May 7th, 2008


Interesting ebay find

I was just typing in random pokemon words on ebay and came across this. I can't be the only one who thinks the pink and red pikachu are frightening. XD;; Seriously, WHY did they make the Pichu look semi-okay, but turned Pikachu into something you'd only see in your nightmares? ^^;;; Just thought I'd share. Have a pleasant evening everyone. Oyasumi! :)
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A new arrival!

So~ I have a new addition to my collection! Not a Pokémon I'd normally collect, but this is one thing I'm not parting with, and I think it's particularly cool. And just a little rare.

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I just realised I've never done a full collection post. But my room's too messy and full of cards to find and photograph everything... ;_; anyone after cards of any particular Pokémon? *looks mournfully at the huge boxes covering her floor*


BANZAI! How's it going everyone? ^__^ yet another post from me XD

So finally, after all the assignments and work, and after my postal slips once again vanishing to some unknown corner of my student accomodation hall, I finally got post slips and went to get my mail! Not one, not two, but three packages from some of you guys! ^___^

I received the packages from candycafe , norkia , and miss_fuu_chan and of course, the camera came out!

Edit:  Don't forget to leave me feedback on my post in my individual journal ! ^_^

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So that's that for collection updates xD I have so other updates to make however.

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And that's that! Bearing the above in mind, does anyone have any of the following for sale: A Pokemon Card Binder/file, Lucario kid, or cards of the following Pokemon: Shuppet, Cacnea, Celebi, Jirachi, Flygon, Sableye, Kecleon, Typhlosion(or evo-line), Tyranitar (or evo line), and Aron(or evo line) cards? x33

That' all from me! Thanks again everyone! If you want me to leave you feedback drop me a link and I'll do is asap ^^ I'm gonna send payments now to the people I owe, and then I'm off to bed! xD Take care!

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[V Trainers//]

Yeheheeeeey x3
Three things for moi~

Espeon is tiny. So so so cute x3 And the houndoom I'm not sure about. I think I'm keepin' him, but if not, I know of a good home for him to go to :3
Pan sticker, well I'm really just getting these to cover my DS XD

But I got a lot of others with this auction, and I'm looking to sell them on, because I don't have room for them :X
They were all new in packet when they arrived, uhh, curiosity killed the cat? XD

Auctions will end at 3pm GMT (CST) on Sunday the 11th May.

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Whitney SOLD

All moved to my sales post!!!
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collection / group auction /feedback please?

I finally received everything I was awaiting in the mail so I can do an update of my pokédoll collection~ Actually, after I made my last collection post I realised I FORGOT a ton of my pokédolls because they were on different shelves xD

I LOVE the anniversary Charmander pokédoll!! He's made of the new soft material that pokédolls are now made of. Not the old material which could show age and become ratty looking. He's soooo soft- I adore him to pieces *0* I also now have Skitty & 'tina {hope everyone's not stick of seeing her yet xD}.

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Now for a possible group auction~ I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in doing a possible group auction with me? It's just a little one:

Now I know they're not the most popular pokes, but I have seen their merchandise sell here.

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Clampearl - available
Huntail - available
Gorbyss - available


Also, last time I'll mention here but I'd really appreciate feedback from the following people still! My feedback thread is here~

amirrorstwin (once - kids)
featherclaw (once - zukan)
gamecubegirl (once - zukan)
juumou (once - chou ghetto)
pikachushnat (once)
eeveelution (once - something perappu)


ps: Always looking for:

※ Aron/Lairon/Aggron zukan
※ ALT perappu/chatot kid
※ Luvdisc merchandise {non-TCG}

serious PEZness

Haha, I just conned butterfly kissed my mum into paying for half my Toys n Joys order by telling her that if I bought her boyfriend a sticker, I would split the price of my own order with her. She didn't ask what the price was til after we paid, lol. The total was only $40 so the split wasn't bad -- considering the poop scoop monies I made this week. :) But she's okay with it. Even if I didn't happen to mention the fact that they've gotten as much negative feedback as the Fung Wah.

But like the title says, I've got a PEZ situation.
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Dachshund -> mmm tea

Third-party bidding, hurrah!

Okay, first of all, apologies to those of you that are like, old hat at this business and are sick of people posting about it. On the bright side, this isn't a "OMG HOW DO U USE SMJ?" post, so at least you don't have to sit through another of those, heh.

I thought I had seen people talking about it a few posts back, but I went through several pages of posts and could not find it...

I've been hearing people griping about SMJ's overcharging and inattentiveness lately, so I'm very very hesitant to bid through them. My best friend and I both are looking at auctions on Yahoo Japan, and we were just wondering...

What are some other good third party bidding services? The only two I really know of are Rinkya and SMJ, but I haven't heard much good about either of them. I know somebody was talking about them the other day, and you guys came up with a decent-sized list of alternative websites... but I can't find that post. @_@

In any case, I'd love to hear opinions and experiences, if you don't mind. <3 Thanks!

*puts the info tag on this post so the next person with this question can just look it up, woo!*
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[Card Trade//]

Card trades anyone?!
Erm, yeah, you thought I couldn't possibly get any more annoying, huh? ^^;

I am planning to attend a UK tournament and Majestic Dawn Pre-Release on the 17th May, but I have something very very far from a legal deck. I'm after EX series eevee cards, particularly from the Unseen Forces and Sandstorm sets.
For this reason I prefer UK based trades, and only international ones if you have the time to post out your half tomorrow or Friday. (I will be doing the same of course).

Apparently I don't need them that quick xP
Still trading/will sell for good offers. Added Japanese cards and First edition VS Cards.

I'll trade any number of cards under the first cut for one or two eevee's from Sandstorm or Unseen Forces, or any darkness/metal energies.

Second cut will be card for card, or 2-3 cards for one card.

I'm also willing to trade for any eeveelution card I don't have (ask) growlithe/arcanine, houndour/houndoom especially from the Sandstorm EX set, absol, shinx/luxio/luxray, and maybe poochyena/mightyena cards

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Ask if you want more information!
Hopefully the post will be updated in a few hours with photos from the older gen sets. I'm looking to get rid too, so if you have legally playable cards of any dog type pokemon that you think I might be interested, ask meh! :D
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