May 4th, 2008

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I was hoping to do a collection update, but what I was expecting in the mail didn't come! So that will have to wait to probably this week.

This week I went out and picked up an Umbreon kid for myself since the prior one I bought that was shown boxed in my previous post was for warandromance. Then I opened the box when I came home...

...I nearly flipped when I pulled out another clear xD; I think I should start playing the lottery now, this is my fourth clear I've bought from blind boxes- and the second eeveelution too~ I think I might keep it, it doesn't look so bad in black but I'd've rather had a solid xD I wonder how high it would go for if I decided to auction him or something.

I'd also like to put out a WTB~ I'm looking for:

Cresselia zukan {$5~$9 as I have seen in the comm hopefully~}
※ Aron/Lairon/Aggron zukan *
※ ALT Perappu/Chatot kid *
※ luvdisc non-cards stuff like kids/zukan, etc.?

* grails

If no-one has a Cresselia to sell, I may do a group auction, but I'm not sure if anymore people here actually wants any of the zukan in the set?


Oh! And before I forget, I have a feedback thread now on the fourth page {LINK}. Would sellers mind leaving me some feedback for the stuff I've bought from them? I've only sold to one person here. Since I've bought a lot, you can just say 'once/couple/many' or something if you can't remember exactly~ From my memory I can recall:

lineaalba (LOTS - pokedolls, kids)
warandromance (a couple/few? + sold once)
amirrorstwin (once- kids)
featherclaw (once- zukan)
gamecubegirl (once- zukan)
juumou (once- chou ghetto)
resilientspider (kids)
prguitarman (once- kid)
pikachuashnat (a couple/few?)
eeveelution (something perappu, I have your note still xD)
pheonixxfoxx (once - pokedoll)
happyjolteon (once - kid, handystrap)

To those that are leaving me feedback thank-you sooo much :D!
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these guys have entered the building! so to speak... they are now in the machine at my local daiei department store.

who wants them? i can try to catch as many as they have, but not if nobody wants! they will be 20$ if you have a pending sunyshore order, and 23$ to ship alone. reply here saying "yes! i want *such a UFO*!" and then you will be "in line" so to speak, for who i catch. when i return from my endevours (i will be going in an hour or two) i will reply in order.

you can ask for multiples. :)

ALSO: I have the gigantic, 55 CM Tall (same size as the giant charmander) Munchlax, Pikachu and Pichu plushies! If you have interest, please contact me or comment here :) they will be 45$+shipping (about 15-20$, i think i seriously undercalculated on the charmanders ;-;)

EDIT: PICHU AND PIKACHU ARE SOLD. Munchlax is looking for a good home!

here are photos of them.

I has an art!

And you can has it too! :D

Here is the deal- I REALLY want to buy Gin's Giant Munchlax, but I lack the money to do so. So I painted this picture. n_n Also I will be taking one commission for a similar picture! Also I am working on a Giratina/Shaymin picture which will also be for sale, but I need a painting break. D:

Additionally, I will be offering my services in designing/coding CSS layouts. Details for everything are below their respective cuts! :D

Amity Square Pokemon Painting

High bid- rini124@ 10 dollars
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Commission Slot
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CSS Layouts

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I don't want to sound like a meanie-butt, but I will be wanting as-immediate-as-possible Paypal Payments. The sooner I get paid, the sooner I can pay Gin. :D

For the commissioned piece and the CSS Layouts, I do kinda want payment in advance because I don't want to work my butt off on something personal like that and then not get paid. >:[ I am not sure if this falls under the 'collecting payments for things you don't have yet' rule though. ;_;

Also, I am not sure what the shipping will be for the art. They have large size sturdy mailer envelopes at my University store, and they cost 3 bucks. So I am guessing 5-6 dollars total domestically. More for international.

Also feel free to comment if you just like the art. :3

If you think I am charging too much please tell me. ;_; I really want the Munchlax, and I think my prices are fair. I put a lot of time/effort/work into these things. :)

Last call for payments.

I have contacted you guys, and feel I have no choice to put it here!

Rukarioh-Mew kid-9.00 is the total!
Pixie_bee-Lotad Kid-5.00 is the total!

You guys can just go ahead and send payments to This is your last call. If I don't hear from you by tomorrow, the kids are going to be available for others to purchase.
Big Bang Theory BAZINGA

Card Trade Post

Helllllew all! Still waiting on one giant SMJ box before I make my big updated collection post.. Tho I am organizing my binder so I might take some pics after I finish! ^^

TO ANYONE WHO TRIED TO GO IN ON THE GRUOP BUY OF KIDS. WE DID NOT WIN! SORRY! :< It went up too high and I didn't have enough bids.

In the mean time I organized some of my cards and was wondering if anyone wanted to TRADE!!
I have TONS of older cards.. and I mean some of the sets you don't see as much,  some from the old neo sets and quite a few from the OLD E-Card sets!! Like I said I'm really looking to trade but will sell cheeply if asked.

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I has new kids.

I went to Uwajimiya yesterday--the one in Seattle, which tends to have more stock of shit I like than the one in Bellevue. Yay I found Pokemon kids! I got 4 of them, as I only liked 4.

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I so want Espeon and Umbreon. I think I have a Flareon one around here somewhere. I didn't even know what they were called when I started getting them.


*Moltres is the goddess of fire. Yes, Goddess. Articuno is the goddess of Ice. I have a whole Pokemon Mythology that makes all the legends gods and goddesses so no one in the world would have them on a team ever because THEY'RE DEITIES.


I've been planning to post a collection update for a while, but I'm always waiting for all my expected goodies to come in the mail first. For the first time in a very long time, I can count the number of Poképacks I'm expecting on just one hand, (that was the case when I started writing this, but not anymore...) so now feels like as good an opportunity as any.

Thanks - I make the effort to thank every one of you at the end of a sale/trade, but it bears repeating: thank you! A community is its people, and it's a pleasure to help each other's collection grow and just share in the spirit of collecting. An extra special thanks to those of you who have shown such generosity recently--you know who you are!!

Random - Since my last community post, I've branched out my collection focus a little bit. I've embraced Lugia and Deoxys (normal form mainly) as my legendaries of choice, Ledyba has become the only bug Pokémon I'd want to hug, and my most recent adoptee is Hoppip. Yeah, it's just Oddish 2.0, but... it's so damn happy.

Collection - My collection has grown incredibly since I've joined, with over 70 separate additions having taken place (nearly all of them comprised of multiple items). The first time I made a community post, I had just begun page two of my collection gallery; now I've finished page seven! I have worked tirelessly to perfect every single page of my journal, whether its adding links, fixing grammar, or tweaking HTML for effects you'll never notice. Did you know: If you hover over any thumbnail image in my journal, you will find a hidden caption! I hope you find my collection pages, the "Pokémonagerie," easy and fun to view. Check it out! (The link takes you to page one; there are links to the other pages at the top and bottom of that entry. Or, just visit my journal!)

Wantlist - My wantlist has been vastly overhauled with many more pictures of items I'm looking for, and (hopefully) a cleaner, more user-friendly picture layout. Take a look! I have borrowed some pictures from other community members, and in most if not all cases I have asked for permission. If I have failed to do so for a picture of yours, I apologize; let me know if you'd prefer I take it down, or would like due credit. (The pictures are hosted on my own web space, though, so I'm not stealing anyone's bandwidth.)

Feedback - I have done business with... just about everyone, heh (43 people in actual fact), and have accrued a lot of feedback over the past few months. My goal is to have representation for every transaction, particularly from those who have never left any before. I'd greatly appreciate it if I could get feedback from...

If you can't remember when we've done business, I have links to our past transactions in my non-feedback facsimile section.

Likewise, I leave feedback for everybody (unless there is no place to put any), but in the off-chance I've missed somebody or you've since gained a feedback spot, let me know and I'll be glad to leave some.

Sales - I have created a sales page on my own journal, and have ported all unsold items from my last sale there. There are also few new items for sale.

Pokémon GBAs - The Pokémon GBAs are still available, and better yet, their prices have been lowered to $100! If anyone would like me to pick one up on their behalf, just leave a comment on that entry. Please only comment if you want to buy one!

If you want to call this a collection post, the real meat and potatoes are in my collection pages. Below the cut, however, are a few fun highlights--starting off with a custom creation! ("creation" being used generously)

Click on a picture to view a larger version!

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Glacia, Absol, Kolink

Last SMJ package!

I meant to post this yesterday. Oh well XD I got some very neat things in here, including Absol, Charmeleon & Mew (CLEAR TOMY YES) items! I haven't used every Pokemon featured in this update in the Tags - I'm not sure if people would find there to be too many and all. And yes, it really will be the last SMJ package.
AND BATTLE MUSEUM/FULL COLOUR STADIUM FIGURES. They are officially my fave figures ever. Don't believe me? Check out these guys then.....

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And finally.

Mew Kid, Raikou and Entei Zukan for auction!

I deleted my last post. I ended up buying the lot of the three dogs, which leaves me with a Raikou and Entei Zukan for sale! These are brand new and still sealed in their bags! I wanted to put them up on auction, so people get a fair stab at them. Bidding starts at 10.00 on each of them, and the auction will end at 10:00pm EST, friday night.

Raikou-10.00-high bidder-
Entei-10.00-high bidder-

Shipping on the Zukan will be 3.00 because of their large size!

I also have this mew kid for sale:

He's not on auction. Just a BIN for 7.00 plus 2.00 shipping. I'm done waiting on payment from the person who initially purchased it.

it's that time again?!


(hey! join the AIM "pkmncollectors" chat, where we've been discussing this contest secretly all week! ;D ask questions and make comments!)

: A contest where you can make your favourite Pokemon into a bell plush and submit it for judging. You can enter as many Pokemon as you like!
When?: Starts today and the deadline is JUNE 30th!!! That's two months!
How?: A tutorial on bell plush is included under the cut!
Prizes?: A shaymin Pokedoll, or a 1000 yen "gift certificate" to the Pokemon Center Tokyo! The amount on this "gift certificate" prize can go up if anyone is willing to donate a dollar or two.

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