April 26th, 2008


Ebay Win, Future Kids Auction, Paypal Inquiries

First, I'd like to show off what I won on ebay no more than  an hour ago. Behold the awesomeness!!! I was shocked only one other person was in on this auction. Was it THAT well hidden? ^^;; Anyway, since the auction has doubles of so many kids, I will be selling said doubles/triples/etc to you guys. ^_^ Perhaps I will do an auction so  you all have a chance at them. Check out the list of kids in the description and see if you might be interested in something. Remember that i will be keeping one of every kid... or two if I get a clear. :) Also, I don't know which boxes have Sandshrew kids in them. If it's the Mewtwo ones, then no Sandshrew kids will be sold, because I will keep on for myself and give one to kaygee84. I know he's always wanted one... even though it's probably not the defense curl one he's been DYING for. XD

Once I get the kids, please keep an eye out for my auction/sales post so you don't miss a bid. :) These are old 1998/99 kids and are quite rare. I'm happy to have gotten the chance to get these. :3

Now, I have a question-- more like an inquiry-- about Paypal and it's fees. This subject came up while kaygee84 was creating an account of his own. You know how Personal accounts can only accept 5 debit/credit card payments a year? What Paypal is NOT telling us is how to bypass those ridiculous fees. For those of you who have your funds taken directly from your bank account using whatever means, there is a way to avoid forcing others to upgrade to a Premier account, which makes people pay a needless penalty for accepting Paypal balance transfers. Here's how the simple process works: when you want to pay for something, but have no funds in your Paypal balance, simply withdraw said funds from your bank account. It's free. Then, once you have said funds in your Paypal balance, pay it to whomever you owe money. Of course, this doesn't work if the one you're paying already has a Premier account. =/  But, for those like me who still have Personal accounts and don't wanna pay to receive payments funded by Paypal balances, this is the best way to go. No stupid fees and no one loses money they deserve. :) Paypal is just trying to make money off of people who think they have no other alternatives, but to upgrade. >< I'm unsure if the method I stated above works for people only using  credit cards not linked to their bank accounts. >.>

Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome. :)
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[Sales post!]

The long promised sales post xP
I've been having a few problems so this is late, sorry for those who were looking out for it :3;;

I also dropped my camera, and now the pictures are awful, I think I broke it .__.;

The rest of my sales are still located here. Thanks for looking! :D

:edit: going to sleep but will be around tomorrow to respond to comments! ^^

Terms Of Sale;

- I will ship internationally, prices DO NOT include shipping, and this will be given upon interest.
- I will accept PayPal only, e-checks and CC welcome, all fees will be added in with shipping.
- International buyers wishing to pay by Money Order must find a middleman/deputy to receive the money. I cannot accept them.
- I accept personal cheques from the UK only. Concealed cash is at the buyers own risk.
- I will hold items on a case by case basis, if you do not respond within the hold time your items will go back on sale or they will be given to the next person interested.

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two mod notes! (although later i want to make some collection updates :D)

first of all: a member has just been banned from the community. they owed me 110$ for over a week and backed out of it, leaving me....well, 110$ short, which is a lot considering all the bills i need to pay this week.

BUT! that is NOT why they are banned. they are banned by the request of their family. yes, their family emailed me to ask me to ban her from the community, saying "it will save both of us a lot of trouble in the future."

guys - i understand some of you are young, and probably buying stuff here from your parents money, or your allowance. that's no problem - but please, EVERYONE, do NOT deteriorate to the point where your family needs you banned because youve rung up too much on the credit card or paypal balance, etc. this community can be easy to lose control in, but its also a great place to LEARN control! i know i've had to, and so have many others.

have fun collecting - but save your money for big purchases, or space it out! or if you are an adult with a well paying job, go crazy, do whatever you want! XD just...don't get banned becuse your family asked for it to happen! that's the message.

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sales + collection

So I got back from Texas yesterday evening. I was there for spring break, visiting my very rich and religious cousin Nick, who is 16, and my aunt Liz. Unfortunately, Nick's three older sisters weren't there, and he had school that week, so we didn't see much of them. We did, however, party it up on Thursday night; having a party in their huge, heated, waterfalling pool and jacuzi, and then watching Juno while pigging out on Centenial Cupcake ice cream. Too bad it was only for a week. And the only reason I really wanted to come home after that was because I knew I had many packages waiting for me. The first one was this Charmander backpack who I named "Slushie" because he smells like one. 8D The second was a ManaFione zukan (my first one ever, actually), and the third and fourth were Pachirisu things that I added to my

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One of the things I'd ordered came with 6 stickers, only one of which was Pachirisu, so I am selling the other 5 and a bunch of Kids, TOMY figures, Jakks, and smallish keychains. All of those can be found in the...

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And I'm very happy to be back, thanks for asking. I can't wait to go back to school NOT. I wish there was no such thing as school and that we just learned via our environment, meh. Oh well.
Oh yeah, kecleon_key, I got the money and I'm gonna send out the Kecleon this week. Thank you!

group auction WON! :D

Hey everybody, awesome news! I won that auction for the lot of older American gear. And the price only went up to 32 dollars which is pretty much only a few dollars per item, so I can still sell them cheap. :3

If anybody else is interested, you can still reserve an item that isn't taken already or get in line in case somebody backs out on a claimed item. Obviously I don't have the items yet so don't send me any money! I'll work out the prices once I have them in hand, but the smaller ones should be 1-2 dollars and the larger 3-5 plus shipping (which should not be more than 1-5 dollars unless you're international)

Also, I'll probably sell the extras on this comm so if you're not comfortable reserving an item or not sure if you want it, don't worry, you could see them again.

Here's what's claimed so far:

denkimouse: Raichu and the pikawatch
soddymothdust: Raticate keychain
light_venusaur: One Dragonite keychain
flag: Hoothoot ball
tufails: Blastoise, Charmander, and Squirtle Pez, Misty, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur keychains
taycs: Charmander clock
kari_xiii: Large Blastoise and Ash magnet, second in line for Squirtle and Blastoise Pez and Charmander clock
psychmoonshadow: has dibs on Mewtwo ball if they want it
pkmn_masta: second for Venusaur keychain
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LOL! (and a little question about item legitimacy)


Just look at it. The tacky packaging (well at least it tried, because most eBay bootlegs don't have any packaging), the bad paintjobs, the off-paint colors (Team Rocket in grey?). It just screams bootlegged. Good thing nobody bid on it being fooled, but then again that means nobody bought it just for teh lulz.. I also have a picture of a very slightly different set with slightly different packaging under the cut!


Just look at the title. POKEMON PIKACHU FIGURE KIDS TRAVEL TOILETRY TOTE BAG?!?! XD What does the seller want you to do, do your buisness in a bag with a Pikachu embroidered on it? Actually, I think it's labeled as "toiletry" because it's made out of a terry cloth material, but perhaps they want do you to take a dump in it. I dunno.

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♪Pan Poke Pokemon, Pokemon Pan! ♪

First off, enshogirl and taycs, your packages were mailed out Thursday. <3 Please let me know when you receive them!

Secondly, I'm selling Pan stickers. 10th anniversary ones to be exact. (Whoaz, Pokemon Pan has already been around for 10 years)

Interested? :D

Pachirisu $2ON HOLD
Suicune x2 (one is kind of bent. $1 for the bent one, $3 for mint condition) SOLD
Entei x1 $3
Lugia x1 $3 ON HOLD
Celebi $2 ON HOLD
Sudowoodo x 2 $1 each

Shipping is $2 to anywhere :D

I also still have some stuff for sale here if anyone's interested :3

And to make this post not completely boring and spammy, here's a picture of Gingersnap raeping my camera case 8,D.
Mew Giggling

More Updates and Dizzle-Bizzle


Yeah, um, while everyone's really excited about the new plushies, wondering what the new Pokémon are and generally engaging in the selling of new stuff, here I am, still, with the gachausa charms of legendaries that are no longer in circulation but are still available in a gacha machine at my local mall. Like I've been saying, I've spent over $30 at those machines to get some of these beautes for y'all, and I still have a fair bunch still sitting in random drawers in my desk, hidden from view.

So they're still available for sale; all are still freshly sealed in their capsules and in mint condition in every way. Shipping them still in these capsules will be a bit more expensive, so I can just take 'em out and send them sealed in their plastic (and yes, I include the little sheet list thing) plus any sale/trade from me gets you a free artwork commission of one or two Pokémon (examples can be seen on my DeviantArt). I am selling them for a little bit more for what I bought for them since they're brand-new and hard to find, I want to cover my butt for the ones I'll have leftover that won't get sold and I need the money atm. ^^;

So far I have at least one of everything except Rauqauza. Here's a pic of them still in their balls - bit hard to see, and if the image is too big let me know and I'll put it under a cut.

Like I said, all unopened, mint condition, come with free artwork (tell me what Pokémon you'd like for this bit!). My Paypal is sorah25[at]hotmail.com, as is my e-mail address to which you should give me your address.

Here's what I've got (official picture)
Mew charm gachausa - $2.25 (RESERVED - artistic_g4m3r)
Mewtwo charm gachausa - $2.25 (x2) (both RESERVED - kanackering and pkmn_masta)
Lugia charm gachausa - $2.25 (x2) (one RESERVED - penanna)
Celebi charm gachausa - $2.25 (x2) (one RESERVED - penanna)
Jirachi charm gachausa - $2.25 (x2) (both RESERVED - disko_potato and penanna)
Deoxys charm gachausa - $2.10 (x2)

For other stuff with which you can combine shipping, have a look at my Sales Post! I also take trades in certain cases, but for more information please see my Sales Post. ^^

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(no subject)

I'm thinking about making a sales post finally. The thing is, all I have to sell are cards and I swear those things are the hardest to price...anyone have any advice on selling cards? I'm looking to get some card sales post up by tomorrow morning or something if all goes well. :) thanks!
Seif 2011 Onward

A CHALLENGER APPEARS! Introduction and Great Encounters Cards For Sale

The name's SeiferA, but my online friends prefer to keep it simple and call me Seif. I've been a Pokemon fan for the past... close to 10 years? Gods, doesn't even feel THAT long. I've been watching your fine little group for a while now, and I have to say, every last one of you impress me. ESPECIALLY the ones who try to collect a mass ton of items based on one Pokemon (<3 the one who has the Buizel collection). My collection honestly pales in comparison to what you guys have, but hopefully I'll get to show what I got some day.

Now, onto business. I have a few cards from Great Encounters for sale:

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And that's about it. Hopefully I'll get to know you guys better as time progresses ^ ^

Group Auction Update: Rare Zukan

Well, the group auction is off, guys - sorry.


I checked the current price this morning (keep in mind there are still three days left on it!), in the midst of being horribly ill, and I was shocked.

The current going price is: 25,500 yen! With SMJ fees commission fees and shipping, that'd be well over $300!

Even though these sets are popular, I highly doubt we'll make over that amount, not to mention we have no idea what the Japanese bidder's high bid is.

I'm disappointed myself that we can't win, but really, if that guy wants to pay that much, sure. o_o;