May 6th, 2008

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Majestic Dawn Pre-releases info?

Quick questions. The Majestic Dawn Pre-releases are coming up soon, right? Well, the nearest one to me is VERY far away. And on top of that, I haven't played the game in a long time, so experience on my part is low.

Does anyone here know exactly what you get from them? I've heard about the 6 packs, energies, and that's it. I've -seen- the promo and some Leafia/Glacia sleeves, but no one's said if you get them just by attending or if you have to battle people in order to get them. I'm just very curious :x

Mew Pencil Box Auction and PLUSHIES!

I'll be having a larger collection update in about a week or so - I'm waiting for a few more packages to come. ^_^

I'm auctioning off this brand new, Mew Pencil box. (It's a bit too pink for me, and I regret not buying the blue one with more Lucario on it.)


I bought it at the Japan exhibit at Epcot at Disney about two years ago - it's an item from the Pokemon Centre, though I'm not sure if it was exclusive to Japan or not. It's really quite a nice pencil box, but too girly for my tastes.

Bids will be accepted until the Wednesday, the 7th of May at 11PM. ^_^ Please reply to the thread started specifically for bids if you want to bid.

Starting Bid - $20, BIN - $35

More pictures of the insides of the box and back are under the cut!

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In about a week, these will be coming to live with me! :D


Larger image under the cut. The normal coloured Umbreon is JOINTED!

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pichu :P

(no subject)

Does anyone have the Pokemon Stadium 2 game for the n64 they are willing to sell?  Ive never owned this game and i really want it! I always check old game stores but they never have it!! Im willing to pay a good amount for it, but i dont have paypal.  If this post isnt allowed, let me know politely and i will delete it! 

Wild Pokemon Ran Away!

I was just hit my a croaqunk's poison jab....I was searching the web for a stuffed Wailmer, and came across ebay's UK site. and found one! And i also found another one of the cutest poke plush i have ever seen  a Delibird one! i wasn't even aware that it even existed! but to my dismay, i cannot afford it, i thought i could until i looked a the pound compared to the dollar.... now my question is does anyone know where i can get one for a cheaper, i mean not dirt cheap but affordable? I'm looked for both the Wailmer and Delibird. 
p.s. if this isn't allowed or if anyone would like me to remove it please let me know i will be more then willing to do so. Thank!
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(no subject)

I've updated my sales post with new items and kept a few unsold things in.
Page is picture heavy but, anyways here is the link.
You may need to click the pictures to get a better view.

Also I want to know what merchandise there was for these pokemon.
Not that I can buy anything right now but, I was just curious.

hoppip & evos
lileep & cradily
gabite & evos
wooper & quagsire
porygon & evos

The Penultimate Pokesale thread

Yep, me again. I wanted to let everyone know that their packages were all shipped last week, EXCEPT for these two:

scarsofsunlight - I need you to reply to my earlier comment regarding the missing money for the Charizard. Sorry about the delay.

wereblood - I got your money order yesterday, but I couldn't make out your address. Mind sending me an email with it so I can write it on the package?


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(Also, have people been leaving feedback for me? I don't know where to do it, I'm a klutz.)

Thanks for looking!
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Question question.

Hey kids. Slightly dumb question, considering this is recent American merchandise and I'm always hitting up Wal Mart/Target/Toys R Us, but I was flicking through ebay a few minutes ago and I came across this:

I know I've probably seen it before, but I never consciously noticed that it had Nidoking on it (you know, despite it being the biggest box on there... go figure, I'm dumb). Is this (and its handsome card-folder counterpart) recent merchandise that is still at the stores I listed above, or have they pulled it off shelves yet? Any info would be lovely, thank you! <3
Hoppip friends
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Wanted list ;3;

Hi guys!

It's been awhile since I last posted this: My wanted page!

My 2 most wanted items are the Luxio Stamp(Thank you, enshogirl!!! ;w;):
Luxio Retsuden 3D Magnet, and the Weavile DX Pokedoll. Will pay good amounts of money for them, or trade for good items!

In other news, I'm SUPER excited about the bellplush contest!!! :D I hope to make lots for my enjoyment. Oh yeah and the contest too.
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[Collection reshuffle//]

I think it's official that I can't concentrate at all ; -;

Last night after a busy day, I decided to rearrange my collection shelf with some stackable boxes I found behind my shelving unit. This isn't an official 'collection update' because I still have a bunch of stuff coming my way. |3
I also counted my collection pieces while I was there, and I found that I have breached 110 separate items. This includes 7 zukan, 16 kids figures, 10 TOMY MC's, 4 V-Trainers, 48 various figures (minicot, stamper, pokedex, keychains etc), and 25 plush and pokedolls. And I'm sure I've missed something XD
This doesn't include my shop stock, so I think I have something closer to the 200-250 mark of seperate pokemon related items.

I am amazed that it's so much o_o

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I will update with my entire collection, once the stuff in transit gets here, and at that point I'll also post a wanted list!

So, who else out there collects eevee or an evolution? Show me your collections!!! :D
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Im wondering

I keep getting confused about how much my giant pokemon center lugia plushie is worth
people keep putting prices on it over a 1000 but just now some girl just said its worth 50... Im just not sure.. I would of coarse lower the price since the pika isnt on its back anymore

Final Packages mailed + Collection Post!

Welp today I mailed the last of everyone's packages, so be on the look out! International orders i believe they take 7-10 days. Everyone eleses should be there by the weeks end!

Kiraras_lemon collection post made me want to take new photos of my collection so..I did :D

Check em out here~

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Uhm has anyone heard from Flygon? AKA the Zukan Ranger? We were doing a trade and I have not heard from him in some time ;__; hope everythings alright.

Edit/ With tags AND question!

Who has ever started collecting a pokemon that they thought they would never have liked before? For me it was Lotad! I never have used it, nore had any interest in it. Than one day I randomly won a misplaced shiny kid auction (for a total of around 6 dollars even after SMJ fees :P ) And I was hooked. I dont know..hes adorable and STACKABLE. So...

Has this happened to anyone before?? c:
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almost freebies!! (or trade if you can)

I saw a few posts here and there with people lamenting their inability to find Jakks plush. Well, I live in an area that has like 500 Wal-Marts within an hour or so in either direction, and each one seems to have one particular plush.

Because I love you all, I bought 1 Eastern Shellos, 1 Western Shellos, 2 Sneasel, 1 Meowth, and 1 Riolu. My boyfriend wants to keep Riolu, and I sorta want to keep a Sneasel and Meowth, but it might be possible to trick me into giving them away, if you make a good offer or can convince me otherwise. (we collect fire dogs of all types, the totodile family (esp. feraligatr), lugia (though I have most lugia items at this point), caterpie, tropius, oddish, scyther, magnemite and family, and various water types).

I'll give away these plushies to THE PERSON OF MY CHOICE. Not necessarily the best offer. For people not offering a trade, I'll only ask for enough to cover the packaging, shipping, and resulting paypal fees.

So in conclusion, I have the following plush to give away.

NEW TYPE JAKKS PLUSH (soft plush and some slight sculpt redesigns)
1. 1 blue Shellos carolina_suikun
2. 1 pink Shellos tehpixelpixie
3. 1 Sneasel (#1)
4. 1 Sneasel (#2) -- trade offers only
5. 1 Meowth -- trade offers only
6. 1 Riolu -- trade offers only

Everything will be handled in the comments of this post. Paypal given when necessary, after I decide who gets what. I will STRIKETHROUGH items once they are gone. This post will be valid until all 6 plush have been crossed out.

-- Techno

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