May 19th, 2008

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Pokemon Hoodie Pickups~!

Here's the next batch of Pokemon hoodie pickups~ ^__^

A Poochyena for happyjolteon~! ♥
You can check out bigger pictures and the rest of the features on this post in my art journal~!

A Stunky for funkicarus
You can check out bigger pictures and the rest of the features on this post in my art journal~!

This one was already 'picked up' but I forgot to post it over here when I finished it.
nekonaru_letao's Charizard~!
You can check out the rest of the features on this post in my art journal~!

If you guys could just let me know if they look good to go and if so please confirm your shipping address for me at bunnieofthemoon (at)
That would be peachy~! Thank you mucha~!! ♥v♥

Also~! I have previews up of all the other hoodies I am working on (the last three~! ♥) in my art dump journal~ curious_nono~!
Please feel free to check it, watch it, add it, stalk it, or whateva' if you want to keep track on what I am up to~! ♥ xD

The last three hoodies I am working on will be finished by Friday! ^___^
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I just won a HUGE lot on Ebay!! :D
At first it looked like junk, but when I looked on it on my Dad's computer (which has double resolution) I noticed a lot of cool stuff!
Including a vileplume friends plush and an appluase spearow, tons of tomy figures... a hey you pikachu...!
It cost me $40, $25, plush $15 shipping. When I recieve it I will sell most of it.
I have a picture of it here
Since it is a small photo it is tagged. Just move the arrow any image and see a description!
I am not taking reservations yet. If you recognize anything let me know.

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216handsbound, obscurevibrance, popsixx and andyboyh, your packages have been sent out! Sorry it took so long! Not sure if I'll be selling anything for a while, because I don't wish to impose Australia post's hideous pricing upon anyone here (It cost nearly $40 for three kids and a zukan X_X) I'm a bit nervous because it's my first time shipping anything. Thankfully the man at the post office walked me through the entire thing, so everything should be right. And my brother asks to take good care of them (though I know you all will) He took 20 minutes saying his goodbyes. So when you receive them, please let me know and enjoy ^_^

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Intro and Starmie

I'm new to the community, but I have to say I really like it here. Everyone seems SO happy and nice.

Anyway I'm interested in Starmie and Staryu. Can anyone direct me (or sell) some cool star stuff. I'm especially interested in really small figures like charms or zipper pull type stuff.

Go Stars!

Ha Ha!

So I have a confession.


But I don't know of any merchandise other than the Jakks figure and (obviously) cards.

I maybe kinda sorta want to start a mini-collection of one of the derpiest Pokemon ever. All I have so far are two cards (thanks invader_julie!) and I'm planning on getting the Jakks figure sometime soon when the store has it.

So yes! Point me to Bidoof merchandise please! I'd love to see some XD
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Hay gaiz! Look whut I found :B

11th movie Pokemon Pan! ♥ The croissants themselves taste like the Darkrai movie croissants just repackaged with Sheimi. But that's not what everyone cares about B|

Omg so cute fha;slfhkasdl sd; XD

This also means pan sticker sale in the near future if anyone's interested :3

On a somewhat related note, I'm not planning on collecting Sheimi, per se (As Gin and I discussed once, even though we live in Japan, there's going to be so much Sheimi merchandise we'd probably have to drop out of school to chase it all down XD) but I have come to the conclusion that a few choice items need to be in my possession. <3

Anyone else hit with the "I don't collect this Pokemon but I buy random goods of it here and there" syndrome?
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Look who just flew in from Sunyshore!


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Alsoooooo since I'm pretty much content with my collections of Seadra (sans my lack of BK plush ;;), Buizel, and Kyogre, collecting has been quite slow for me so I decided that I want to collect Beedrill! Now I've always had an unusual soft spot for bug-types (at one point in my Pokefandom, Venomoth was my top favorite!) but I was very attached to a particular Beedrill I trained in Yellow, and it's still carried on to today. :3 I already own the zukan and have the TOMY coming in the mail for me, but once I get paid I'll be on the lookout for the Pokekid and almost any figure that may exist of the buzzer. In short? Prepare for a SWARM of hornets. >;3
Pokemon - Shaymin &lt;3

Maaaaaiiiillllll! + other stuff

I've been receiving mail from members here all month, but have been waiting to get it all before making a post! :3

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While I'm here, lineaalba and raifreak, I sent out your stuff a few days ago!
juumou and regen, yours was sent today! :D

Hi there

Hi. I am new to this community but I have browsed and it looks like fun! I am a collector of mainly Raichu but I do collect other Pokemon and I also collect Digimon (the Veemon evo line mostly).
I was very happy today as I received my parcel from Sunyshore:

Some of my old friends wonder "whats in the box from Japan?"

They decide to investigate (they opened the box with a Mega Kick- OK they got me to use some scissors!)

Yay! Super large shiny Raichu plush with Pikachu vs Raichu & a Raichu Pokemon Kids figure!

Shiny plush Raichu is so big he's nearly as big as Lugia! (apologies for the poor picture):

Thankyou Sunyshore!

Temporarily Inactive: ME


I'm sure some of you have noticed that my activity level in the community has dropped.

This is because I'm currently back in Orlando, and preparing to drive across I-10 to get back to Texas over the weekend. I am extremely busy, and do not have as much time on the net as I normally do, not to mention when I DO have time, I am on a horrid, dial-up connection, so it takes me a very long time to load any pages, and AIM is rather finicky on it.

Thus, I'm just putting this up so it's official - I'll be unavailable for the most part (this includes adding feedback threads, sorry!), until Tuesday May 27th.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I just want everyone to know I'm not ignoring them. ^_^;
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Crazy lady is CRAAAAAAAZY. After some bid wars I finally came out on top! (YAY) Only to be beat back down by the same original YJ user. Here's the deal guys:

the auction is at 72 dollars...

If you REALLY want these (Im guessing these are extreemly rare)

I will do Buy it nows at 10 dollars for each keychain. If everyone (or at least 5) paid 10 dollars for their keychains we can still potentially win these!

What do you guys want to do??

Guys bidding on these:


I have some potentionally bad news...There is a bidder (no not on SMJ/or other middelman services) but they have a large bid locked in it.

The keychains are currently up to 50 dollars!! And with SMJ fees would be around 60! Im guessing this person has about 50 locked in as their bid.

If you guys want these..your gonna have to up your bid. Its UP to you and 216handsbound are willing to shell out around 20 for our respected holds, so if a few pitched in and raised their bids by even 2 dollars it can help. If I get enough interest I'll put in the 50 dollar bid and try to knock them out.

If you are interested in bidding please use the link mentioned above to do so

Thanks. The auctions end tomorrow so by then I will know how much I can bid and its up to chance then.
Hey Baby!

Newcomer Collection Post! Lucarios, Riolus, and Skittys!

Hello there everyone! I've been present in this community for at least a good month, buying here and there from various wonderful members, but I held off posting an official collection/greeting post until I had something worth showing. Additionally, as I had only just started collecting my Pokemanz again, it took a bit of a while to gather a good bundle of merchandise. :3

However! My Lucario Pokedoll finally came in earlier today, so I wasted no time taking some pictures on my temporarily complete-ish Lucario/Riolu plush collection.

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I collect Skittys as well, mainly plushies. While I have a hard time denying her overwhelming cuteness in the first place, I consider both Skitty and Torchic an indirect love line to my favorite human character, Haruka-chan. :3

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On the side, I'm collecting the Cyndaquil and Torchic lines as well. Too small to post quite yet, I'm afraid!

WANT: If any of you lovely people have any items pertaining to Lucario/Riolu, Skitty (I don't collect Delcatty), the Torchic line, or the Cyndaquil line, I'd be glad to take them off your hands. Any Haruka/May stuff I will jump on instantly as well! Kids, Zukan, plushies, and any other 3-D merchandise for these fellows would be greatly appreciated. I've collected very little save for my Lucario/Riolu and Skitty plush collections, so chances are if you have it, I don't yet! Not particularly fond of flat items unfortunately!

Thank you everyone for looking! I really do enjoy the sense of community and crazy fun that I see daily. Other than watching sales posts like a hawk! :3
articuno -- ice beam

saaaaaaales! ...again. :O

I have shipped out everyone's cards today. No excuses, I know, so I apologize for being a bit late with them...I wanted to wait for everyone's payment to save on gas and for my shipping labels. Not to mention The post office charged me $0.50 more than what I charged for shipping but that's okay.. >_<

Anyway, this is a HUGE sales post. I have FINALLY gotten my hands on my holy grail (!!!!!!!!!!) and now I just need for it if I don't want to starve for the rest of the month. XD

I dug through my ENTIRE card collection and pulled out everything I would part with. There's a toooon of stuff here, so allow time for loading!! I'm also offering some artz if anyone's interested for a few dollars at the bottom of the LJ cut...^^

So follow the cut into the card abyss and thank you so much! :DDDD

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