feel like getting my shipping request processed lol) In the meantime (and so my wallet isnt so much hurt) I have a few things that need some new homes!

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Welp thats it.


Some mail came! Small Collection update!

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Shipped Items, Collection Update, And Torrtera Kid Sale

Hiya! First off, I'd like to let everyone who bought and/or traded items from/with me from my last sales post that I shipped your items out yesterday. :) They should be getting to you soon. Oh and, featherclaw, I mailed your Darkrai pez dispenser yesterday, too. ^_^

I've been meaning to do a collection update for quite awhile, but I've been TRYING to be patient while awaiting other items still coming in the mail. Still... I couldn't wait. ^^;; So, here is a collection update of the new things in my collection thus far.

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I now have a pic of the Torrtera kid up for sale ^_^ SOLD

He's rather cute. :3 $4 for him. If you'd like to look at my last sales post for other items still available to purchase with him , please do. :) Some prices have been reduced.

pokemon cards for sale =)

I've posted these before but I've now changed the prices and included the price in US dollars, I'm also open to offers on all of them as to be honest, I really just want them gone - I don't have the room to store them, I no longer collect the cards and I would like to get a little bit of monies to build my Piplup collection =)

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oh and to raichu26  your cards are now on their way to you and as you can see, the post was cheaper than they had originally told me it would be so I've sent a refund of the difference to your email address =)

Ooh and today my boyfriend treated me to my very first Pokekids! I'm so excited to see them! =D It's a shame the store had no Piplups or Bunearys left though =(
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Quick Update!

Anyone who has had dealings with icer01 and still hasn't received their items:

They WERE sent by seamail, I emailed her and confirmed this. She says for anyone who's stuff didn't come to send her an email. Her email will be under the cut, since only people who have to email her need to see it.

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She is slow at responding, but feels bad about the whole thing and she most likely will respond. Just be nice, I think she's afraid we'll flame the crap out of her if she posts here again .____. She is even sending me a replacement cyndaquil line zukan by airmail, and so long as it arrives, she's not a bad person ;D No tksama drama here I hope...:/
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Munchlax Collection Updates! :D And Pan sticker questions! :o

 I got my package from happyjolteon today and a new Munchlax plushie earlier in the week and decided it was time for an update. :) I have a few other Munchie things I haven't posted pictures of here yet either (though I think I mentioned them). Semi-large pictures so they are all beyond the cut! :D

EDIT- I am home now so I was able to take a picture of my whole shelf. :3

Larger under the cut. <3

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Now a question about Pan stickers to people who actually stick them on stuff: My Pikachu is not very sticky and wouldn't stay on either of the places I put it. D: He's fine on the paper, and I will just display him that way and he will be awesome and stuff, but I was just wondering if they are all like that (to be removeable and stuff) or if mines just old or something. xD Thanks! :D
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Multipurpose post ...

First off, latifox and eknock :: I'll be mailing your things hopefully tomorrow, I apologize for the delay. x_X School is really kicking my ass right now. Just thought I'd let you guys know. I'll post again once I've shipped them so you know when to expect them. <3

Also, chatsy and 216handsbound, we lost the auction on the Treeko/Mudkip/Torchic cards. :( Someone bid sniped it up to forty bucks and I didn't have that kind of money. Dx

lineaalba, I got your package today! :DD Thank you sooo much! I now have my first Typhlosion figure! .. which is really pathetic. Ahah. D: But thanks for the Leafeon/Umbreon too! And the math homework! XDDD <33

And this is just funny. I was in F.Y.E. earlier and I saw a Neo Destiny booster. Yea, Neo Destiny. It was only three bucks so I bought it to try my luck. And guess what I found inside?

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Needless to say I was happy. I had also bought an Ex Crystal Guardians booster and got an Aggron Ex and a holo Grovyle. If anyone wants the Aggron Ex I'll sell it, I don't really like Aggron. XD I tried my luck with an Ex Legends Maker booster and got a holo Tentacruel .. aha .. oh well. Talk about luck though, seriously! o___o Impulse buys ftw!