May 13th, 2008

star wars cial nixon?!

looking for someone who paid for a sandshrew plush...

whoever has the paypal KEFANII at (well you know if it's your mail) .com ...

you paid me for this little plush sandshrew, but when i mailed you back asking for your address you never gave it! i still have the sandshrew and i'm still waiting for your address! i assume you still want him since you haven't posted anything about this and i assume you're waiting for him...but i can't mail him without knowing where to mail it!

please contact me at Z at DEMON-SUSHI dot COM!

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ta-dah! and gin's package

this'll be my last post until those PEZ and/or Chou get here. really.

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And one other thing... well, two. I can't keep making sales posts over and over cause my camera is broken and it costs money to take pics with my phone. So I set up a sales entry in my journal!
Go have a look! I don't know if I classify for this, but if I do, could one of the mods add my "store" to the sidebar? If not, that's okay. :)
The other part is my want list, if you want to sneak a peek at that too.

Edit Does anybody want this? I bought one at the store and then won this auction, and I don't want it to go to waste. No matter how ugly it looks, I can assure you that it's legit. The one I bought at the store was even uglier. xD

GIANT plush and Can pin question

Ite, I has a picture of my OMEGA plush. 2 meowths, and that flat pikachu is still up for grabs, who ever wants to give them a good home.
The omega weavile is Kalifa's pride and joy. He was trapped at my house, and we only paid 30 dollars for him, off the pokemon O.O he was the last one they had.

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sunyshore package and teeny tiny sales post

I got my Bell plush from Sunyshore! Machop is so tiny! And the stains aren't that bad at all.  But does anyone know anyway to work at them with damaging the plush? I tried warm water, soap and a toothbush but it didn't really make much of a difference ;;
Any tips?
Also, a tiny kid sale post (and zukan)
Comments will be answered in the morning, I have a huge ass japanese test to study for ;__;
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My Pokemon Collection... let me show you thems.

Well, I figured now would be a good time if any to show off my Pokemon Collection. Currently, most of my older stuff is in a storage box. Whenever I move out, I do want to devote one room purely for Pokemon related stuff (I guess a gallery room). But right now, I don't have the option to do such a thing.

Granted, I knew it would take some time to take pictures of all my stuff, and in the very end, there were a few things I'm sure I couldn't find or take pics of, but here it is:


10 years worth of various Pokemon stuff. Let's see what's in it, shall we?

(Long, LONG list here. Honestly, I forgot how much stuff I had)

Traditional Picture and Description List:
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Video List (I do VBlogs, and I figured this would make a decent Blog topic. More items and cards showed in this video): - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Finally, if anyone wants some Pokemon drawn, I'm open towards doing some commissions. If you want to see my art skills, check here:

Pencil based drawings will be 3. Inked about 4. And colored with inked will be 5. All my works are by hand, as I've yet to even tool around with Adobe or Flash yet =/.

Let me know if you're interested here.

And thanks for reading/watching/whatever =D
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"Its magical and cute appeal has many admirers."

I loves me some pink blobs, and it's been a while since I updated the comm on my Cleffa, Clefairy & Clefable collection and after receiving a big parcel from Sunyshore today it's about time I did so. It's just about about doubled since my last post a few months ago, and I hope it grows even bigger over time :3 Without any further ado (and with a warning for dial-up users; this is very image heavy!):

Collapse ) Of course... I'm still on the lookout for more pink crap to buy X3 So if you have any TCG cards that I don't have (I'm looking for the holo, non-holo, English & Japanese counterparts of all of the cards, if I can), figures (i'm still missing a few Kids), keyrings, stickers (some Pan sticker would be especially wicked), or whatever (I especially welcome our flat-item overlords) just let me know! ♥

a package has appeared!

I knew this was going to happen xD I knew that if I posted yesterday I would get one of my packages today. The one I got today was from my dear ol' gamecubegirl

....So...While taking a break from reading Waiting for the Barbarians for my summer semester class...I took some pictures ^_^

Though...once I get my *amazingomgicantwait* package from Sunyshore...I will have a full out collection post with 6843413939631 pictures, because I am crazy like that =P

But for now...I have Collapse )

Ok...Back to reading I go....(maybe xD)
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Puff?! *wince*

Flying mantas are win!

Though it may have been observed by many that my primary Pokémon-collecting target is Jigglypuff, my secondary collection is in a more stable state. Thus, that is the one I chose to photograph for your and my amusement. And that small, but growing, collection features...

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Lucky Star: Oversoul

[Lion Taming//]

I got a new member of the family yesterday!!
When she got here, it was obvious she was very nervous, so we've been doing some training.

She's getting good at it :D
(not really, I just got her tag caught, and I thought this was an awesome picture)

Wow my desk is messy XD;;
Ok! This is package 1 out of 3 that I am waiting on, and then I'll be doing a proper collection update. I've been spending lots of time not-revising and either rearranging my shelves, or making stupid photos like this;

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I will also be mailing the backlog of packages out tomorrow. Thankyou for being so patient with me guys ^ ^
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Presenting: Static Fang!

Ever wonder why I don't make good collection posts, and rarely make any at all? I've been holding off until I have collection websites!

I've had some free time at work and late at night lately, so....
Ame and I finally finished my Luxio collection site: Static Fang!
(For once, I did most of the work! I'm not nearly as skilled as her, and I still have the coding knowledge of a high schooler...but, I like it! XD)

Go check it out! :3

Static Fang

(I'm known for my awful memory, if your name is not correct or not there at all under 'gifts', please do let me know!)

Pokeball Pokedoll Group Buy

Hello everyone, i haven't been formally introduced, but i'm Kaygee84 , I've bought from a few of you already =)  an official intro post will be made in the future, i'm just letting you know that the group buy for the pokeball reversable pokedolls that rinkatink was holding has been transfered to me. anyone who claimed a plush will still get it, dont worry, will be the same price as he quoted. If you are not aware of the original post it is here 

Much like he was, im after the sandshrew, and the pikachu. I believe the Togepi and the Mew were also claimed, leaving only Poliwrath and Jigglypuff still up for grabs. Feel free to post here or send me a private message if you are interested. Thank you all for your time and Patience =) 


Ofcourse, needed info, kinda excited =P. The price of the plushes will be 10$ + Shipping and handling.
Current owners to be are -

Sandshrew - kaygee84
Pikachu - yaoi_queen
Mew - amirrorstwin
Togepi - albiero
Poliwrath - Unclaimed
Jigglypuff - Unclaimed
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