May 18th, 2008


Group Auction - Keychains

Im doing a group auction for this lot of keychains:


There's a lot of good guys in this lot, so take a peek!

Umbreon- Fernchu
Espeon - 216handsbound
Flareon - Fernchu
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Im doing a group auction for this lot of keychains:

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There's a lot of good guys in this lot, so take a peek!

<b>Claimed: </b>
Umbreon- Fernchu
Espeon - 216handsbound
Flareon - Fernchu <may be sold, but I forget the users name in the chat ;; contat me?)
Marril - 216handsbound

<b>Auction Details </b>

- It is important to note this auction is on YAHOO JAPAN. ANd I will be using Shopping Mall Japan. It can take up to 3 weeks for them to ship something!

- Everyone starts at 2 dollars. Please raise your bid increments by 1 dollar. Reply in the designated thread for each of your bids to be counted please. Check back here for updates.

- why 2 dollars when the price is only at 10? Well this will cover SMJs lovely fees c: So no Im not out to make a profit.

-End Time: Tuesday the 20th

-Payment method: I can ONLY accept paypal for this. <b>Payment is due no later than a day after the auction ends.</b>

Larvitar - 10 BIN <b>enshogirl</b>

Polietoad - 5 <b>meowthcollector </b>

Elekid - 2 <b>pikachuhasnat</b>

Slowking - 2

Charmeleon - 2 <b>MrJazzHands</b>

Entei - 10 BIN <b>enshogirl</b>

Teddiusa - 2

Smoochum - 6 <b>Regen</b>

Pikachu - 5 <b> Yaoi_Queen</b>

Bellosem - 5 <b> stargirlsshine</b>

Vaporeon - 10 BIN <b>stargirlshine</b>

Pichu - 2

Lugia - 6 <b> Shesatiger</b>


Hello! :D After lurking around here for a while, I finally decided to join. I'm mostly a TCG collector, but have recently been getting into the other items. Currently I'm trying to collect everything ever made of Registeel and Deoxys (Speed form), with some Gliscor, Tentacruel, Porygon-Z, and Spiritomb stuff sprinkled inbetween.

Packages from latifox , heerosferret , and ebay arrived during the week, but I haven't had the chance to take pictures. Here are some that I took yesterday:

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I'm glad to be a member here. Because of this place, I discovered the existance of many a nice item. |D

Though, please excuse my lack of commenting in the future; I'm not a very talkative person, save for the occasional curiosity... ehehe.
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Pokedolls for Auction - Vaporeon, Flareon, Ho-oh, Kyogre, Weavile, etc

Many thanks to denkimouse mod for approving my post/getting back to me so fast. Thank you!

I have some Pokedolls I'm auctioning off:

I have 2 Weaviles, 2 Vaporeons and 2 Kyogre. I only have 1 Ho-Oh, 1 Glameow and 1 Flareon, 1 Blaziken.
The Weaviles, Ho-oh, Flareon and Blaziken are the 2005 editions. The Vaporeons, Kyogre and Glameow are 2007 editions.
All are in brand new condition/never been played with/still with tags (except the Flareon one which is missing the red "Pokedoll" tag, but otherwise in perfect condition.)

Someone has already offered me $30 for the Ho-Oh doll.
Vaporeon and Flareon dolls start at $25.
Glameow, Weavile, Kyogre, Blaziken start at $20.

I'll be selling these auction style. Highest offer (or two highest for the doubles) gets their plush. For doubles, two highest offers. You may bid on as many as you like.
Auction ends at 1:OO AM (UTC) on 5/21.
Please comment with your offer.

For payment, I accept Paypal. I'll accept money order for totals $30 and up.
All prices are in USD. Shipping is extra. I'm willing to ship internationally.

If you have any other questions, let me know.
rentorah raichu!

(no subject)

first of all, someone here made a deal with me for pokeballs, i got the money order for the balls, but you never emailed me your address in reply! now i cant find the email ;-; who were you? can you email me? my email is in my profile.

ANYWAY. the lions have been reorganized... which can only mean one thing... i ran out of room for lions! which can only mean I GOT A TON OF NEW LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

come and see them!!

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BUT WAIT THATS NOT ALL! how about this ultra-rare europeon bandai staraptor figure, with flying, flapping wings?! it was never sold in stores as far as anyone knows, and kari_xiii only managed to find one person who had two after searching on the net for a long time. thank you, kari!

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last but not least, the webmaster of pokebeach contacted me to do some good'ol work for him, and i've written an article on pokemon life in japan. check it out if interested!

Pikachu and Groudon Collection Update and Umbreon/Cresselia kid auction

Luckily, there's not too much Pika and Groudon stuff coming the mail, except a talking Pika plush from 
 and a Groudon ex card from ebay. Hence, I decided to do an update on both collections. ^_^

First up: Pikachu! I wanna show off the HUGE plush Gin gave me! <3

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Next up is my Groudon collection! <33
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And, just because I went on a kid buying rampage on Friday, I thought I'd update my kid collection. ^_^ Image HEAVY!!
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Sent items and a request of sorts

pkmn_masta, penanna, babael, sugargerbil, miss_fuu_chan, ambertdd, castform and stargirlshine

I sent out your things yesterday. (I also sent you all separate emails to let you know as well in case you don’t see this.)

cherrim, I was unable to ship your Pichu’s out yesterday because I ran out of packaging supplies and the box I was going to use was too small. I will be getting a box at work on Monday and will ship them out to you Monday afternoon. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. :C

I also have a request, if you will.

I finally found an auction for a long going holy grail of mine, the Marill plush backpack. Unfortunately he comes with a friend that even though he’s cute I really don’t have the use or the room for him. ^^;


So would anyone be interested in the Pikachu backpack? :3

The auction is low currently, but I don't expect it to go that high and even if it does, I will gladly cover the needed costs since I would love to finally own this backpack. :D
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Cheap Plushie Sale

I'm tired of looking at these after the awful eBay transaction, so please take them off my hands before I throw them out the window. T_T (In better news, I got in contact with the seller and they said they're sending me Spearow and Ivysaur- hopefully it won't take them too long to send them out this time!)

I accept money order and concealed cash within the USA and Paypal regardless of location. At the moment I prefer money only, but may accept trades/partial trades for Shuckle, Beedrill, or Grovyle figures/plush, the Seadra BK plush, or any Quilava things I may not have.

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Also, for those in the group buy, I calculated postage and have the totals:

obscurevibrance - $8 for Meowth
kari_xiii - $7 for Squirtle (For the record, its tush tags have been cut off. >_< I can take a picture of the "evidence" that they were once there, but otherwise if you no longer want it or would prefer to trade for it, I don't mind at all.)
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...What did the bags for the happy meal toys for the first Pokémon Movie promotion at Burger King look like? It is a matter of uptmost importance (well okay, maybe it's not, but I'm curious and can't remember).

EDIT: Sorry guys, I meant the plastic bag around the toy itself, not the paper bag the meal came in!
is it clear, is it opaque, is there writing on it? That's the kind of things I wanna know.
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A few sales~

Everything is under $5~! I'm not into collecting much anymore, and this is what I have left of my collection. Feel free to make offers, or if you buy a lot, I'll throw in some free stuff. :) Collapse ) If you have any questions, please ask me! I'm willing to make deals to get this stuff out. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay under alex_shin_deisaki. Everything is being shipped from Canada. :)


after discussing it with kari_xiii in toys r' us, we decided this really needs to be a group buy! i've had my eye on this roark since november and could never buy the 50$+ set of legos. BUT NOW! the price is down to just 5000 even, and I want that ROARK! i know if they ever make more gym leaders, i'll regret having not gotten him... this set will be hard to get once its gone.

so! this is the set. not pictured is the ASH lego, but its called anyway so yeah!

the individual pokemons (angry pikachu does come with it, but isnt in the pic above)

the larger items (people) are 7$ each.
EDIT: lucario is now 10$.
pikachu and rosearade are 5$ each.
craniados is just 2$.

shipping for blocks would be 1.20$ only!! comment to reserve! the blocks are NOT first come first serve, they will go to WHOEVER IS WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE/PAY PROMPTLY!

IF YOU WANT THE LEGO GYM/POKEMON CENTER, ALL YOU HAVE TO PAY IS THE SHIPPING FOR IT. comment if interested (and i havent bought this yet, so i dont yet know how much itd cost to ship. not an outrageous amount tho).

ROARK: heerosferret PAID
ASH: kari_xiii
MAYLENE: rocketharuka PAID
LUCARIO: light_venusaur
PIKACHU: olesvenson PAID

(no subject)

I know I save these kinds of posts for when I have loads of stuff, but I thought this one was too good to wait for tomorrow.

If you ever wanted an inflatable Charizard, now is your chance!

Also kind of unrelated, has anyone pulled holos from Secret Wonders, where the holographic is noticable all over the card? I pulled a Ho-Oh and a Lickilicky recently, and they're both like that. Is it a defect for this run? Is it supposed to be that way? I'm curious. o.ô

[More rubbish]

Hey again everyone!

Rather than spam you all with image and stuff everytime I have new cards for sale, I made a seperate sales post on my LJ for Pokemon and Sailor Moon items. It's still a little image heavy mind you xD

Click here for my sales post.

I currently have cards up from the following sets: DP - Secret Wonders, Mysterious Treasures, Great Encounters, Diamond and Pearl, and Majestic Dawn. I also have EX Series - Holon Phantoms, Delta Species and Unseen Forces cards.

kiraras_lemon and I went to one of the UK pre-releases for Majestic Dawn. We had fun! Except no one told me that I was expected to actually play the card battle in a pre-release. I thought the tournament was optional and no one cared to enlighten me until I got there. But I had fun nonetheless. I got lots of nice cards, sadly no Espeon, Umbreon or Leafeon. Three Leafeon LV X's were pulled! The only card really worth note that I pulled was a Moltres Holo. I also got a Manaphy Holo, a Phione Rev.Holo and a Raichu Rev.Holo. I'm considering selling the Moltres since I don't particularly like it, but if anyone has Articuno and/or Zapdos they'd be willing to trade, I might keep her ^^

Anyway, all my spare Majestic Dawn cards are on my sales post along with some other Pokemon items. You can comment either here or there if you're interested ^^

EDIT: Someone was asking about my Mime JR/ Mr.Mime Zukan, friskavk I think.  Are you still interested? Let me know and give me an update on the money situation if you are =)

Take care!