May 1st, 2008

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Looking for the Sweetiepie Bobblehead Shinx!
It's too cute, and I must have it D:

Anyone who has one they would like to sell on, please contact me :D

Thankyou guys! I promise to have something useful soon! ^^;;
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[Update as usual]

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing ok =)

I have a few things to take care of. If the following people could send me their paypal address and confirm the amount totals for the items I have on hold with them I'd appreciate it. Once I have your paypal and I'm back at the PC I'll send the payment.

psychmoonshadow  - Celebi, Jirachi and Lugia unopened phone charms. Shipped without capsules. $11 total ?
pacificpikachu    - Celebi UFO Catcher plush $20 shipped (I estimated $5 shipping but I dunno whether that's right or not) ?

And I've sent payment to happyjolteon    for the items I have on hold. Sorry about the delay. Also, if meowthcollector    and rinkatink    could inform me when they receive the items they bought from me I'd appreciate that also. I've made a feedback post on my individual journal so you guys can leave feedback for me (you too antichrist   ! =D).

In other news. I have updated my main collection post. More often than not, if I only get small additions, I will add them to my main collection post rather than spamming all you guys with nonsense. You can look at my main Collection Post here, but it's rather image heavy I warn you, and has more than just Pokemon on it.

And again in other news. I finally went through all of the ZukanRanger website and made a list of all the Zukan I want. Now for starters I'm aware that some of these are super rare, aside from that, I have very little money this month, so I can't afford to buy too much. I'm posting the list of Zukan wants up to test the ground if you will. If anyone has any of the Zukan listed under the cut and would be willing to hold it, probably for a long time, then let me know. Or unless you're willing to sell a bunch of the zukan at a low price to me.

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On a final note. A lot of things happened last month, and to avoid arguments/etc etc, I will not repeat anything. But I will say this for future reference: If anyone has an issue/problem/etc with me, however small, be it the fact that I showed interest in an item/asked you to hold an item and never got back to you later, or whether my payment has been delayed. Whatever it is, please contact me directly for clarification and to solve the problem before doing anything else.

EDIT:  I still have some stuff for sale here! Phone charms, screen cleaners, and Zukan!

Thanks, and take care!
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So I found out there *is* a second movie manga adaptation, and it ran in the July 1999 issue of Coro Coro.

I think you all know where this is going--does anyone HAVE the July 1999 issue of CoroCoro with this section intact? And if you don't want to part with it, if you can just scan these pages/related material, I'll write you a fic.

TOMY Figure Help

I purchased this little guy yesterday from the booth in my local mall. The woman running it said the lady who sold those to her said they were only sold at one store in Japan for a limited time. She was unsure herself as to where exactly they originated. If you guys have any info on this specific set of figures, please share. :) Thanks a lot! Click on the pic for a closer look. If you need pics of the rest of the box, just ask.

EDIT: Thanks for your help guys! From what you guys have said, either I was duped or the seller. ^^;; Either way, I still love this little guy. :3
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just a quick note from class:

anyone who dealt with qubeley087, i want to recommend getting your refund from paypal as soon as you realize how fishy the circumstances surrounding this person are. they have only ever used LJ to make that one post and then vanished.

you only have 90 days to get your money back - dont lose tons of money like everyone did with TKsama. you can wait and see if they reply, and possibly lose your money, or file with paypal now!

thats the suggestion i have anyway.

EDIT: Even if this has all been a big misunderstanding and your items arrive, you can resend the payment to them, however, I personally think we have been HAD. I want to make an official rule that a new member cannot post sales without first contacting a moderator for approval. FROM NOW ON DO NOT BUY FROM ANYONE WHO COMES TO THE COMMUNITY JUST TO SELL THINGS. If they say " a mod approved us", fine, if not, IGNORE THEM and their post will be deleted. When I get home tonight I will be working on all of the community stuff we discussed in chat, and I will add this to the userpage as well. Let me know in comments what you think. (note this says in COMMENTS, please dont make long brand new posts with your opinion XD)

Fake Cards?

Sorry to post again, but I noticed this guy's auction on ebay and got a little suspicious. The kids look fine, but that Electivire Lv. X looks fake. Since I once owned that very same fake card, I can tell they are similar. You can see that there is no shiny, silver border, like all Lv. X's have. =/ Should I report this guy to ebay... or would they be able to do anything or prove he's selling fake cards?
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Battle Mueseums for sale

//Edit// Ooops e.e; sorry about the spam for a min. x.x;

Quick sales post before I head out to the post office! You guys that have purchased from me may feel free to purchase these with no additional shipping ^__^
(trying to give my customers a better deal)


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I know this is a rather odd question, but I'm looking for a nice little pokemon cap to wear in the summer (if we even get one in the uk =P) but the only ones i can find on ebay seem to be tiny children's sizes (or they have stupidly high prices to ship them to the uk ;_;) so I was wondering if anyone had one that they might want to sell? Or does anyone else in the UK know of somewhere I could find one =3

Thank you to anyone who can help! ^^

Oh and eee I got a package!  My Piplup bag from eeveelution arrived and I love it so much! =D Thank you!!

I'm getting a little worried about my Piplup charm though from ospreybarf, I hope he hasn't got lost in the post =(
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Jakks plush renewals?

While running errands today, I went to a different Wal-mart than usual (because mine blows chunks at everything) and found a Jakks Starly plush lying with the other beanies. I instinctively grabbed it since the only other time I saw a Jakks Starly plush for sale was the one I bought at a Target while Christmas shopping, but when I touched it I knew immediately that it's different than the one I have.

The one on the left is the one I got today. As you can see, the material is darker, the chest circle is in a different position, the neck ruff is different, and the beak and feet are made of a completely different material. Not only that, but the fabric on the new one is much softer and it feels more stuffed than the old one. The Chatot in the same bin seemed different, too, but I don't own a Jakks Chatot so I can't really confirm it.

While it's not the Riolu and sea slugs I've STILL yet to see (at least I saw a Sneasel in a Target a few months ago?), I still found it intriguing and bought the little birdie. :> Are Jakks reissuing the older ones maybe? I de-tagged my first one so I can't compare hang tags, but the other tags look identical.

Also, to those involved in the group auction- we won it for a whopping $20 shipped. :D Once they arrive, I'll figure out the price and shipping costs, but do take consolation that the costs will be low. ^^
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YAY! mail for my collection !

I FINALLY got some additions to my collection today =D *is excited* xD It's not much but I tihnk that they are pretty cool =D And then...hopefully in a week or two I'll receive a box from my friend gamecubegirl! (which has more stuff for my collection ^_^)

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And as a note: obakehoshi, miss_fuu_chan and rukarioh your cards have been shipped =D and rinkatink, I will hopefully be able to go out tonight to get a package for the Riolu charm (sorry for the delay, finals killed me x_X)

Also...I haven't asked in awhile...Does anyone happy to have the Gallade Chou Getto for sale? =\

large kids group auction

Another potential group auction! Anyone interested in this really large Kids lot? It's got lots of nice kids in there, and I'm already ordering several other items from Y!J right now, so I could probably get a deal on shipping and it's hard to resist wanting to buy all those kids (even if I don't hold onto them).

Interest? Claimers? If I get enough response I'll go ahead and bid higher on the lot. If I do get a lot of interest in popular ones like the legendaries or Eevees I may offer auction them off...

Anyway, comments plz!

(BTW, I'm still waiting on the last group auction to show up, I think it'll get here tomorrow, in fact. :D)

Making a list left to right, row by row, anyone with (x) next to it has interest, more xs, more interest:
Wormadam (green)(x), Cherubim(xx), Budew, Vespiquen, Luxio(xx), Milotic, Mothim, Feraligatr(x), Luxray(?)(xx), Monferno

Bronzor, Carnivine, Rampardos(x), Azelf, Girafarig(x), Phione, Chingling, Riolu, Pachirisu(xx), Articuno(x)

(Attack) Espeon(xx), Salamence, Stunky, Turtwig(x), Raichu(xx), Latia(x), Latios(x), Togekiss(x), Gibile, Croagunk(xx)

Moltres(x), Cherrim(xx), Buneary, Giratina(xxx), (Attack) Umbreon(xx), Magmortar, Shinx(xx), Staraptor, Glameow, Lopunny(x)

Blue Shellos(xx), Pink Shellos(xx), Pink Gastrodon(x), Combee(xx), Pikachu(x), Zapdos, Larvitar(x), Ponyta(x), Pikachu(xxxx), Rhyperior(x)

Cresselia(x), Leafeon(xxxxxx), Eevee(x), Heatran(x), Meganium, Darkrai(xx), Glaceon(xxx), Ho-Oh(xxx), Lugia(x), Shiny Torchic(xx)


I have a few zukans left here and some rare cards from older sets that I've had for aaaaaages and meant to sell for ages, so if you need some cards from the much older sets or slightly newer ones..-cough- you may find them here..

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