April 28th, 2008


I, TOO, have an exciting auction win :V


I just won it maybe 5 minutes ago. Amazingly, I didn't have to put up a fight to get it, either. The auction ended at $15.50.

Speaking of plush, I'd like to request for someone to put The Pokeplush Project on one of the main links to this community. It's a real helpful site and I had to go back like 260 posts to find it @_@

Finally, I'm going to be mailing out the cards people bought from [my shop] tomorrow. If anybody has any last-minute card purchases they want to make, do it now because I'd really hate having to make two trips to the post office


I just got done updating the entire stock, so what you see there is all I have left, at least from the time of me posting this.

If anybody wants to buy the entire binder of cards I have left, I'm currently letting it go at $26+shipping (You save $20).
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Display help?

Hopefully this kind of post is allowed- if not, feel free to delete.

I've seen posts that many of you have made with neat little shelves and display cases and such. My room is really small, and now that I'm working again, my collection is growing. One of my favorite things in the entire world is to rearrange my collection and find new ways to display my toys...

I was just hoping some of you (those with limited space problems encouraged!) could perhaps post with pictures of how you display your Poke collections- also, most of all, I'd REALLY appreciate links to stores perhaps SELLING the shelves and display cases you own.

I guess I'm mostly looking for innovative ways to display my stuff that will keep it all visible and eye pleasing without having to hide things.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys! <3


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A question!

Does anyone have any information on these?

I have this particular one, got it in a random lot off Y!JA. It says ShoPro 7 on the back of it and they're all metal pin badges pressed into a decoupage-type scene. Looks like it's a character scene from the 'Pikachu's Peekaboo' mini movie, and it came with a hard sleeve that had kanji on it but I took it off because of the glare.

I'm interested in getting others from this, if it really is a set/series of them (which I suspect it is). So, anyone, enlighten me? :D
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Still sellin' stuff! Just a heads up--if you've bought anything from me and haven't gotten it yet, I'm going to the post office either today or tomorrow.

Also, ok, we know CoroCoro ran manga adaptations of pretty much all the movies...except 2. Does anyone here know if they ran anything about movie 2? Or if there's *any* manga adaptation of the second movie? It's the only one I don't know exists or not, because the only "manga" I can find of it is the "ani-manga" with stills from the film. But it seems illogical that they'd skip one like that.

The only reason I could think of would be if they didn't like the first movie adaptation (it was REALLY grim, darker than the Birth of Mewtwo short if that tells you anything) and couldn't find a new artist by the deadline or something, but even that doesn't seem quite right...even if the artist was the much-controversial Toshihiro Ono.

Anyone have any word either way on this?
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I as well, have an awesome ebay win!




I bought Nidoking for myself and Mewtwo for wolvenillusion. I can't wait to put these together with her, roflrofl~!!

BTW, I hope to be mailing out the items I owe people by tuesday, I'm horribly sorry for the delay. >_<; Midterms at art college = UGH. Ten times worse than regular college, I'm slowly killing myself. Dx

(no subject)

i was wondering if anybody wanted to do a group auction for these?

The ones available are Deoxys, Magmortar, Electivire, and Heatran (I'm keeping Darkrai for myself, sorry!). According to the auction, they are around 2.5 in. tall. It's a buy-it-now so they would be approx. $4.84 each (getting no profit).

just comment if youre interested. :3
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Group Plushie Auction Update

I'm still planning to bid on this lot of plushies, but I need to know how much people are willing to pay before I can even think of how much I should bid. Last night I found something on Y!Japan that may as well be my holy grail, so I'm not going to spend too much on this plushie lot only to sell the remaining plushies for a small portion of what they cost. :/ Depending on how it goes, I may have to forego the entire auction if I don't get enough offers (for the record, I won't collect any money until the plushies arrive at my house, if I win them).

Half-asleep rambling aside, here's the current interest list so far.

Spearow - norkia
Bath Squirtle - kari_xiii
Ivysaur - jedi_amara
Meowth - obscurevibrance
Snorlax 1 - leicalaika
Psyduck - leicalaika

Still up for grabs are the other Snorlax, the other Squirtle, and Poliwhirl.

Please let me know if anyone's still interested, and thank you!

Updates Updates Updates!

Hi there!

I'm waiting for paypal to transfere over my fees into my bank account so I can make the post office run for people who bought from me recently! When that happens (any day really, takes 3-4 buiness days) I'll make an update.

I'm also waiting on 1 of 2 SMJ boxes that should be here anyday, so be on the look out for that probably Thursday.

This week is finals week for me. And to happy_jolteon and sari_sumdac who have comissioned me I will finally have the proper time to finish off these commisions. I am *so* sorry for the delay, this semester as been Hell for me -.- BUT come Thursday 12 pm all will be over!! *parties* WHEeee.

And so this isn't totally text here's a photo of my updated zukan collection!


Do you see my newest set?



Booties galore!


The things that stick out the most to me are Blaziken's orange hands and completely red arms, the droopiness of the Lati's, poor Combusken's split, Scyther's blue arms and Sneasel's equally long ears. X3


Oh boy, here's another card that can BEAT CHARIZARD EX!!! This time it's a Furret with its romanized Japanese name Ootachi, that evolves from Diglett. X3

Update on Items To Be Shipped

As most of you may have heard, there is a HUGE fire going on right now in my city of Sierra Madre. =/ I had to evacuate for a couple of days, but I'm home now and hope to stay here. Those of you awaiting shipment from me will get your items soon. I will, most likely, be shipping items on Wednesday of this week. Thank you all for your patience. *bows* I will also have a few things up for sale soon. I don't have a set date for that, but it will probably be later this week.

Take care. I will keep you updated on the status out here as it happens... and until I don;t have access to a comp again. ^^;
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Sculptures and artwork?

Hey, all! My boyfriend (a fellow Pokemon lover!) is looking to save up some money, and he'd like to know if anyone here would be interested in some small Pokemon sculptures or artwork! Of course these don't necessarily need to be Pokemon themed, but this is a Pokemon community, sooo XD

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In other news, I received a few packages in the last few days! Do you guys think $8 is a good deal for 20 old school holo cards? I just love these things ._. I'm not too interested in the new sets, but I adore the art and nostalgia of the older cards from the first few sets <3 Also received the Poliwhirl cup, little cardboard Vulpix coin/tat sheet, Electivire/Pikachu figures from Gin, and.. possibly something else I forgot! Thanks, all~ I'll have to get pictures of my new figures sometime soon :D