April 30th, 2008


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HELP! i will have all of these battrio themed official badges on sunyshore ... but i'm not sure what elements some of them are. help me figure it out!

ive labeled what i guessed... i suppose that black one is dark? i dont know... give me your ideas!

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4'(nearly) Steelix and Status Updates

Hey guys!
This was done for someone from Deviantart, they've wanted a Steelix plush for years c:

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Status update: All commissions are on hold for 3 weeks, until my finals are over. If I don't pass this class I'm struggling with, I have to stay in university for an extra year. I'm already staying 5 years.
(If we discussed that your plush is a gift for someone and there is a deadline, don't worry :3)

Once finals are over, I'll be tackling my commission and working full time. I will also be putting more time into my plush, like Steelix. (10 hours)
EEEET'S GIN by staraptor!

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mod-wise, thanks for all of the sidebar links, i will be updating them shortly :D also i will post the final tag list that everyone in chat voted on and link to the tags on the sidebar/in the userinfo. IF YOU WANT TO DISCUSS COMMUNITY POLICY OR ASK ANY QUESTIONS/GIVE ANY COMMENTS OR COMPLAINTS, COME AND JOIN THE AIM CHAT "pkmncollectors"! there is almost at least a few people in chat, and you can feel free to invite anyone!

for now.... as a general message to the community, TAKE NOTICE OF HOW MUCH YOU ARE POSTING, AND IF THE CONTENT IS WORTH THE POST. if you have a million questions or whatnot, just make one post and edit it if you think of something new... we don't need five new posts for five little questions :)

ALSO! IF YOU WANT TO POST BOOTLEGS, THAT IS FINE! but we've seen the same alien celebi and lots of 50 chinese bootlegs about 50 times... so only post a bootleg if its super hilarious! no more of those lots of figures XD for most bootlegs i'd like to direct you all to hells_pokemart, a community for creepy pokemon bootlegs!

well..... it's landed. not yet in my house, but hopefully i can rectify that after a trip to ikebukuro tonight..yes, you know what i mean... if you dont, you will know soon... sooooonnn...

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Webkinz Pokemon

Does anyone know what Webkinz are?? They are all over the place now in every store and are the hottest things kids are going after these days..I admit I have one and its the chihuahua since I have a real one as well..

But after playing into it for awile I admit too it's also alot of fun and I was thinking it would be so cool if pokemon did this same thing, You buy a starter pokemon plush to start off with such as Pikachu,Bulbasaur,Mudkip,Chikorita,Piplup and all the other starters there has been would be available as well,and then later on they would release random pokemon plushies a month..and you would go online with the codes and raise your pokemon, play poke related games,go in chat rooms with your virtual Pokemon and trivia and even battle each other, as well everything else Webkinz does on there site only Pokemon themed.And there would be the trading cards as well that would give you all kinds of items in the pokemon world and themed foods for them too,Like (Jigglypuffs)or (Mountain Mew SoftDrinks) maybe there would be rare cards out there that you could get a virtual dialga,mew,or other legendary pokemon.and we couldnt forget about the clothes you could buy them and put them on your plushies and online you could enter pokemon contests with others,I think it would be pretty kick arse to say the least..

Heres the WebKinz site, now just imagine it if it was all Pokemon themed.

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Newest Acquisitions! :D

While the collecting bug is winding down right now, thankfully, I had to take the opportunity to post the newest addition to my Mew army. :D

I need to find tissues that fit that box. The ones I ripped out of a box are just too big for it.

Also, who might be going to AnimeExpo this year? I'm not a convention person at all, but I'm starting to consider it to meet some of you all. I already know of like two who are going, and I was asking because this could possibly coincide with a trip to Little Tokyo I mentioned in a previous post. :D

Houndom Zukan???? + Collection Updates

I was wondering if anyone had the houndour/houndoom zukan for sale trade?


looks like that (Pic courtesy of Zukanranger.com )

Get incontact with me I'ed be happy to work something out, a price, a trade, Im pretty flexiable!

Now on the same topic here's a collection update with my dark puppies!

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So thats it for updates/wants. Like I mentioned in the cut my SMJ box did arrive! And the money from my sales post hit my bank account so I can go to the post office. I will go Friday most likely (as tomorrow I have my last final) And after that art time + lots of sales! Keept your eyes peeled for a huge kid sale comming up from myself, and 216handsbound! We got so many goodies in that lot that i know you will enjoy.
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Shipped items!

latifox and eknock, your items have finally been shipped! Dx I'm soooo so so sorry I made you wait so long, school's a bitch. >_<; But they're finally on their way, I hope you guys enjoy them! <3333

I also received my wind-up Nidoking and Mewtwo today .. :D wolvenillusion and I are going to have so much fun putting these guys together and having them battle!

Also, kiriska, I came by earlier to give you your Ivysaur keychain but you weren't there. D: I wasn't sure if you saw my note on your door or not, but let me know when I can come over or when you can come over to Boundary, okay? <3
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Rare Bird Plushie Party!

I got a few packages in the mail today and I'm so glad that they all came in at the same time or else it would be too hard to restrain myself to hold back and make one big post. XD

My bell plushies from Gin arrived, and in addition to that I managed to score the rare Hasbro Pidgeotto on eBay! *__* I'm VERY impressed by Pidgeotto since he's bigger than I expected and nicely detailed. The Pokecenter bag that came with the bell plush is so adorable that I had to keep it (she's my Sinnoh starter!) and the package doodle is made of win as always. Also, I got the V-trainer set solely for Winona (who else? XD), but I also plan to keep Pichu and sell Dragonite later on. (Unless anyone wants it now for $4 + shipping or in a trade of some sorts?)

My current trio of bell plush! I'm almost tempted to put Pidgey or Moltres on my car's rear-view mirror, though I won't since I don't want to risk them getting stolen. D: Regardless, they're so PUDGY and I'm so glad to have them! (Now to wait for the GIANT STARLY FAMILY. @_@ So many bird plushies in so little time!)

This has been SUCH an awesome collecting week for me and I hope it continues when I bid on a Y!Japan auction in the approaching days. Even then, I have two Quilava-related items on the way which I'll post once they arrive; it's so uncommon for me to have a collection update for my beloved fire weasel!
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EDIT: I'm about to add some very rare Italian Spectracollate Laminacards to my sales post... since I've made a few posts in the last couple days, this will be the only post about it, so go ch-ch-ch-check it out!

Some random eBay finds...

Two of the three original Eeveelutions, represented in button form! These were really rare American releases, from around 2000.

Will edit post with more findings if I find more cool stuff. :)

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let's see...fernchu, grrowly, warandromance and pheonixxfoxx ...letting you guys know that i pad you.
Sorry i just didn't feel like sending you all a seperate note to say the same thing.
besides, i had some questions...

First off...someone posted a picture a while ago http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/game/docs/20080409/tt09.htm
And I just really need to know where to get it.
I love hedgehogs sooo much.

Second...Has anyone heard from Ryuichi I think is the name?
They are the hat maker...I've been waiting quite a while to hear from them and I just got tired of sending tons of emails and comments.

Third...Someone sell me some Bidoof stuff please!

(ps- i didnt know what tags to put soo tell me and i'll add them)
Pokemon - Buds

Recall !!

So, apparently there's more Lead afoot.

"The following information applies to certain character lapel pins sold at Nintendo's two company-owned and operated stores, and given away as promotional items to business associates who are employed by retailers where Nintendo products are sold. The lapel pins that are the subject of the recall feature specific Nintendo characters and measure approximately 1/2 inch to 2 inches per side. Nintendo is recalling the pins, which it purchased from an outside supplier, because they contain lead in excess of levels permitted by U.S. government regulations concerning toys and children's products.

Nintendo began selling and distributing these pins in April 2004, and stopped selling and distributing them in November 2007.


 Nintendo "Fun & Games" employee store
4820 150th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052
 Nintendo World Store
10 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY

"In the event that you received one or more of the recalled pins, Nintendo is offering to replace them free of charge with a replacement lapel pin with a different character. Please call toll-free at (800) 431-0971 to arrange for replacements. Nintendo will mail you a postage-paid envelope that you can use to send your lapel pin(s) to Nintendo. After Nintendo receives your package, you will receive a confirmation email from Nintendo with information on your replacement pin."

Pic: http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/images/pins.jpg

Posted here since there IS a Pikachu in the set, and there's always the chance that someone has one of these.

(AAPF was the tipoff)

Unrelated: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=170213790009
Am selling Japanese Red and Yellow. Ends soon. Didn't want to spam up comm with another post.


I'm in need of money, so I thought; "hey, I could sell my Pokemon stuff to the comm! I'm sure someone would buy some!" Then I realized...I don't want to sell my Pokemon stuff! I love it!! I want to keep it!

So I'm asking...how do you guys sell your stuff without feeling sad? Don't you feel a void? Or do you buy a few copies of the same things to keep one for yourself and sell the others with a profit?
I'd love to make money, but it breaks my heart to sell my precious Pokemon ;_;

Shipped Items, Recent Community Scandal, Feedback Importance

First off, I have shipped items for the following people today: scarsofsunlight, ladylegsdarkrai, and atomicstoney 

Please let me know when you get your items, okay? ^_^ Especially YOU, scarsofsunlight! ^_~

Also, pikaplex, I got your payment in the mail today and will send your stuff out either Friday or Saterday. I would do it tomorrow if I didn't have to work all day. =/ I hope I didn't give you the impression that I was mad at you. >.> I was only concerned. No hard feelings. :) 

Lastly, in accordance to how important feedback is on this community, I'd ask that all of you who have done business with me to please give me feedback here! I created that one cuz I was unsure as to when I was going to get approved for an official community feedback section. Recently, lineaalba created one for me. :) You can find it here! Just scroll down till you find my sn. Leave feedback at either one. Doesn't matter really. Alternately, I'd like to leave feedback for said people, too. It's only fair.

If any of you haven't created a feedback page, PLEASE DO SO! With what's been going on recently, this is your best defense. Let's keep this family together and know we can trust one another. Thanks everyone! :)
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Glaceon Pokedoll?

I know this is such a long shot, because it's such a popular Pokemon, but does anyone possibly have a Glaceon pokedoll for sale? I recently decided to try and get all the Ice pokedolls ^^;

Also, since I haven't seen it on eBay, does the Pokemon Center even sell it anymore? If anyone can lead me to one, I'll repay you in art, lots of art (along with payment, of course XD)

Thanks guys =)

Bandai Candy Toys!

Another thing for my wish list. :P

DX Snorlax

Also for people waiting to hear about qubeley087 , well, I still haven't gotten a reply. :\

EDIT! I have discovered how fun the Bandai Candy Toys website is. :3

Here is an archive of releases from previous years.

I have only gotten up to 2005, but have found a bunch of awesome fun-ness. :D

Additionally, there was dicussion the other day about Pokemon Friends with strings.


Munchlax Friends

This set has them, apparently. :D Ok I found the Munchlax set too! :D These are the only two sets I have found with strings, so I guess these ones are different for a reason unknown. ._.