May 8th, 2008

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Larvitar Love.

Just a quick post!
I received my cards from prguitarman! Great as always, and thanks for the freebies!
kefanii, I'll be sending you payment soon, sorry for the delay!

So this post isn't very boring, I got a shot of my accidental Larvitar card collection.

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Although I have very little in Paypal, I am still interested in new Larvitar cards. I'm only interested in different artwork though. Thanks!


Please-please-please let me know if you have not received your things from my last sales post. I know fernchu, penanna, keisuro, and gamecubegirl are some of the people who bought from me off the top of my head.

I finally discovered what happened to the missing packages, and then my grandmother fell and cracked her spine and so I've been at the hospital for most of the week with hardly any computer access. Since I've been there, I couldn't inform any of the buyers who let me know they hadn't gotten theirs. I'll be able to check back later tonight to get addresses and such and have your things mailed off tomorrow.

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Ink Heart

Collection Post!

Wow, I'm such a bum. I've been a member of this community for a long time now, but yet I've -never- posted my collection. Truth be told, I'm a little shy about posting my collection considering it's tiny compared to so many of the other members XD Thankfully, I've gotten over my shyness and broke out the camera. I am more of a plush collector, but I've been breaking out into cards and figures lately too. My favorite pokemon would be Arcanine, but there's just not that much of him around ;A;

Be advised that my collection but a humble one; there's nothing rare or special. Though I will say it suits me just fine thus far <3

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My Holy Grail CAME~~!!!!

That's right! My Groudon plush came in the mail today~!! <3333333 Holy crap, he's so effing COOL~!!! <3 I can tell he's been loved. He's a bit dirty with a couple of stains. But that's okay. ^___^ He's still cool as all hell! Of course, my new Blaziken and Magmar plush came with him. ^_^ I agree Magmar is not the best looking plush around. ^^;;;; I MAY end up selling him at some point if enough people show interest. I dunno. Fire Pokemon ARE my fave, after all. It's a tough call really.

Anyhoo, here are a couple of pics of my Holy Grail:

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I also found something Delibird collectors out there may like. If you don't live out here in Cali, you won't be troubled by the stupid sales tax. ^^; I plan on visiting this store to see what they have. Haven't been there in YEARS. Here's the link to the Xmas Delibird plush at a decent price. ^_^

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Ok, so I never eat McDonalds... EVER!
Though I found out today that McDonalds has Pokemon toys in the happy meals. So I bought one and feel sick... but I'm happy because I got a kool pokeball thing. It has a spinny thing you attach. It also has a clip so it can clip onto things. Sorry, I only know  if it's in Australia. ^__^'
P.s. It' actually looks a lot better in RL.

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May/Haruka keychain and Torchic's May card

Hi hi!.

Long time ago I found this image from a site (I remember it was in a web page about May, 4 years ago):

It was interesting because I didn´t see figures from the human characters for years, so I begin to search it like crazy but I couldn´t finde it (somebody told me that wasn´t true and was a fake, I couldn´t believe it but I lost the hope due to I couldn´t find it).
When the May and Manaphy from 9th movie came out, somebody show me a link of a japanese blog where it was photos of the figure from the movie and of this figure too! and was a keychain that came with Torchic. So I started to search again but I couldn´t find nothing T_T.

And now the keychain came to my mind and I thought explain it to you and ask if anybody knows where to find it or something (I didn´t see it in Yahoo! japan, and I can´t buy there either)... May is my favourite character, and I´d love to have that keychain (I have the 9th movie figure, but I want the keychain too).

And other stuff of May/Haruka(And Torchic), look this card:

I saw this card on and later on eBay but I lost the auction and I couldn´t get it. I´ have all the Pokemon of May from the 8th movie deck, and I´d want to have this of Torchic, but I can´t find it on eBay.

Thanks in advance for the help ^^.

Quick sales post!

Last chance to buy some of these Kids figures before I .. stop advertising them and let them sit in a box forever. XD Included are a couple Clears, including Dratini!

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Also, I forget who I bought them from, but I received the Caterpie/Kangaskhan keychains yesterday! Thanks much! To you and anybody else I've bought from, let me know if there's somewhere I should leave feedback :3

[Do your best =D]

Hey everyone! =D

So I'll be replying to people in my previous post shortly, but I found this on ebay and thought I'd link you all to it;

Ash's Adventure zukan Complete Set (european release)

It contains the following Zukans: Raquaza zukan, Makuhita line, Wailmer zukan,  Numel line, Abra line, Anorith line, Phanphy line, Clamperl line, Shuppet line, Castform lines, and the Barboach line.

I was going to buy it for the Shuppet and Castform lines and see if anyone else wanted the others, but the seller only accepts Bank Transfer which isn't convenient for me right now xD And I found Shuppet and Castform in individual auctions so I'm getting those instead =33 I just though I'd link you all in case anyone was desperately looking for a zukan from this set ^__^

Also! I have a question about a Sableye plush; does anyone have an official one for sale/details on the official ones? I found some on ebay for sale, but I'm not sure whether they're bootleg or not, one has an English label but is listed as a Pokedoll (and it's shipped from HK so that worries me), the others are all shipped from HK aside from the expensive one which is sold by Party Pikachu (I've been warned away from that seller by kiraras_lemon because of their tendancy to overprice like whoa. xD So yes, anyd etails/help would be appreciated ^^
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Mew Giddy

*insert title here*

For everyone living in Canada/America, if you're interested, Gacha has two new sets of figures coming out at an as-of-yet unknown date. Lookie Lookie. One set contains buildables containing some cute, common Pokémon, while the second contains charms of our favourite friends, Space Penis, Time Pony and Ladylegs. Also ghostie blimp, round thing with big tongue and of course everyone's favourite rat - I mean mouse (because you cannot sell a set if the yellow thing's not there). Dunno about you guys, but I really wanna get me a Ladylegs or Time Pony to hang on my phone! Drifloon's also cool. :)

In other (but related) news, I still have lots more of those gachausa charms of legendaries that are no longer in circulation but are still available in a gacha machine at my local mall (as seen on the site). Like I've been saying, I've spent over $30 at those machines to get some of these beautes for y'all, and I still have a fair bunch still sitting in random drawers in my desk, hidden from view.

These bad boys are still available for sale; all are still freshly sealed in their capsules and in mint condition in every way. Shipping them still in these capsules will be a bit more expensive, so I can just take 'em out and send them sealed in their plastic (and yes, I include the little sheet list thing, and if you want the capsule you can choose what colour you want it) plus any sale/trade from me gets you a free artwork commission of two (simple) or one (complex) Pokémon (examples can be seen on my DeviantArt). I am selling them for a little bit more for what I bought for them since they're brand-new and hard to find, I want to cover my butt for the ones I'll have leftover that won't get sold and I need the money atm. ^^;

Here's what I've got in stock:
Mew charm gachausa - $2.25 (RESERVED - artistic_g4m3r)
Mewtwo charm gachausa - $2.25 (x2) (both RESERVED - kanackering and pkmn_masta)
Lugia charm gachausa - $2.25 (x2)
Celebi charm gachausa - $2.15 (x2) (one RESERVED - penanna)
Jirachi charm gachausa - $2.25 (x2) (both RESERVED - disko_potato and penanna)
Deoxys charm gachausa - $2.10 (x2)

For other stuff with which you can combine shipping, have a look at my Sales Post! I also take trades in certain cases, but for more information please see my Sales Post. ^^

And now for some personal messages - PLEASE READ. D:

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