April 25th, 2008


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Wasn't there someone in the community that wanted this?

Well, if you're willing to pay $60 for it, then you're in luck!

(I paid around $40 or so for mine over 6-7 months ago and haven't seen one since till now)

And in other news, it appears that Ebay has turned to the worst place to find rare promo cards. I wish someone would just put up one big lot of promos I'm after so I can buy it or something. I'm sorta suffering a card withdrawal. @_@

BTW, to anybody that has bought anything from my shop, this is just a reminder I will mail out the items on Monday or Tuesday. I apologize for the delay

Reserved Kiddies are here!

Hey everyone! Remember this set of kids I ordered nearly a month ago? http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/964965.html Well, after SMJ piss farting around for what seemed like forever, I finally got these guys in. I'm gonna spend the weekend collecting money for them, and then I'll ship them next Friday when i am able to get out to the post office! Listed below are the users that reserved them, and the money they owe!

Kyogre56-Marshtomp, Combusken, Tailow, Pelipper, and Blaziken. 22.00 is your total with shipping!
Juumou-Trapinch and Poochyena. 8.00 is your total with shipping!
Rukarioh-Mew. 9.00 is your total.
Pixie_bee-Lotad. 5.00 is your total!
Lizardon-Mewtwo. 7.00 is your total! I've got your Pikachu attack kid still here. I'm shipping a batch tomorrow and that was going to go out, but since these are in, I thought why not save both of us on shipping and just combine them!

Payments should be sent to hh269604@ohio.edu! please put your screen name and kids ordered in the message section!

The ones that have prices listed are still available! I want to give these guys good homes!

Group Auction: RARE ZUKAN! :D

After speaking to regen, it's been decided that I will be running the group auction for the rare Zukan sets: http://page5.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e76201670

This complete set in past auctions has gone as high as $200 (this does not include SMJ fees or shipping).

The zukan sets will be up for auction, since this set is known to get expensive. Please note that your bids will not include shipping from my house to yours, so expect to add at least $2-3 onto your bid total ultimately.

I will not go into personal debt over this auction - I can't afford it right now, so if we do not make enough with bids, I will not bid if it is over our limit. (Keep in mind, you won't see me bidding until the last 10 minutes of the auction, as that is how auction 'sniping' works on Y!Japan.)

Payments will be paypal only, since this is how I need to pay SMJ.

Backing out will not be tolerated, since this is a group effort - please do not bid if you do not think you will be able to pay!

The sets available in the auction are as follows:

-Charmander + Evos - lineaalba
-Persian/Meowth - regen
-Scyther/Electabuzz - High bid at $10
-Arcanine/Growlithe - High bid at $23
-Squirtle + Evos - Starts at $23
-Bellsprout + Evos - Starts at $10
-Bulbasaur + Evos - High bid at $36
-Arbok/Ekans - High bid at $20

If you want to bid, I will be making an individual thread for each set, so please comment there.

Bids will be accepted until 10 PM CST of April 29th.
rentorah raichu!

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RAICHU COLLECTION and one lions update.... :D

To open up this update, does anybody want to sell or trade me RAICHU POGS??? I didn't originally plan to collect them, but I somehow ended up with a ton of them! So.... how about it? Pogs? :D Anybody have any I don't? I'll trade you things from my RAICHU TRADING STATION... or pay, whatever you like.

(THE ONE IS a Raichu, the hologram was just on Pika when I took the photo... Ill fix this photo later.)

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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Group Auction?

Would anybody be interested in the plushies featured in this lot? I obviously want Spearow, but really have no use for the others. (Thanks to junoluver for pointing it out to me!)

I wouldn't know how much to sell each for, but the more people interested in plushies from this lot, the higher I will be able to bid; just make an offer of how much you'd be willing to pay and if there's enough interest, I'll see how the auction goes! (Yeah, I've never done a group buy before. ._.)

Finally, a collection post from me... [my tiny collection... let me show]

Mew would like to invite you to Mikale's collection post!

Disclaimer: There are only a few pictures, albeit bad ones, because my room is positioned in such a way that I literally only sunlight from the reflection off the neighbor's house. Having such sucky light makes it really hard to even get halfway decent shots. I just figured I was long overdue from sharing my collection with everyone. I have a couple of things coming my way, but I decided I needed to stop not posting collection shots. Thanks for checking out my bitty collection! :D

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Cutesy Fox

Sale update, all paid shipments out!

I wanted to thank everyone who bought stuff from me in my previous post here. Every package that has been paid so far has already been sent (by the way, pkmn_masta, I owe you five bucks.)

However, there's still a bunch of people who expressed interest in some items, and who never got back to me. I need to know if you're going to buy them or not. So if anyone wants something that has been put on hold, reply, and if the person who asked for the item doesn't want it or never replies, you're next on the list.

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Thanks! :D
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WoW - Khadgar

Auction Time!!!


I hate to do this but due to lack of funds, space, and  the fact that my cats think he is one of their toys, I have decided to pass this little guy off to someone else...

Bidding starts at: $5.00
You can always buy Articuno now for : $25.00


Articuno is mint and in its original box!!!

This auction will end on next Friday at 12 noon...
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Wren: Bitty boop

Bell plush + Cubone wants~

Hey, so I found a Bulbasaur bell plush on an off-site and thought some of you might be interested. I don't know how reliable this site is, but might as well throw it out there. :3

(^ click)

Also, does anyone have a wind-up Cubone, BK Cubone keychain or this Cubone keychain, Crying Cubone Kid, or revamped Cubone Kid for a good price or for art?

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And what kind of paint is good for plastics? I'm considering painting something shiny in the future. :)
WoW ♥ Malygos Forms


Just wanted to let everyone know that ALL packages have been successfully sent on Wednesday, just like I said....except for denkimouse's. I have to fill out a form since its going overseas so it may take longer. It'll be sent sometime next week then. Forgive me! TT-TT

But other than that, all packages have been sent. :3
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Packaging PackaKING (or queen)

I received a number of packages today. I'm always happy to receive just one, so to receive multiple packages makes the day twice (or thrice, four times, etc.) as nice. :)

I received some cards from phatom_rin, figures from onigirsales (thanks you two!), and a nice Team Rocket card binder (still sealed--and now I'm hesitant to unseal it and use it as intended! Damn condition freak...). Scholastic sent me a bunch of Dr. Seuss books and a bill, despite me not ordering anything from them ever, but that's not relevant to us.

And finally, underneath them all, hoisting the weight all the other packages with its burly bulk was the motherload...

the regen package.

Now, those of us who have purchased from regen in the past know what a joy it is to buy from her. I don't know how she does it, but she always manages to deliver amazing goods in outstanding condition. It's nearly unbelievable. And once I manage to photograph them all, I will certainly sing the praises of my beautiful items--lord knows I'm way overdue for my long-planned community post as it is. But today, this post pays tribute to a particular aspect of the regen experience: the packaging itself.

More pictures and drippy praise under the cut...

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Pokemon - Shaymin <3

Crocheted Shaymin Auction

First, I want to thank everyone who voted in the poll I made some time ago, it was nice to get input! :D
Sadly, I had NO IDEA that so many of you were interested in a Shaymin plushie, and there is no way I can make that many and sell them at a set price. I'm really sorry, but I DO have other things to do than just crochet (if only!), and that's not counting the commissions I am working on. XD The Shaymins are a lot of work and I also get really bored of making the same thing over and over again. I don't know when I will have another to sell... if I even have time to make another! D:
So the only fair thing to do is to put the extra I made up for auction. I hope ya'll understand... I feel bad that I can't make more. ;3;

So, with all of that out of the way, here she is!

High bidder: denkimouse - $26
Auction OVER, thank you everyone! <333

Starting bid will be $5 and the auction will end on Sunday night or whenever bidding dies down. :)
She is small! About 2 and a half inches! ...and to think, I made her bigger than the original one I made for myself... ;D

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Thanks for the interest, guys! I <3 you.
Pikachu - Clear


(Please delete if this type of post isn't allowed.)

Greetings, collectors! I am planning a festive gathering for myself and some of my real-life Pokemon fan friends, and I'm looking for plastic Pokeballs (preferably of the recalled Burger King variety) to use as decorations and in games. I've checked eBay, and there are none (or at least none sold by themselves). Does anyone have any that they are willing to sell? If so, please name your price and I'll take your offer into consideration. ^^

Allow me to introduce myself!

       I've been here for a few weeks but never really introduced myself. I'm totally obsessed with Pokemon, but i assume you knew that. I Don't really collect any one kind of Pokemon thing, or everything of one specific Pokemon (because that would cost me so much money, honestly i don't know how you guys do it, heh) I just kinda buy something if i like it a lot, and i tend to find things that i like a lot all the time... I also have a GIGANTIC Pokemon card collection (around 13k of cards) I've been collecting since i was a kid.

Anyway i'm rattling on, haha, so here is the main reason for introducing myself... I got some really AMAZING additions to my collection today! WOO! I just thought i would share. 3 glossy Japanese posters and one HUGE sticker!

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everyone who bought off my last sales post (pkjd, akirajess, tehpixelpixie), your items got shipped out today. :) EXCEPT light_venusaur! i need your address! please send it off to blivple@yahoo.com.

to add substance, i got something in the mail today that I have wanted for a while!

The darkrai hard cover for my lite! :D on ebay, i had thought it was white because of the picture, but I was quite happy to see it was clear!
if you guys want to, post your customized DSes even though theres been 592493 posts about that.

I'm expecting GREAT packages next week that I will definitely post about :D!