May 17th, 2008


[Collection Update!]

Hey again everyone!

As a collector, not just of Pokemon but many other things, I can happily say that getting stuff in the mail, as opposed to seeing it on a computer screen is the best thing ever.

Seriously, am I the only daft one who feels all ''fluffy' when she's opening packages that contain tiny figures and cards of creatures that are fictitious? x3;;

Today I got a truckload of packages! And they all contained Pokemon! ^___^ So I have a Collection update for you guys! (and naturally, some more sales xD) I received packages from [info]happyjolteon ,[info]regen and [info]rocketharuka !

Well I did warn you xDD
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And after all that spam. More sales! A lot is carried over from my previous posts, but there are a lot of new cards so please have a look!

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And that's all I have! I'm still expecting lots of packages so you'll be hearing from me a lot! XD Take care everyone! 

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two quick notes!!!

1) PLEASE check the negative feedback thread for someone's name before you give them money or offer to hold items for them/etc.

2) There's been an increasing number of people contacting me privately to ask me to in some way "fix" their bad transaction... help them get money back, contact someone who is ignoring them, etc. This is really not our job as mods here, and I've felt a bit overwhemled by the requests sometimes. Your trasactions are your OWN buisness and we can give advice with the rules and guidelines we have but the mods DO NOT control your sales and policies.

YOUR goods, YOUR money, YOUR transaction = YOUR responsibility!

however i would like to say: a few very reliable members have had complaints about them due to missing packages/post office malfunctions/no refunds/etc. the complaints stem from the customer being ignored.

don't ignore your customers guys ;-; please write them back. i am the 100% worst person in the world at replying to things, so i know it can be hard! but try for OUR SAKE!!! :D

in other news. MAGNEZONE pokemon kids was announced. why dont they announce his plush and get it over with? :D
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TFG's for sale!

I've got these for sale or trade.
You name a price (or what your willing to trade to me) on how much you think these are worth. (starting price is US$5.00-w/out shipping)

2x Charizard
1x Feraligatr
1x Treeko
1x Lugia
1x Kyogre: Sold (*I forgot who it was, plz send me a PM if it was you).
1x Red/Ash (middle fingers missing)

I'm mainly after Eeveelutions or Lions. 
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Collection & Shop Updates

In the past couple of weeks, I have had tons of new stuff making its way to my door that I have added to my collections, so I figured now was a great time for a collections update post!! Click the links below to view each of my ever growing collections:




Of course, with new items for my collection come new and unique items for sale in my shop:


I have done a lot of clutter cleaning in my shop making it less image heavy then it use to be!! I also re-compressed all item photos to help make it easier for those still using dial up...

As usual please place all orders within my shop post...Orders placed here maybe over looked!!

The following community members have items on hold with me, please let me know if you are still interested:

kari_xiii - Clear Gardevoir Kids Figure and Clear Sharpedo Kids Figure - $10.00, Mew and Pikachu DS Stylus Set - $5.00, Salamence Key Chain, Mew Holo - .75, plus $3.00 for shipping - $22.75

kamikaze_dragon - Groudon Button/Badge - $2.00 plus $1.00 for shipping - $3.00

kiriska - Pokemon Pin Set Featuring 2 x Pikachu Pins and 1 Lapras - $5.00 - Art Trade - I replied to your post/message, but I never heard anything back, so I wasn't sure if you got it...


It's Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!!!!!!!!

I am very sorry to have two posts on the front page, buuuut...... THIS IS IMPORTANT. :D :D :D :D :D :D

A package arrived for me from Gin! :D

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I want to thank Gin for holding onto Giant Munchie for me and also the people who did business with me so I could offset the cost a bit. <3 <3 Thank you! :D :D

Also, he came wrapped in an awesome Namco drawstring plastic bag which I will be saving and reusing for plushie transportation back to my University in the fall. :D :D

Also, Giant Munchie needs a name! I am open to suggestions! :D

Does anyone else think he looks like a shiny Munchie? :D :D :D

Indiana Munchie wanted to say hi, too.
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Clay Dragonair! :D

So, I run this small virtual pet website and today I randomly get this big box in the mail from one of my regulars. Having no idea what it is, I open it... and holy shit, IT'S A HAND-MADE (HARDENED) CLAY DRAGONAIR!! It's so gorgeous that it was recommended I show it off here, just in case anyone else is a big Dragonair fan. :D

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Majestic Dawn Pulls Anyone?

So I attended my first pre-releases in some time (about 9 months or so, I'd say). It was mostly fun. I got some decent pulls here and there, and a certain lightning bird helped me through most of my battles. It's interesting to see me using him kinda decently in this format, what with call for family and all, and considering he's been an old favorite from long ago... felt nice to finally get to use him in some battles.

The other pulls I got aside from him... well, why don't you see for yourself? I'm willing to part with any of them if anyone's interested:

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Finally, since I saw a newbie post their wants with Pokemon stuff, I guess I might as well say as well: My choices tend to vary. Some quirky stuff, such as Pokemon bowls, kitchenware, general housewares is what I'm kinda interested in from time to time. Stuff that the US Pokemon Center carried early on, for example, but more so what the japanese pokemon center carries. Pokemon wise, the only two I'd be wanting to find at the moment is Chikorita and Celebi. If I can find big plushies of either (1/1 scale maybe?), that'd be especially nice. Unfortunately, even now I lack enough funds to get such items, but hopefully when my finanicial situation improves over the next few weeks... well, there ya go.

There IS one thing I am curious about, however. I'm wondering if any of you happen to have that Groudon backpack that was sold at the US Pokemon Center for a while early on. The backpack is almost a near replica of Brendan's backpack in Ruby/Sapphire, hense why I was curious about this. If anyone does, let me know. Like I said, no funds right now, but if I were to buy something Pokemon related here first and foremost, it'd likely be that since I've been searching for that backpack for a long time now.
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So I've been looking at a few auctions on Y!Japan that I'm interested in buying, but I don't have SMJ (which I've noticed isn't too great anyways...) or any of the others...
Would anyone be willing to help me out? I can pay for shipping fees and everything... :3

Buy it now for 300 yen

Super Get Figure
If someone else hosted a group buy for these Super Get sets, I'd want the normal Giratina and maybe the normal Palkia and Cresselia too...

Or if any of you happened to have any of these in their possession that they'd be willing to sell, I'd prefer that... ^-^;

EDIT: Bought the Zukan and Kid from
No spending money left anymore thanks to that and a cellphone payment. XD;;;
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Collection Update!

I've been meaning to post this a while, but I've been too busy ;-;
I'm still too busy actually, but feh, I'm taking a break from writing my paper. Plus the post before mine made me want to show off the sculpture I bought. :D

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Also, just a last reminder for my sales post here:
Prices negotiable. if I don't get any bites, I'll pull it down and just keep those items.
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I guess today is lucky lots day!

OMFG, look at this lot I just bought! :O The seller just listed it, so I snagged it up. Lots of rare and cool things.


Much of it will be up for grabs when it arrives (the only thing I'm 100% sure I'm keeping is the Mew pokédoll, though a few other things tempt me). I'm not allowing anyone to reserve anything at this time because I want to be sure the items are in the condition the seller claims they are in and price them accordingly. Feel free to freak out/fan over things in the comments, though--that's what I'm posting this for! Hahaha, what? I'm a collector--bragging is second nature!

I paid a lot for this lot, but it was under $100 and I daresay I think it was very, very worth that.

Anyway, sooo amazed I snagged that. *__*
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