May 12th, 2008

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AWOL (Slow Lazer is Slooooow)

Hay guys 8D;;

I want to address some things real quick.

candycafe, scarsofsunlight, and antichrist:

I have your stuff. Do not fear, they are not lost or anything. You guys got caught in the "wat, my checking account is empty?" huge problem I had. You three (I think that's all? I have a list in my car), and some poor guy from Malta. You know how much shipping a box to Malta is? I did not charge enough. 8|
SCARSOFSUNLIGHT, I was actually waiting for your MO to arrive before I acted, and it turns out my dad received, opened, and did not call me about it. Now you're on the OK list. <3
That, and because my semester is ending, I got caught in the "YOU HAVE LOTS OF SHIT YOU'VE BEEN PUTTING OFF TO DO" groove, like getting my SUPERIMPORTANT portfolio together and such. I don't think I slept for three days for that.

I'm sorry I made some of you worry, this isn't like me. ; ; Thankfully the fiasco will calm down in like, 2 weeks. I missed you guys, man. ;n ;

I have never been more anxious to go back to work. I need a steady income again, damnit. D:<

juumou I'm paying you now. I wanted to wait a bit because I was afraid it would get caught in my transition from school to home D:
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(no subject)

Hey guys! I've been looking at all the gorgeous commissions that members have been doing for other members, and I wanted to put my art out there! I don't really have any Pokemon merchandise to sell, but I figured I could take commissions as well~ I can draw anything you like! My most recent Pokemon-related works are here, Collapse )
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Packages being mailed + Cubone collection!

Just letting everyone know that all the suction cups are going to be mailed after I get back from school this afternoon! :D Well, all except for pikaplex... still waiting for that payment...

And all of them are gone too! Yey! I was worried that I'd have to keep a few that I didn't want. ; w;!! And now...
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Take a look at my Want List if you have any Cubone things that you don't see here! And please let me know if I'm missing any. ^-^

Thank you for reading~
Ash Dandilions

Oh man, life is good.

First off, yesterday I found a Sandstorm, 2 Ruby and Sapphire, Expedition packs and several Aquapolis cards! It was AMAZINGLY awesome. I need those packs like woah, so finding some tucked away in those "3 packs of cards" deals was the best ever. BUT, even better, I pulled my first * card ever!

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Lastly, I really want to know if anyone is going to Anime Central. I'll be there (like the past 5 years) and I'd really like to say hello to another Pokefan. I'll be dressed as a Team Magma member, with (likely) another one traveling with me, so, if you feel like saying hello, please do! I'm really psyched about being there and getting new merch that I don't have to pay to ship ^-^


Procrastinating on studying leads to good zukan finds on Y!J!

Don't know how rare the Shinx line is but 300 yen is a nice price for SUPER CUTE.

4 days left but this Espeon and Umbreon zukan is only 200 yen for now! I'd bid on it if I had the money to pay for shipping, sigh.

Is this 1000 yen expensive for Articuno? Whatever it is, that is a very awesome zukan and I couldn't resist linking it. So pretty.

Alas, no Sandshrew/Sandslash like I was hoping. The last one I found got BIN'd before I could get it! That's what I get for waiting a few hours.
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Two Custom Bellplush! :D

1. Sorry for the delay in any comments, guys. Our internet has been on the fritz, and I've been writing essays.

In our internet downtime, I made two bellplush!! :D
Anyone who has not made one, go try it. It's seriously SO much fun. Definately the most fun I've had making plush.

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In other news, enshogirl, thank you so much for the Luxio stamp!! It came today!! The drawing is SO cute ;3; Today was a good day for this apartment in terms of collecting. One of us will be posting a fun post very soon full of pictures :3

multi purpose post

Lots of stuff to write. First of all, I received a few packages lately, Glaceon pokedoll from eeveelution ( I think I might've already posted about that, I honestly can't remember) and a riolu chou get from featherclaw or maybe fernchu *memory of goldfish* ( I actually forgot this was even coming and was very surprised. I love the drawing! :3 )
And I got some zukans off ebay, sooo....
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Secondly, could anyone I've bought from leave me feedback, and I'll do the same. Just throw me a link.  Here is mine ^^
Feedback thread

I have found my holy grail O_o

WANT. Don't suppose anyone knows anything about him or where I might get him?

Edit - I also found a espeon pokedoll on ebay for $44 Buy it now if anyones interested Espeon



Life is a bitch.

I have returned from a long, much-disliked, unexpected hiatus filled with school, school, school, stupidboyproblems, school, work and school. But I am partially back now. I missed Pokemon collecting. :(

Special thankyouthankyouthankyooooou to my mods for running the community while I died unexpectedly without letting anybody know. <333 This place is looking awesome.

In other news..
My friend and I have decided to sell pokemonstuff together, so I revived my fleeting sales post and turned it into a dual shop!

Click MEWWW TWOOO to visit!

The name was NOT my idea. :(

Hope all is well with everybody! :) <3

~ Sam
Hey Baby!

Group Buy: Pokeball Pokedolls?

UPDATE: The handling of this group buy has changed hands from myself to kaygee84. There will be no changes in prices or to whom which plush has been reserved to. A link to the new group buy post for these plushies has been posted here.

Is anyone interested in doing a group buy for these? They are pokemon plushes that can unzip and fold inside-out into Pokeballs. Togepi turns into an egg! I desperately want the Sandshrew plush from this set, but the rest are available to you! The auction is thankfully at a BIN price, so as long as I can get enough serious interest in a quick enough fashion, I'm hoping the items will be safely into our hands.

This is not a means of making profit for me; rather the amount you pay would just be enough to purchase the set and have your designated plush sent to you. Remember, first come, first served! :D

Each plush will be about $10 plus shipping.

EDIT: The original post said $8.50 for each plush, but I guess in my haste, I accidentally saw the auction price as $50 rather than the actual $59. My apologies!

Mew Plush: amirrorstwin
Togepi Plush: albiero
Pikachu Plush:
Poliwhirl Plush:
Jigglypuff Plush:

NOTE: albiero, I received your private message concerning the Togepi plush in this group buy, but I am unable to respond back as you have privatized your LJ private messages.

After I determine there's enough interest to give me the A-OK to purchase the items, I'll start gathering payments after the plushes reach my location. :3

Please note I only accept PayPal as payment and I'm only willing to ship within the United States. I apologize!

Clearing Stuff Out

I've come to realize how much I need to focus primarily on a few chosen Pokemon. Kids are an exception, though. ^_^ I LOVE them~! <3 In light of this, I have gathered some more items I'd like to sell to you guys. It's not easy, let me tell you. =/ These are relics of my past and it's tough letting them go. But... the rooms in my house are getting overcrowding now-a-days, considering my passion for Pokemon has rekindled to new heights. New additions are taking over, thereby leaving little room for the old. ;_; So... my fellow Poke-holics, I'm giving them to you guys knowing they will go to good homes. :) I hope you find something you like.

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I Has Cards!

Hey all! I have a couple updates to make ^_^

First off I got four packages in the mail today...they were all cards that are helping me to complete some sets of mine =D

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My other update is to let any one know who has bought stamps from THIS post...or to anyone else I am trading with/buying from/or buying from me....that everything will be mailed at some point THIS WEEK. I am sorry for the delay...but I just got a bit backed up and have been really busy over the weekend...not to mention for this summer class I am taking I need to read a novel by this Thursday...and I am sure those of you who have needed to read things for school know that...if you have NO interest in's kinda hard to force yourself to read it XD But yes...Again, sorry for the delay...but I wanted to let everyone know what was up ^_^

Still waiting on a couple of packages in order to have item collection updates ^_^

Thank again for all your help! =D
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Trippin' balls!

I know I just made a sales post yesterday, but I found some more stuff to clear and thought I'd post it in case anyone wants to combine shipping with the stuff they bought yesterday ._.;; Sorry for the spam!

Anything in this post can be combined shipping-wise with the stuff in yesterday's post, as I won't be mailing that stuff until Wednesday morning my time. :) I still have a cards/flat items sales post to come, but that'll probably be on the weekend - for now, if you are after anything and making an order anyway just ask!

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Thanks for viewing ^^;;

Majestic Dawn Leafeon Poster Auction!

Image Taken by Origamigirl (if you don't want me to use it, let me know!)

Hey guys! I have one of these awesomesauce posters for sale! Roughly 24 by 36 inches in size! I couldn't picture my own because they are chilling in my car right now. I will ship this guy in a poster tube, which should be around 4.00 to ship.

Starting bid on this poster is 10.00! Ends Friday night!

High Bidder-Stargirlshine- 10.00