May 3rd, 2008

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This is just a post to let blackjackrocket and warandromance know that i sent out their payments on Friday. Thanks so much guys! Let me know when you ship them. Also can someone link me to some tutorials for searching and buying things on Y!J? Im really new, this is my first post here, and my first time buying anything off of the people who post here. Also can someone tell me how you ship trading cards so they don't get bent and roughly how much shipping is.

Pikachu plush lot + looking for murkrow stuff

I listed 3 Pikachu plush up for auction on Ebay! Please check it out: Friends, Easter, and UFO Catcher Plush! I've got some other non-Poke goods up for auction, too.

Also, so this isn't a sales-only post... I'm always looking for Murkrow items (don't worry, tortoises, I havent forgotten about you. Reply asap, k?). Specifically, I am trying to find out if any plush were made??? I would also be willing to try and find someone to make a custom plush. ^_^ Finally, does anyone know where I can find the official Tomy figure?



I finally shipped kefanii's Likilicky toy today, and with that I have finally shipped everything!!
fernchu, the eevee zukan is still available for you. I can hold onto it indefinitely. The same for goku_the_saru and the pikachu carton.
i am hoarding some Pokemon goods I find here and there, there will be a big sales post some time next week! Thanks!
On another note, I love Sunflora!! <3

Anybody have any Sunflora things to sell/ show me?

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One member managed to make contact with Quebley, and they say everything was mailed yesterday and the reason they haven't replied is because they use the internet on their phone, and LJ won't display.

So, hopefully your items will arrive within a week... keep all of your fingers crossed. I can't say this makes me confident it will arrive, but whether it does or not, this has been a very valuable lesson for the community as a whole!

Now someone else post something so when I update Sunyshore in half an hour I'm not double posting XD

Clear Kids and Ash Kid Auction

Hi all. So working with this post:

We have decided to hold an auction for our clear kids, and the Ash kid

Auction Terms:
All auctions end Monday at 10 PM EST
Please reply to the highest bidder in the designated thread to bid.
Please bid in increments of 1 dollar.

Shipping in the US-
Shipping starts out at 2.50, and for each additional two (2) kids add an extra dollar please.
Shipping International -
Add one additional dollar to the above prices.
ALL items are being mailed out THURSDAY.

Paypal fee will be added to the final total!
CC and MO at your OWN RISK!!

Dratini @ 4 BIN 10

Marril @ 4 BIN 10

Gastly @ 4 BIN 10

Omnamite @ 4 BIN 10

Nidoking @ 4 BIN 10

Jirachi @ 4 BIN 10

Mewtwo @ 5 BIN 15

Ash @ 5 BIN 15


~Side note: And to anyone who purchased from me your items ship off MONDAY. Sorry finals week was Hell. But its over and finished with and I AM FREE *screeches*
WoW - Khadgar


I have spent 2 days adding tons of new unique, rare ,and interesting items to my shop!! I have clear kids figures (including Eeveelutions) and character kids (Ash, Misty, Brock, Oak, Jenny, Joy, etc.) figures all priced at $5.00 each!!!
I have large kids figures (Misty, Mewtwo, and Lugia) from $5.00 to $8.00 each!!!
That's not all, Rare Pins, Pokemon Center Items, and Japan Exclusives!!! So check it out, for items are going fast and I mean fast!!!


(Click the Above Link to Access my Shop)

*Please Note My Shop Is A Bit Image Heavy Due To All The New Items*

**Please Post Your Orders In My Shop, If You Post Here Your Post/Order Maybe Ignored Or Over Looked!**

Now onto the collection updates, I have had some awesome and rare items reach my hands in the last few days, from Absol to Suicune:


Team Rocket



I finally got my long sought after Clear Tomy Suicune and Movable Clear Suicune Gashapon!!!

I also have tons of new Grovyle and Treeko related things, but I have yet to update my collections of these guys for I am in the middle of rephotographing and reposting this collection...Though Treecko and Grovyle are secondaries, they are my biggest collection!!!

Also, the following people have items on hold with me, please let me know when I can expect payment, thanks:

frugrow - Ho-oh is here, I sent you a message but I'm not sure if you got it...Whenever you are ready, your grand total is - $35.00

carolina_suikun - I have the Suicune model kit mint in box on hold for you...Whenever you are ready, your grand total is - $23.00

fernchu - You have many various items on hold...Whenever you are ready, your grand total is - $18.00, I gave you free shipping since you are giving me free shipping on my Clear Absol kid...

girlunoriginal - I have one last box from SMJ that will be coming once one last lot reaches them! This box will contain your Jirachi keychain, so I am not expecting payment from you at this time...All your other items are safely on hold...

***All Grand Totals Include Shipping Costs***

Mail arrived + other fun stuff

Packages arrived, eeeeee! Mail happiness, mmm.

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PIKACHU SOCKS! How aresome is that? <333
Sorry it's cut off... it's hard getting a decent photo of your legs when you have to hold a dog leash, and lift your pant leg up, too. XD You get the idea just by looking, at least.
Lucky Star: Oversoul

[Project 2 and bootleggers]

They bootlegged the Leafia TOMY already...

It's not out until the 17th D:

Anyway I'm now dodging revision for my finals. So here's pictures of my second project. Again, surprise surprise, Luxray related :3;

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I am also obsessively on the hunt for a box of DP3 keshipoke, or just the leafia/Luxray figures from that set.
I know I'm not gonna get them, but hope is a wonderful thing? xD
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Seeking some information!

Hello everyone! :D This weekend I decided to teach myself CSS so my Munchlax collection website wouldn't suck anymore.

Munchlax's Lunchbox

I am looking for some information for my Collection page, but first something more important! Does anybody have a capsule insert for the Zukan set with Snorlax/Munchlax that they would be willing to scan for me? I would like to link to it from my site. I would host it myself and give credit most definitely! Thank you very much in advance. :3

Also, I would like it if my collection webpage could be linked from the sidebar, but if it's not cool enough I understand. :3

Information I am looking for is under the cut!
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That's it for now and thank you! :D

Oh wait! I lied. :o That is NOT it for now! I have a feedback post, it is under the community feedback post on the fourth page. :3 If anyone I have dealt with could leave me feedback it would be much appreciated! :D If you don't remember what I bought from you/you bought from me just ask because I keep records of all these things. :3 Thanks! :D
Pokemon - Shaymin &lt;3

Sales post + Shipment Information

Yes, yes, another post. XD I would of combined the two into one, but it would of been way too cluttered. Sorry. :>

So, first, here's a small sales post, just to get rid of a few unwanted things...

Photos, Information, & Prices
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Second, this is for those of you who have bought/commissioned something and I finished it earlier this month:
I'm SO sorry it has taken me forever to ship them out. I don't get a chance to go to the post office very often until AFTER they close. grrr. and those of you waiting need customs forms or the box is too large to send in the overnights. D: I sincerely apologize for the delay and added a few little extras of stuff you might like. ♥ I think I will just suck it up on Monday / Tuesday and walk all the way down there. XD
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CAGED ➽ anya

Collection update and *first* sales post ever xD

Stuff I've gotten in the mail throughout the week. From denkimouse , juumou , regen , pacificpikachu , and my local Target.

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The DP 7 set. I am sorry it took so long.
Here is what you all owe me;
shiny_vulpix art + 2$ (for shipping)
tonko 18$
yaoi_queen 7$
I told someone they could have the Shellos west Zukan. I just can't find the email right now. You owe me 7$!

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