May 16th, 2008



as promised, pics of the new literature ive added to my collection today! :D

1) there is nothing gross or pornographic under the cut.
2) if you dont think you'll like it, don't look.
3) any negative comments about doujinshi in general will just piss me off! :D

well, onto some photos! :D

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Looking for: Mew Plush

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I am looking for this Mew plush! I know that there's currently one up on the US eBay site, but has anybody seen them anywhere else? From what I've read, its a 2005 prize-plushie of some sort, but I hadn't ever seen one until a few weeks ago.

Thanks much! :3

Hi again

I need some advice, I am a new buyer of pokemon plushes, as a matter of fact, I have yet to get my first one.

BUT I am a huge fan of the ever rare Eevee evolutions so imagine my luck, suprise, and joy when I discover a Glaceon plush.....but I would like to know that if I am getting a good deal? Someone please help me?

My card collection <3 (+ mailz)

I finally decided to make the front of my Card Binder be all my favorite cards. And then I decided to share it with you guys! :D I also got a couple things in the mail. n_n Sorry for large images. >_>

None of these are for sale, btw. n_n;

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Onward to new mail goodies! :D

These pics are huge too because they are website pics, I am sorry if your computer explodes or goes on strike or something. ;_;

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Hopefully these can tide me over until GIANT MUNCHLAX OMG gets here! :D :D
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FeatherClaw I got the Salamence and Absol zukan yesterday. I also got the Venusaur and Dragonite kids I ordered from someone, I'm sorry I can't remember your name, but the freebies were awesome. I also won an auction for this set of Zukan. I just wanted the Dratini + family, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in some of the other sets.
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