May 14th, 2008

hungry haruhi

huge massive-ass card sales post DDDDD:

Hopefully this'll be my last sales post in a while XD; Sorry for all the spam lately! This time around I have well over 400 cards for sale (everything's mint except for two cards, which are specified!) - basically I'm in need of money so I'm selling off almost my entire collection T_T. They can be combined with stuff from this post and this post for shipping. :)

UPDATED JUNE 2! Heaps of new stuff including Eeveelutions!

Porygon-Z Lv. X Auction: Starting price $15, BIN $25, comment here to bid! Ends June 8 11:59pm GMT+10

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Thanks for reading!

My Awesome Ebay Win, Future Sale

Look at what I won for only $22.50:

^___________^ Holy crap! It's so much stuff~!!! The person only charged $2 for shipping! o_O?? Is he on crack? The starting bid, I believe, was only $5. Talk about wanting to get rid of your stuff BADLY! @_@

Anyway, A LOT of this stuff will be sold here. ^_^ I think I'll make an official sales post like most of you already have. Since it's difficult to see every little figure, I'll list what I know I will be keeping:
Groudon, Typhlosion, Charmander, Charizard, anything Pika, Lugia, Jirachi, little silver trainer(?), Maybe Raichu, Deoxys, MAYBE the silver Rayquaza, Articuno, Zapdos
Pikachu, Cyndaquil, Poochyena, maybe Manaphy if my sis wants it, Corphish, maybe Voltorb, Torcoal, maybe Torchic
All I want is the adorable holder in the back! ^_^

Everything else will be up for grabs! If you see something you like, let me know. :) I'm not sure about pricing yet. I hope I don't get screwed over on this by the seller sending nothing and pocketing the money. =/ At least it was all done with Paypal.

Hi I'm New

Hi Everyone, 

I thought that I would introduce myself.  I'm a pre-law student that has renewed their interest in Pokemon over the last couple of months. 

I have always been a fan of stuffed animals, so its seems quite obvious that I am a fan of these stuffed animals. 

Sure I have a list of the pokemon that I am looking for, but I read the rules and regulations of the board and I discovered that I am not allowed to ask for them yet. 

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PEZ are here

Yep, Mr. Mailman just dropped off the miniPEZ things.

Here's who I need payment from:

meowthcollector - Chimchar PEZ + Chimchar miniPEZ + Turtwig miniPEZ + shipping= $16.35
rini124 - Pikachu PEZ + Pikachu miniPEZ + Piplup miniPEZ + shipping = $16.35

EDIT Darkrai PEZ is available for $5 + shipping~

Chou Get are on their way, so I estimate sometime in early June or the end of this month. Can't wait!
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Pokemon Plushie Group Buy update

I feel like I am going to cry. I finally got this lot of plushies in the mail (I understand that people have lives, but it's been almost two weeks since the auction ended and I'm only a few states away from the seller! ._.) and what happens when I open the box? Spearow and Ivysaur are MISSING, a small Charizard was in their place, and now I'm left with all of these unwanted plushies to try to sell unless the seller can send me Spearow and Ivysaur so I don't count it as a COMPLETE loss. T_T

To those going into this group buy with me, I'm really, really sorry this is taking so long; I at least have the Meowth and bath Squirtle (if those who want them are still interested), but I just never expected it to get dragged on this long. TTATT I sent an e-mail to the seller about Spearow and Ivysaur, so I won't sell them right away until I know that I'll be getting the two missing plushies.

I'm thorougly convinced that Applause Spearow just doesn't want to be in my collection. u_u

(In happier news, I got my Sunyshore package as well as other communtiy packages over the past few days; I'll be posting pics soon!)

Hi Again

 Thank you everyone for lovely responses I love hearing from all of you so keep it up. 

I was encouraged by everyone to post a list of my favorite pokemon, that I secretly hope to one day own in plushy or at least in toy figure version...

Vaporeon (looking for the plush)
Kecleon (I am looking for the plush)

That's all I can think of right now.....


(no subject)

heyyy guys!
i was wondering if any of you would be interested in any of this stuff.
i'm sorry i don't have any pictures, there was only a list.
Anyway, this would be a group buy and I'm not quite sure how it will go I've never done it before!
Also not sure how to price any of it. i just want to be able to match the asking price! plus im not sure what this stuff is worth.

Please note that if you live outside the US, I'm a little bit hesitant to send stuff international because every time it ends up costing me a TON.

anyway, under a cut because im awesome...

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Btw, I am desperately looking for these zukans:

-Shinx evos
-Piplup evos
-Dratini evos

I'll sell my soul for them basically.
CAGED ➽ anya

(no subject)

I have a question of sorts. I must have missed it somewhere but now if it is what I think it is I need to go to TRU tonight.

Is this Jakks? The tag looks like Jakks but the quality of the plush looks better than my Shellos or Buneary Jakks.

Hi Again, again...

QUESTION: where does everyone get all of this stuff?  None of the stores in the area still sell pokemon stuff, I checked all of the stores on the website but none of them were succesful.  I have looked on ebay but they are lacking the plush I am looking for so can someone please fill me in?
Guh by Ghostmeast
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CrescentShop Questions

So I finally got screwed over by SMJ and I'm looking at Crescent Shop... many of these sites are worded very Engrish, it's hard to understand some of it. I have a question about their deposit policy:

" We ONLY take our fee to the successful auctions.
If you don't bid any other auctions, we don't take any fees for lost auctions.
However we will have to deduct some actual expense.
1) Paypal
The "Refund Payment" option is only available for 60 days after the deposit was sent to us.
If your refund request is after the 60 days, we have to deduct Paypal fees
and you will have to bear Paypal fees when you receive refund from us.
2) Credit Cards
At this moment, credit card is not supported.

The deposit will NOT be refunded auctomatically.
Please press "REFUND" button when you don't have any unpaid auctions or lost every auctions."

Does that mean that I have to constantly get my deposit refunded and resent, or lose it forever? I don't follow. :/

Also the US doesn't have to pay import fees on packages, right? I've never had to do anything special to recieve an international package.
Surfing Pika

Fanime 2008 plans?

Hello pkmncollectors!

So, Fanime is coming up very quickly, and I've been talking to juumou and kasaii about having a pkmncollectors gathering! We were thinking of holding it on Saturday at 11 AM, between the fountains and the convention center, and identifying that it is indeed us by each carrying a Pokémon plush. That way we'd have an hour to hang out and talk and maybe do something fun before the Pokémon gathering at noon. If we wanted more time to get to know each other after that gathering, we could arrange something other meeting time/place during the gathering.

Any thoughts? Anyone else who is coming want to confirm that you are coming? Conflicts? Ideas of fun things to do?

Also, if everyone who is coming could name your favorite Pokémon in response to this post, I may bring you art or something. :D

Mods, let me know if this is too off-topic and I'll add some collecting-related content. n_n
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Question About Auctioning For Recent Ebay Win

Sorry for posting twice today, but I'm in a semi-pickle here. There is a growing number of you who want the same items from the ebay lot I won today. I'm considering auctioning these particular items to you guys, instead of selling them at one price, so that everyone has a fair chance at them. I'm entirely new at auctioning and would like advice before I make my final decision. I mean no disrespect to those who called these items first. I would NEVER go through with an auction without first getting consent from the select members. I'm only trying to be fair.

So, if you guys wouldn't mind a "fair fight" for some of the items I'm (hopefully) gonna receive, then let me know now. If not, then that's perfectly fine, too. I'll continue with my "first come, first serve" method. :) It's all up to you. Here is a list of potential auction items and the members who are interested in them (may change over time):

Spoink plush: deusredux , soddymothdust , jedi_amara 
Weezing figure: badgerr_ftw  , lightofapollo  
Mewtwo figure: psychmoonshadow , akirajess 
Squirtle: meowthcollector, jedi_amara
Minun: friskavk, jedi_amara
I realize I only JUST posted it today, so I'm sure more people will pour in with requests. Once that happens, I will put their sn next to the item they want if they are not the only ones wanting it.

Any advice on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and patience! ^_^
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Pokemon - Crystal Quilava
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Quilava collection update! :D

Not one, but THREE new items! (And even then, I have one more thing waiting for me at SMJ. ;D)

But first... my Sunyshore package!

I am absolutely in LOVE with the Falkner badge. *_* Leafeon's my other favorite Eeveelution (along with Jolteon and Umbreon) so I had to get its pokekid and I love the stamper figures so I picked up a Pidgeotto. :D

And what's inside that spiffy clear folder? (PLUS, another Quilava-related folder with spiffy artwork inside~)

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Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Hey guys ^__^ I was just browsing Hot Topic and doing some buying that I'd been planning for when I finally had monies, and I came across THIS (It may interest anyone who is addicted to Team Rocket):

FINALLY.. Pokemon merchandise at Hot Topic that is worth me paying attention to! Bwahaa.. Team Rocket forever ^^
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werid/awesome y!j stuff

Leafeon Glaceon Sleeves for sale!

I shouldn't have looked at my financial aid letter for next year. I found out that they aren't giving me anything as far as aid goes, so I have to do what I can to come up with 14,0000 dollars quick. The way I see it, if I can get rid of some stuff in my collection....any little bit will help me at this point. Lovely to find this out when I have only 2 quarters to go in school, and I really don't want to drop now. it would be stupid to. Anyhow, I have 4 sets of these sleeves for sale!

The sleeves are brand new and sealed in a pack of 60! I thought I'd part with them for 12.00 a set + 3.00 shipping, which seems fair. You can only get these at the prereleases for the Majestic Dawn set of the TCG!

I also have a couple packs of darkrai sleeves like these, weavile sleeves, and electivire sleeves like this. Same price on those as well! Please help me out!