May 15th, 2008


[Cards and what not]

Hey everyone! =D

Firstly, happyjolteon I received your package today! But there's something I need to discuss with you privately, I'll send you a private message about it before I do a collection update ^^

In update to this post that I made a while back, I have new cards like whoa!

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Now I have the difficult task of waiting even longer for other cards and waiting until I know what I have before ordering off people here.

For Anyone who has talked with me about my buying cards from you, I will be waiting until I receive all the packages with cards that I'm expecting before contacting you again/completing the transaction so that I don't buy any doubles from you. I'm not sure how long these packages will take to arrive, so if you want to cancel the transaction then please do so, if not, then please be aware that I do not know how long these will take to arrive. I can keep you updated if you wish.

So, having said that, time to (hopefully) sell some stuff!

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And that's all xD I'll do another Collection Update soon ^_^
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A little bit grail-ish

As many of you know, my grail is the Ampharos plush, and I'm not exactly close to getting it. XD There is, however, one thing I've been after for many years. It's kind of a semi-grail, in that I wasn't actively hunting for it or anything, but when it came up I knew I had to jump on it.

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Also, could I grab some feedback from people I've done business with? My thread is here. I know people I've bought from, sold to and traded with in the past (not counting the stuff I mailed off today) include (going back through my Paypal here, hehe): sari_sumdac, chatsy, crimson_angel02, miss_fuu_chan, shadowsoflove, phaethon, privatelyricist, lazer, pheonixxfoxx, kiraras_lemon, warandromance, growly, rainparade, kazooie64, rocketdraggin, denkimouse, pacificpikachu, juumou, amirrorstwin, miss_moonsault, featherclaw, soddymothdust, papersnow, daynipp, digivolution, candycafe, yaoi_queen, eeveelution and regen. I don't expect to get feedback from everyone, but it'd be good to get a bit more :3 I'm sure I missed people, so if I missed you feel free to leave me feedback anyway XD.

And now, it being 4am and me having to be up at 7:15 for a 9am class, I shall scamper off to bed ^_^
rentorah raichu!


hi guys! i updated sunyshore!

...! not the shop tho! the site itself. i bothered the hell out of the folks in chat asking opinions. the art is by STARAPTOR herself!!! aaah... its gorgeous. anyway, i'm adding a section with some links, so just let me know if you want me to link you, okay? sunyshore might actually be getting more visitors from the OUTSIDE soon - for various reasons - so yeah, ill link to ya! :D

sorry i havent updated the sidebar yet either;; it will be done today or tomorrow! :D

so below are some things i need to sell expensively ^-^!!! yay!!!;;;;

they are uber sexy mint and near-perfect condition keychains featuring the pikachu tankentai gang and the celebi movie heroes. they were only sold in theatres while these particular movies played, and are very hard to find! i have them here in their original plastic wrap. click under the cut for more photos/offer info!!!

i am also offering butterfree bell plush up! more info under cut!

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I have a quick question.. ;__; I figured I'd post it here since it's merch-related, but mods can delete if they want.

Is there a (english) site that lists all the Pokemon cards ever made, even in Japan that stays up-to-date? I'm trying to work on my Murkrow shrine, but there's so many cards and I'm not an avid collector... so.

Question Answered! ^o^

Thanks for the help~

Scyther Collection!

I just finished making an lj comm for my entire Scyther collection! I have pictures/scans and descriptions of every single item. Here's hoping I succeed in my quest to make the most complete Scyther collection around. ;D

Check out The Mantis Army!

I tried to credit everyone who's helped to contribute to it, but I know I left off a few people since I did it entirely from memory. If you know you contributed something and would like credit, just remind me and I'll add you. ^^

On a related note, regen gave me the most awesomest freebies ever with my last purchase from her. I loved absolutely every one (especially the coin and '98 kid card), and they're all in the collection entry under miscellaneous cards. Thank you so much! XD


I GOT MAAAAAAAIL :DDDDD What could it be??? I wonder...

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I also wanted to exspress sorry in delay for shipping. Its not really a delay its more so..I still am recovering from my paypal problem (that is finally fixed) Friday I should have enough funds to ship everything off. Again guys Im sorry, without your help with those sales though things would not be as they are now.

Mini update

Raichu26, your sleeves were shipped today! Sorry for the delay.

Whoever I bought the Blaziken suction cup from, I got it earlier this week! Sorry I can't think of your handle right this second. XD Thank you again!

Obakehoshi (sp?) I'm going to try to get your Scyther card out tomorrow. :3

I still have two sets of Majestic Dawn card sleeves available! $10 shipped!

First post, and request for help!

Hi all! :) I've been lurking here for a while, and it's definitely nice to be surrounded by so many other crazy Pokémon lovers. XD

Anywho, I was wondering if anyone could tell me where (besides ebay) I can find the Leafeon and Glaceon pokédolls? The only Leafeon I found there is missing the tag, and the only Glaceon was $44 from the UK. o.o I hear Jakks (?) sells them, but when I went to their site, I found no store link. :(

Any help would be appreciated!! I'm only missing the two new ones for my Eeveelution collection. XD
Mew Giddy

Packages are sent!

Well, most of them, anyway.

artistic_g4m3r, penanna, disko_potato and goku_the_saru, all your packages have been sent out today. There was a lot of confusion over it at first at the Post Office, but everything turned out fine in the end. ^^

pkmn_master, I haven't sent out your package since I'm still working on your commission. Sorry! ^^;

jedi_amara, I sent you my address; I expect we'll both send next week.

robocoon, I'm just waiting to hear back if you'd like the standard free commission I offer. ^^

sari_sumdac, where r u i needs moneys dont dissapear on me nao kk. Seriously, I sent out your package already and you haven't gotten back to me on the Mewtwo and shipping. I know you were sick before but please try to get back to me. >>

kanackering...well, I'm just waiting for the concealed cash. ^^

tehpixelpikie and rinkatink, I am keeping your names in mind in case I come across another Mew or Jirachi.

Please leave some comments for my feedback post once you've receive whatever I've sent you as a common courtesy - I'll do so for you in return. ^^ Thanks!

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Happy Bat


Okay, I've changed my mind ONCE AGAIN!

This is going to sound very cliche, but I've decided to collect the Charizard family instead of the Luxray family. I would like to pick Luxray back up in the future, but I have several major reasons for doing this.

First of all, my absolute favorite of any pokemon was Charizard. My simple reason for this? I am head over heels in love with dragons. Dragonite is a cool dragon but he's just to cute, not the sort of dragon I look for.

Second, I want to collect a pokemon with a lot of merchandise. I know for a well known fact that the charizard family has more things out than pikachu (well dern close).

And finally, I also know for a well known fact that there is a giant Charizard plush and a giant Charmander or Charmelion plush. I WANT THEM. I love huge plushes. My friend had the Charizard and I knew someone with the charmander (which I'm pretty sure that's what it was)

So my question to you, dear people, is if any of you know where I can find the giant plushies? I've looked around on ebay and have come up with nothing.

Also, Charizard family stuff? Well I'm willing to trade for it right now. For now I'm trying to compleate my Kabutops collection before majorly collecting charizard, but I will be heavily buying it soon. However I do take most trades, I'm not very picky, and I ever do art, icons, and flash animations :)

So big plush, that's what I want, that's what I'm looking for! Thanks for any help!


EDIT: I was joking about there being more charizard than pikachu, my weird humor reaches only me most the time, I apologize.
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wheeeeeeeee i finally got these cards!!! :D


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i also made this button for the comm, to put on sunyshore :D feel free to use it if you like it. its not too flashy, kind of nice and simple, if i do say so!


First real community post

hey errybody. you may or may not have seen me around here! regardless, i've been a member since last july, and... have never posted, aside from comments. i know, right? weird. lame.

anyway, i'm finally starting to get some pics of my pikachu collection, and figured i'd start off with an AWESOME BIRTHDAY SURPRISE courtesy of the lovely scarsofsunlight and, of course, gin (this post is dedicated to her. she kept this humungo box which is apparently the size of the doctor in her tiny japanese apartment for a while. THANK YOU GIN ILU <3). :D

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