May 11th, 2008


Collection Post!!

Here's some of my collections! Click the cut to find out what I collect, and what Im in need of! Photo Heavy. Full detail of photoed items!

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I just wanted to thank everyone in the community because most of these come from YOU guys! And without you my collections would not be as they are!
Pokemon_Time, Samu_PT

Recieved items and Collection thinning

pheonixxfoxx I received the Articuno bell plush! I can’t believe how tiny and cute she is! ^^
pacificpikachu I got the Taffeta Marill! She came very quickl and I love her pokeball that she came with.
jaxtoys I got the Marill Keychain!

Thank you all! :D I’m going to have a collection update soon especially since I finally found the Jakks Rhydon. :3

Since I’m going to be moving fairly soon I figured out that there would be no way I could take everything down with me since my new place is rather small. (Plus I’m sharing it with another crazed collector. ^^;)

So I went through my entire collection and thinned it quite a bit. (I figured it would be best to just focus on the three pokemon I collect and that’s all.) And I’m offering my stuff to you guys, my loss will be your gain. X3

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Mewtwo and Mew

About shipping and payments

This is in regards to...well, the title says it all, really.

Payments received:
artistic_g4m3r: Mew charm (commission progress: finished the outline)
pennana: Celebi and Jirachi charms (commission progress: haven't started)
pkmn_masta: Mewtwo charm (commission progress: haven't started)

Awaiting Payments:
sari_sumdac: you owe me for the Mewtwo charm (unless you're trading for something) and shipping. The package should be there by now and I'm still waiting. >> Total owed: $5.76</i>
disko_potato: Jirachi charm, Tyrogue and Mantine cards: $2.95 without shipping (picture progress: finished the outline)
kanackering: I shall await the $6 in concealed cash
goku_the_saru: the Pikachu and Piplup have been held for you since forever :P You owe me $4 plus shipping

Shipping Prices:
Within Canada: $2.64
America: $3.51
Anywhere else: about $4.25

Also, if you have done any buying/selling/trading with me, please give me some feedback!
I'll give feedback for you if you give some for me. =)
fernchu (can wait until we finish the transaction for Shroomish)
sari_sumdac (moneyz D=)
sorry if I forgot you

Also, whoever it was that had been selling that battle set with Mew versus Mewtwo fighting (and possibly Scyther versus Pikachu), do you still have this/these set/s? *finally has enough money that she'd feel comfortable finally buying something*

Onnnne mooooore daaaaay of schooooool. @.@
Also, happy Mothers' Day to anyone celebrating! ^^

Happy Bat

Kabutops collection!

Well I know my collection isn't so big but my TOMY Kabutops figure came today and I'm really happy and excited! So I thought I would show you guys my minature Kabutops collection! (Which features ONE Kyogre!)

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Also, on a side note: 
kanackering I finally got the cards you sent me. You had sent them to the wrong address, which was the place I had lived at two years ago. It was my fault for not changing the address on my paypal but it a funny story. It went from my old address to my mom's old address and then forwarded to her new house. Anyway, I thought it was hilarious. I do have the cards now, I'm just waiting to go get them from my mom XD

ravestars85 are you still selling the Jakks Shino figure? I think we lost contact a while ago. And you also said you had some cards as well. 

ospreybarf I haven't recieved my kids yet, I just wanted to see if they where shipped out and how long ago?

I'm pretty sure thats it! I'm so excited about getting my Zukan's soon! I've never had one before!

I'm still excitedly searching for Kabutops family and Luxray family stuff. I'm mostly trying to compleate my Kabutops collection right now. If anyone has anything related for sale let me know! I'm especially interested in the lions family zukan and the jumbo kabutops card that was recently-ish made and a prize in the pokemon league!

Thanks guys!
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Pokemon: Snorlax
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Ebay deals?

Was browsing eBay, and found some possibly interesting stuff:

Pokemon lot with Jesse and James figures and a small Growlithe, in among some Pikas.

Lot of various figs Tomy, maybe? Has Arbok, Ho-oh, Skarmory, Sableye, Absol, Suicune, Munchlax, Slaking, Groudon (sorry if they're boots, lot seems to be a parent selling off their kids old stuff and looks okay).

Another lot of figs, same seller as above. Vulpix, Parasect, Slowking, Electivire, Electabuzz, Nidoran-m, Nidorina, Deoxys, Feraligatr, Alakazam, Numel, Shroomish

East and West Shellos plushie pair with a BIN of 15$

A lot of Tomy figs still in package, including a Surfing Pika, Meowth, Raichu and some more Pikas.

Four Polly-Pocket-style playsets For 20$.
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Finished a Commision! :D Also SMALL sales posty

A commission for happyjolteon! I really hope you like it. n_n It will definitely go out tomorrow if I can figure out printing a shipping label through paypal. It still might if I can't, but I would need a ride to the post office. :3

Click here for huge

Also! I have a VERY VERY SMALL sales post in my own journal.

Check it out if you are interested!

Highlights include a TOMY Flareon and a mint Vaporeon Bouncy Ball, as well as a Promo Pachirisu. Details are all over there. :D

ALSO ALSO! Feedback please!!

People who have bought stuff from me:

popsixx - Clefairy TOMY and some cards

rini124 - Painting (you can wait until it arrives :D )

happyjolteon - CSS work and a painting commission (you can wait until it arrives :D)

Thanks very much to pheonixxfoxx for leaving my first feedback. n_n

Oh yes! I forgot to mention, EVERY SINGLE Munchlax/Snorlax item I have is now photographed and on my website. :D :D Finally I am caught up. ^_^ It is a good feeling.
Fatal Frame; Ribbon of Destiny

Intro post + Collection

Hey~ Many of you have probably seen me around for a little bit. I started out over at pokemon and somehow ended up here. D: I love it here. My pokeholic ways can run wild!

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Well, hope you enjoyed my slowly growing collection~ Some day it will be as big as some of your guys' massive collections o___o ♥