April 29th, 2008


Look What I Won Over The Weekend! ^___^


The Groudon is my creme de la creme~!!! <333 He'll be the master of all my plushies. I am SOOO thrilled to have won him! He's a whopping 16" tall! The next two plushies were in the same auction. Yes, yes... I couldn't resist the Blaziken WITH his antenna. ^^;;; I'm hoping he's in good condition. Then there's the huge Magmar plush. He looks so huggable! :3

Couldn't help showing off my winnings on ebay! ^____^ This is all gonna cost me less than $40 total! It's amazing how much the seller was selling them for. Apparently, ravestars85 and I were bidding against each other for the 16" Kyogre and Groudon plush. XD I guess we both got something we wanted in the end. :3 I mainly wanted the Kyogre plush for my sis.

Question: Would ANYONE be willing to buy my other Blaziken plush? He'll be $10
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Squirtle/evo Cards

I've been looking online, but I can't find any site that actually lists all/most of the Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise cards.
Right now, I know I'm missing Meiji & McDonald Squirtle promos, and a Blastoise promo. Aside from that, I can't find a site to show me missing cards! I'm also looking for a list of Larvitar cards, too.

Also.... Anyone got any Absol cards they wanna sell? XD;
IT&#39;S GIN!

(no subject)

hey folks! just a quick note, pop into pkmncollectors chat on AIM! we're going to discuss community policy, rules, and listen to everyones ideas and suggestions. it should be pleasent because pkmncollectors is pleasent!! thats todays topic, so invite yourself on aim to chat "pkmncollectors"!

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Early Sales Post =P

Right now, I only have two things for sale.

I bought this little guy a few days ago thinking my sis would want it. Turns out, she didn't. ^^;;; So, I'm selling it to you guys. $4 for it. Shipping may get a little hefty because of the bulky size. Simply inquire and I'll give you a quote. :)

My recently purchased Blaziken plush. Since I just bought another one with antenna, I figured I'd sell this one. He's in perfect condition. The antenna are the ONLY thing missing/wrong with him. In my opinion, he looks cool, regardless. :) $8 for him. Inquire about shipping.

Thanks for looking! ^_^

Zukan received and Eevee Plush for Sale

norika, I received the Riolu/Lucario zukan in the mail the other day. The pegs fit on both of them just fine, so no more worries. :)

And I had a question for the rest of you guys. I've got an extra Eevee plushie that I bought years ago when Nintendo World was still the Pokemon Center. He looks exactly like the one at this link:


He is missing his swing tag, but is otherwise in good condition. Since I had two of the same plush he didn't get much love, you see. If I were to sell/auction him, would anyone be interested? What's a reasonable price? Be honest! Thanks. :)

Super rare find - Tomy 2001 Keychain!

I haven't found anything new for my Espeon collection for a little while, so I was thinking maybe I just had everything, aside from things I don't collect, like the battrio coin (believe me, I have been tempted, cards, a set of tins, other two dimensional items.)

However, low and behold, I was pleasantly surprised.


It says it's a TOMY 2001 keychain. I can only wonder what others were made. Do any of you have anything like this?

postage update and a couple of pokekids for sale =)

Firstly to eeveelution  and robocoon , your cards are now in the post, I don't know how long airmail takes but they should be with you soon I hope ^^
And to bonjovis , yours will be on their way to you too as soon as the e-cheque clears, don't worry ^^

Well I still have a lot of cards left in this post if anyone's interested and I also just got my very first packs of Pokekids! =D There was a couple that I didn't really want though so they're up for grabs if anyone wants to buy/trade for them =)

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Ooh and to warandromance , thankyou so much for holding those two plushies (charmander and piplup ^^) for me, I should hopefully have the money for them tomorrow, yay!  =D


I got my package today from norkia!  We're very happy now, we have nearly 50 kids. Hopefully we'll have more in the future
I couldn't take pictures of all as my brother had been playing with them for 2 hours now and won't let me touch them -_-
I did manage to get one of our two Tauros' though. I forgot we had one, and when I recieved  the package, there was one there as well. But!

(Ours is on the left)

They're completely different colours! Does that mean he is a shiny? My brother was doubly excited when I said it might be, and we just want to know for sure. Thank you so much for them all Norkia!
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Some stuff for sale ^^

Hi everyone. I've added some Pokemon items to my online shop. Checkout is through Paypal only at this time. Images and information are included.

Some of the items include the several Pikachu plushies, a Glaceon/Leafeon Deckbox, figurines, and stickers.

Poke Goods!

I have feedback here, as well as 120+ feedback on Ebay. Please check the in-store FAQ for any questions. ^_^

There's items from other anime (Death Note, Digimon, Evangelion, Final Fantasy) as well as video games (1 SNES title and a PSX rpg), too.

I am open to trades for stuff on my wishlist (see link in the FAQ) as well as Pokemon stuff relating to Mew or Murkrow.

People who still owe me money!

I'm trying to finish gathering payments for these kids so I can get them sent out. I posted friday and haven't heard from these people yet:

Kyogre56-Marshtomp, Combusken, Tailow, Pelipper, and Blaziken. 22.00 is your total with shipping!
Rukarioh-Mew. 9.00 is your total.
Pixie_bee-Lotad. 5.00 is your total!

If something has come up, at least let me know.

Also I still have some zukan and kids available:

Probopass zukan-5.00 (open and split from lumineon)
Phione/Manaphy-5.00 (open and assembled, but everything is here.)


Medicham, Sealeo, Golbat, Sharpedo, Bonsly, Tentacool, Quagsire, Snover, Bronzong, Bellossom, Tangrowth, Loudred, Drowzee, Stantler, Wobbuffett, Chimecho, clear Dratini, clear Omanyte, Clear Wigglytuff, Munchlax, Electrode, Spinarak, Buneary, Poliwrath, Blastoise, Hoot Hoot, Wigglytuff, wurmple, Octillery, Clear Sandshrew, Marshtomp, Dustox, Pikachu, Hypno, Slaking, Kakuna, clear Eevee, Registeel, Regirock, machop, clear Squirtle, Machamp, Chansey, metagross, Gastly, elekid, magby, diglett, and totodile. Most of these kids are 3.00 each, except the clear ones. Just ask if you have any questions!

Shipping is 2.00-3.00 to anywhere in the world for these!
Pokemon - legendary bird trio

Shiny Swablu Plush

castform, just want to let you know that I sent the zukan out yesterday! :D

Anyhow, the past few days I've been working on something, and after many hours of trials, errors, and frustration (I haven't sewed anything since my junior year!), I bring you the first plush I've ever made:

I never expected something so simple to take a long time, but I forgot to make cuts on the body to attach the wings to before I stuffed and sewed it shut and since it's been a good number of years since I've sewed anything and the first time I've ever made a plush, it's obviously not perfect, but I hope to improve.

I adore shiny Swablu and even caught one in an Emerald ROM, but it being a ROM I had no way to transfer it to my actual cartridges. ;_; I thought if I immortalized her in another fashion, then I'd be just as satisfied.

Next time I plan to make a Natu (I just realized that I have NOTHING of Natu and Xatu! ;v;) and after making Swabby, I have a better idea of how to go about making it. For now, though, Sunny the Swablu is hanging out with my other birds:

(Also, posting this makes me want to say YARRRGH YOU WILL BE MINE, SWABLU ZUKAN. XP)

Has anybody heard from this person?

qubeley087 had a sales post a couple weeks ago.

Here it is!

EDIT- It seems NOBODY has received their stuff from this guy. >_< scarsofsunlight hasn't posted yet, though. But they paid by MO, so I think qubeley087 had said that the MO needed to arrive within a week and then would send that package out. I still haven't received an email back, either. It's been 24 hours. I know not everyone lives in their inbox, but surely you check it at least once a day? Right? :O

I sent them an email this morning and haven't got a response yet. I'm becoming slightly concerned, but I'm gonna give it till Friday before I do anything else.  They said everything would be in the mail by Friday (the 18th). Yesterday I received something from someone else that had been mailed on Monday the 21st. So... yeah. ._.

I'm leaving this address in a week and a half, so I really want to get what I bought in time. The only other thing I am waiting on to come here is from juumou, and I have a tracking number for that. :D

Basically I'm just asking if anyone else who ordered from them received their stuff yet. :D That will make me feel better if anyone has.

I wouldn't be as worried as I am if qubeley087 posted here more than just that one time. ._.

Thank you, and sorry if this is not allowed. It can be deleted if necessary. n_n I just really don't want the situation to become a bad thing. :(
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articuno -- ice beam

Collection update and some quick info~

Just a small note about the people who bought from this sales post -- today was my trip to the post office, but it was closed. for rennovation. wtf??? anyway, tomorrow morning I go out of town again for a couple of days so I won't be able to send anything out until I get back. That gives the people that owe me money still to pay for your items so I can make one trip to the post office! ^_^

Anyway, I told myself to make a collection post before I left even though I didn't get my packages from Y!J OR Sunyshore...;___; but whatever!~~~

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iCollect--by profsparky

It's that time again...

Things We Want To Buy But Don't Exist Yet, Round 2!

*Movie baddie zukans! Why should Ash get all the fun?
-Giovanni with Mewtwo (and yes I know Giovanni was in the movie for all of three minutes, but still)
-Jirarudan with Lugia
-Molly with Entei
-Vicious with Celebi
-Annie and Oakley with...well, they'd have to pick either Latias or Latios since otherwise that'd be an ENORMOUS zukan...(or they could have two, one for each sister and each dragon)
-Butler with Jirachi (or Meta Groudon maybe)
-Phantom with Manaphy
-Zero with Giratina
I WOULD BUY THEM ALL AND YOU WOULD TOO. (but it begs the question of would Celebi or Manaphy be smaller compared to their pursuers, since IMM and Phantom are both the size of foothills)

*Tyranitar zukan set! I can't believe an insanely popular poké like Ttar doesn't have one yet!

*Movie 2 manga adaptation! The only ones I can find are "ani-manga" made with screenshots, but it needs a *real* manga (preferably by Toshihiro Ono because a he made the movie 1 adaptation AWESOME and b imagine how insanely hot Jirarudan would be and c the Hikoukyuu would be more epic than it was in the film itself)
Edit--Hmm...apparently one EXISTS...but it's not by Ono, it's by whoever did the 3 and 4 adaptations. Any further information would be awesome.

*Pokémon d20 game! Admit it, you'd want a tabletop RPG more than an online game. It would be freakin' sweet.

*Lickitung fig with extendable tongue. Like you squeeze it and the tongue whips out.

*ANYTHING with the Elite Four/Champions. Even the much-overrated Lance doesn't have any merch outside of a handful of VS cards.

*Stuff to do with Aqua/Magma/Galactic that isn't limited to the card game. Rocket is awesome and win, but there's other Teams out there!

*A conclusion to Golden Boys. It ran to three volumes and stopped in the middle of a plot, and that's freakin' stupid.

So enough from me! What about the rest of you?