May 2nd, 2008

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I got my check early from my boss today so I wanted to treat myself. I wanted to buy Alakazam stuff but I ended up buying my other psychic baby- Gallade. I am impatient and it was there. And now it is on its way to me. I need to make room. Hmmm...

Isn't he beautiful?!?!!!
{PRETTY} - Ariel~hime

new pokedoll~

Sheimi pokedoll! I don't know the release date yet {most likely June/July?}, but that's what she'll look like. I'm positively thrilled and snatching one up as soon as she's released~! I can't wait~♡

On a personal note, I hope to do a collection update after some sleep~ I hope no-one minds the 'extra' post from me.

photos is from the official pokémon website
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EDIT: join me in "pkmncollectors" chat, let's talk about plushies! :D


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EDIT: BUSTER IS SOLD. but i will leave the photos up if anybody wants a reference for wanted lists. the set also had a gigantic munchlax.

I CAN POTENTIALLY GET ANOTHER CHARMANDER or the munchlax, if they are still there when i return for gigantic staraptor. i'll offer them to the comm first if i get them, of course :>

)': death of a kids group auction

I hate to say this guys, but the auction deputy service I was using to bid on that kids auction just shut down for Golden Week. I'm... kinda furious that they'd close their site which is AUTOMATED for a whole week and not even let me bid anymore! EKAJIGHEIAEHIEAHargh. Anyway. I don't want to use another service because I'll have to deal with extra shipping fees, so I gotta let those kids go. Maybe somebody else can try to get it?

ETA: After frothing at the mouth for a bit, I decided to try Akibado auction service since it's such a GREAT lot. We'll see if they reply and I can try to get it. They're not automatic like Crescent shop so it'll probably be harder.

I hate SMJ. DX

on a happier note

Sorry for two posts in a row but this is much better news!

The items from the American toy group auction are here! :DDD

There are the items reserved for people and the prices:

denkimouse: Raichu keychain and the watch - $6 (the watch seems to be out of batteries but hopefully still works)
soddymothdust: Raticate keychain - $1
light_venusaur: Small Dragonite keychain - $1
flag: Hoothoot ball - $2 (his feet paint is a little worn but otherwise he's great)
tufails: Blastoise, Charmander, and Squirtle Pez, Misty, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur keychains - $10
taycs: Charmander clock - $6
kari_xiii: Large Blastoise keychain and Ash stamp (thought it was a magnet but nope, it's a stamp!) - $4

Comment to discuss shipping and if you want your reserved item!

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Mail is Good~!! ^_^

Yesterday, I got packages from juumou    and pkmn_masta   ! ^_^ Thanks guys! I swear, that little Cyndaquil is a lot smaller than I previously assumed. XD It's so cute. :3

I also got those 1996/98 Pokemon kids in the mail yesterday! ^__^ No clears, sadly. Anyhoo, here's a pic of the ones I'm keeping, excluding Sandshrew. I gave that to a VERY happy kaygee84 . ^___^

These are the ones I'm willing to part with. If I get enough interests, I'll make this an auction. If not, I'll just sell them. meowthcollector   has already expressed interest in Oddish. Please comment if you want any of these. Remember, they are old kids and very hard to find now-a-days. :) Mr. Mime was made in '98 and Oddish was made in '96.

Thanks for looking! ^_^
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Pokemon - Buds


I have a good feeling this is bootleg, but damn. It's kind of neat xD
Very loud ;.;

ALSO, Mewtwo Tomy question.
Front View:
Side View:
The spot on his leg seems normal, but I've never had a Mewtwo Tomy before, so I don't know if that is normal.
the two 'pieces' of his body are semi-misaligned and he leans a bit to the side (then again, I have a semi-misaligned Jolteon Tomy that I'm pretty sure is legit)
Is he a bootleg? (He's REALLY good for a Bootleg, if he is xD All pretty and like... almost NEW looking even though I bought him second-hand)

I also had a dream involving me carrying around a shiny Umbreon plush... it looked like a custom that one of you people has XD
Happy Bat


Okay, I just got a Kabutops card in the mail and I DO NOT remember whom I bought it from. It's this one but Japanese:

If you are on this list I would like to let you know that there is an Altaria card here too and I don't know if you meant to send it but you did. If you didn't mean to send it and would like it back I will gladly send it back. If you meant to send it as an extra, well thank ya!

Also, icarused, I got my kyogre figure a few days ago! It's good to finally have a figure on my pokemon shelf! Thank you SO much!

And yaoi_queen I got my Kabutops and kabuto card! I don't think I annouced that yet but I did get them a little while ago. Sorry!

So this is what I THINK I am awaiting:

Kabuto/Kabutops Zukan
Shinx and Luxray kids
Awesome elecronic charizard thingy!
Kabutops card from kanackering

And Ravestars85! Do you still have the shinx figure you where going to sell me. I never got a reply from you and I was wondering if that was just because you didn't want to sell it anymore or something :)

If I am missing something, owe payment to someone for something, or if any of you have anything kabuto, kabutops, or any of the lions avalible please let me know!

Thank you!

wild Treasure Chest appeared!

Edit: yaoi_queen, I received your package today! XD I love them all so much! -SQUEE- The candy tastes lemony/vanilla-y to me, kind of like lemon meringue flavored stuff? nummy! :) I will take wonderful care of charmander. He'll go right next to my new-found old charizard! :D


What's with the pic of this box? What's in it? I assure you it's no longer the delicious cookie-things that were originally in there. No, inside this box are items that come from 9-10 years ago. Click the lj-cut to take a trip to the past!

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My Pokémon collections

I have a few collections. Mainly Dialga, Groudon, Ampharos and some Turtwig. I also Collect Tomy figures. I want to get one for every pokemon. The collections I want to start eventually are for Giratina and Articuno. I have many cards as well but there are so many that I will save pictures of them for another day. Ok so on to the pictures of my collections!

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Package received!

 I got my Glaceon plush from eeveelution yesterday. He's kinda head heavy, so he keep falling on his face XD

Also I found a Espeon friends plush on animemate. It's in a group of flawed plushes, and it's pupils are missing. Not sure if anyone would be interested, but i'll post the link anyway because they seem kinda rare. I guess you could always paint them back on. Espeon Plush

Collection update and sales post!

I got some new stuffs today, and stuff makes me happy! Stuffs and sales under the cut!

Also, a note:
Rukario-you still owe me for the mew kid.
Pixie_Bee-you still owe me for the Lotad Kid.

Everyone else's stuff, was shipped today that paid for their stuff before today.

Awesomely fat bulbasaur plush with the bulba kid on its head for size!
cut for more!
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Lucky Star: Oversoul

[Update and a project!]

Everything bought from me has been shipped out!

Errr, as a further to all of the suggestions to the member feedback being upheld, my thread happens to be here :D

I also have finished a little project I've been working on.

My favourite of the lions is luxray, closely followed by shinx. So a lot of the stuff I draw and focus on is Luxray related, as well as the eeveelutions.
Having completely burned out on commissions, I embarked on two mini projects to try and make myself feel like I am getting somewhere in my mountain of work, and mostly, to make myself feel better ^^;;

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The second project was also a thankyou, and although it's just been finished up, it's dark out now, so I can't take any pictures. So, I'll be spamming you guys with that tomorrow I guess ^-^
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Surfing Pika

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SOMEDAY. SOMEDAY there will not be really exciting things in the mail and I'll be able to post a proper collection entry. My "holy grail" of Pokémon collecting isn't here yet, though, so it'll have to wait until after finals week. .__.; My room really has been overtaken by Pokémon, though, and I'm really excited to make a collection post one of these days.

But, um, anyway--I decided to create a sales journal because I sell things so much! Please go check it out, as I discounted a ton of things from my last sales post and I'm selling things in really cheap lots. As a note, if you decide to buy some of these lots and try to resell the stuff, you are more than welcome to do so. :D I won't be offended at all.

surfinpikasales - Here's the link to the Pokémon section:

denkimouse or lineaalba, if you could add it to the front page, I'd be very happy. ^^;

Also, while I'm posting, I'm curious... How many of you have already gotten your main "holy grail" (meaning the thing you wanted more than anything else) already? How did it feel? What was your "holy grail"?
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Packages Received!

Just wanted to let [info]regen and [info]pacificpikachu  know that I got their packages alright! 
Everything came in shipped safe and sound, thanks for the ADORABLE cards/notes, and regen, thanks for the LOAD of freebies! The Clampurl battle card with luvdisc still makes me giggle. Clampurl's not moving a muscle, but apparently tackled luvdisc so epically, there are ACTION LINES.
I'll popst pics soon, I've been having uploading problems with my camera.

Pikachu, I have my new eevee on my bed, and I keep thinking it's my mom's dog staring at me out of the corner of my eye when I come in, haha.

Thanks guys!