April 27th, 2008

Glacia, Absol, Kolink

Oh yay.

My TRU are stopping the 3-packs with FR/LG ;_____; So, I decided to snap up the last two packs. I was excited enough with Exploud. And then.....

And to think, I originally had no plans on buying them. I also got a new binder too, with Infernape, Empoleon & Torterra.
Now, I really want to build a deck up - Because I'm hoping to get down to the nearest league near me (A whole 1 hour 30 minutes drive away, yay -_-) and battle.

SO - CARD PLAYERS - What would you recommend for a water/dark deck?
I'm interested in buying too, but I really don't want loads of Ex & Lv. X recommendations just yet. Obviously, I also want them to be tournament legal, so older cards from the Gym sets are a no-no.
If anyone has any Absol cards, regardless of set or language, I'm interested in them too, possibly :3
dmb; dave and carter
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Hey~! This is my first post here~ I haven't really been into collecting Pokemon toys or figurines until recently, when I stumbled upon this community and looked through all of the amazingly cute things! I'm mostly into playing the video games - and I have a large card collection from back in the day (which I might be into selling at some point~)

I have been musing over a Pokemon to collect specifically... and I've decided upon Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable - I was hoping you guys could point me towards any cute plushies, etc.? Thanks so much!! <3 :D
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FIRST OF ALL! people have been asking: SUNYSHORE WILL BE UPDATED ON FRIDAY! i have a ton of amazing stuff including the ORIGINAL EIGHT GYM LEADER BUTTON BADGES, official from TCG league japan, also giant pins of the legendary beasts, lugia, ho-oh, mew, mewtwo, and more! not to mention tons of chupa figures and pokemon center 10th anniversary goods! also starting tomorrow i will be auctioning off the BUTTERFREE BELL PLUSH. it was not for sale, well, now it must be. so be ready to bid if you are interested!

YAY!!! i was watching this all week, and I WON THIS!!! AAAAH!!! its so frikkin amazing!!
i needed a place to keep all my extra electric stuff - boxes and mint in package things, books and puzzles i still look at/play with occassionally but didn't want to throw out... now they can stay in this awesome backpack, which i can hang on my coatrack. looks great, holds stuff! :D

so now i have: raichu backpack, hand-made luxray backpack, and this backpack. my school bag, camera bag and plaid bag also all have raichu and luxray and other electrics all over them. anybody else have an awesome official pokemon backpack? personally i think most of them are so ugly... but this one i couldnt resist.

BUT... it was in a lot of a whole ton of crapola i just do not want. XD so i turned around and relisted the lot on ebay minus the backpack. take a look if you are interested! the stuff is all in america, so it won't be a ton to ship if you are in the USA XD i don't think most of it is stuff this community would need for any collection, but i figured i might as well mention it. :D



these badges.


i want this like BURNING.

EDITEDIT: Okay, FOLKS, i know why we cant find the icicle badge or the beacon badge. every single league i looked up has this schedule:

# Hearthome City: 3/8/2008 to 4/12/2008
# Canalave City: 4/19/2008 to 5/24/2008
# Snowpoint City: 5/31/2008 to 7/5/2008
# Sunyshore City: 7/12/2008 to 8/16/2008

They havent even gotten to Snowpoint or Sunyshore yet. DAMN! I'll just wait patiently and twiddle my thumbs until summer. Argh. XD

EDITED AGAIN!!: apparently there is a thunderbadge from this set of limited badges. does anyone own one/have a photo of one/please sell it to me OMG?

EDIT: now i want to show off my other badges :D

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Group Auction/Buy: 1st Gen Starter/Final Evo Plush


I'm wanting the Charizard from this set, but I'm not interested in Blastoise or Venusaur.

Would anyone else be interested in these? I'm not really sure how popular these are, but to be safe, I'll do a small group auction for them. I'm not really sure how high it'll go, but I'm expecting perhaps as high as $60 at least, since they're all new with their tags. ^^;

Shipping will cost at least $5-6 more, depending on where you live.

Blastoise - Current bid at $18
Venusaur - Current bid at $16

Bids will be accepted until May 5th, 10PM CST. ^_^

Edit: Please use the threads I've made to bid. :X
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Hey Guys!

So...I have some Pokemon DS/Cell phone charms for sale ^^ They are brand new and sealed in their plastic and balls (lol...) The only reason I have opened the ball was to take a picture of the actual charms instead of posting a stock image ^_^ Then along with some other stuff is under the cut (I am still looking for card trades, btw, which are listed under the cut as well)

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I hope to have a collection update...maybe in the next two weeks or so? Just wanted on a box from a friend of mine ^_^ and some awesome cards from various users on here =D

Also, obakehoshi, I am waiting on payment for the Caterpie cards ^_^ (I will be able to mail them at some point this week)

I also decided to buy a Tin on Friday night...just because xD No specific reason XD I got the Darkrai one simply because I like his promo the best *shrug*

You wants some zukans maybe?

I have a few zukan figures I'd like to get rid of!

Phione/Manaphy-5.00 (open and assembled, but everything is here!
Snorunt/Glalie/Frosslass-8.00 (sealed)
Finneon/Lumineon-6.00 (separated from Nosepass/Probopass) SOLD!
Nosepass/Probopass-5.00 (separated from Finneon/Lumineon)

Shipping is 2.00 anywhere on these!

An exciting auction win

Munchlax friends plush <3 I never expected to find this guy on eBay. o_o I did have to outbid someone for it, if you are a community member I am sorry. ;_; Hopefully you can find another. n_n Paid a little more than expected, but not what I thought was too much money. Also from the same seller I got a catcher sized Darkrai for a nice price. Tagging along with shipping is good too. :D

So now I have this one and a Pikachu Friends plush on the way from Gin. I think I want to get the Dratini friend and the Snorlax one too. Maybe Darkrai, but every picture I have seen, it just looks a little... sad. ._. What do people who own the Darkrai friend think about it?

Also I have a slight confession to make. x3 Pikachu and Munchlax are my 'guinea pigs.' If there is a certain line of toys or whatever that I am not sure about simply from photographs, I will get a Pika or Munchy first and then decide if I want to find the Snorlax, Dratini and Darkai. Pika and Munchy are pretty easy to find and no matter what I will love them because they are my top favs. <3 So as an example, I got a Pikachu bell plush because I wasn't sure about them (some looked funny in the few pictures I had seen) but when he got here I totally fell in love. <3 Does anyone else do this? :P

Also lets make this a picture post! Post pics of your friends plushies! :D

Also how big are these guys? I know they're small. I'm imagining like a little bit bigger than bell plushies.