May 22nd, 2008


Newest Ebay Win/Reservations/Forgotten Pics

Good evening, everyone! :) I seem to have good luck with finding Pokemon lots on ebay. Here is my newest win! It was a pretty good lot for the price, right? I'm a little anxious about which things have "issues"... but it shouldn't be TOO bad... I hope. >.> They look fine in the pics. This seller ACTUALLY has great pics of her items! ^_^ You guys will have a chance to see everything pretty well.

Anyway, I don't want to keep everything, as usual. So, you guys get to be spoiled again. ^_~ I will list off what I am keeping. PLEASE pay close attention to my list.

Flygon, Charmander, Charizard(if it's not the one I already own), Pikachu next to Charmander, Pikachu next to Blaziken, Pikachu behind Raichu, one Raichu, Donphan, Onix, maybe Nidorina

Groudon(if it's not a kid), I think I see a Blaziken figure..., Cumbusken, maybe Raichu (looks really cute), every Pika figure(if I don't have them already), maybe that little Mewtwo figure next to Raichu (looks intriguing. if I decide against it, I'll let you know), maybe Rayquaza (I'll probably sell it considering I have the big TOMY and silver anniversary version)

Everything else is up for grabs! I know a lot of you may want the Blaziken plush. Depending on how desired it is, I may auction it off. *shrugs* It's up to you guys.
PLEASE NOTE: Since the seller stated that some items have "issues", in the same manner as my last sales, I will let you guys know the condition of everything upon arrival. You guys may reserve items, but are in NO WAY obligated to buy them once you've heard their conditions. Trust me, I won't get mad if you back out. ;) The item(s) will be put up for sale for someone else to buy if you do so.

Also, in my excitement and tired disposition, I forgot to post pics of the stuff I kept from the last big lot. ^^; There were a couple of "surprise" items I found. One I'm VERY fond of. :3

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Intro and collection post!

Hello everyone, some of you i have already bought from, but im fairly sure i don't know alot of you yet. So, let me introduce myself.  I'm Yaoi_Queen's boyfriend, I have been a minor pokemon collector since the first days of red and blue (mainly the tomy figures and a few cards). For a few years life kinda took me from my pokefandom, but recently yaoi_queen has ... reignited said fandom and i've probably spent more money since then, then i really should have... anyways, my main love of all times is Sandslash, since the first time i saw him i fell in love. I'm deeply saddened by the lack of plushes for him =(. So, im collecting his pre-evolved form, sandshrew, who is almost as cute, not quite, but close =P.
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A wild box appeared!

Whut iz this?

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Also, to people who bought/traded cards/zukan off me: miss_fuu_chan, latifox, babael, binx345 and popsixx, I sent your stuff out this morning :D. soddymothdust, were you still interested in those cards? candycafe, Stantler zukan is still available; kari_xiii, likewise the Wartortle figure.

I still have a ton of rare/holo cards listed here, and other stuff here and here if anyone is interested! ^o^ I just got a whole booster box of the latest TCG set too (Leafeon Lv. X ♥) so I'll be updating the card sales post on the weekend~
Lucky Star: Oversoul

[Lions Collection Update!//]

Exactly what it says on the tin, really. It's been a long time coming, a decent update on my Lions, but here it is.
I have one more thing I need to make it complete, and that is the Luxray Keshipoke. I'm also after a normal Luxio kid, but that's not so important XD

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@_@ I want more lions figures!!!

Also; shiny_vulpix I still have a Knuckles here waiting for you!

Everyone who has bought from me and received their items please leave me feedback on the members feedback page! It's the second page a few comment threads down ;3
Similarly if you would like me to leave you feedback (and I've missed you) comment with a link and I'll leave it.
Thankyou :D!!

Website Updates, Bell Plush and New Plushie! :D

Hello! :D :D

I have fully updated my website to include all items in my collection, including what arrived today!

Here is the link

New additions to the site include Giant Munchie and my Munchlax puppet as well as some art. :D Also newly added is what I will show you below!

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There are a lot of posts here I need to catch up with/comment on. n_n

I haven't been myself lately and I apologize. ;_;

Also the new Indiana Jones movie is great. It had the same feel as the originals. :D
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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These two arrived in the mail after lots of worrying that I'd never see them!

Ivysaur's going to be going on another journey to Australia, but as for Spearow...

At last, yet another bird plush to the roost. :>

I decided that I want to collect one of each Normal/Flying type in plush form; once I request shipping on my SMJ box I'll have all of the Normal/Flying types in zukan form (except for Farfetch'd, who lacks a zukan ;v;) so I'm going to make it a goal for plushies now; even if I have to make them myself. XP 12 down so far~

greetings to all!

First and foremost - I have shipped out all orders. I did this Friday or Monday I believe, so you should be getting them soon.

As many of us have done in the past, I have been scaling back my collection. :( I'm doing it in small bits, but I am doing it nonetheless! I have decided to only focus on the pogeymanz I collect, and maybe a few little extras. Soooo, I will probably be making shop updates periodically in conjunction with this.

PLEASE BUY OUR TOMY FIGURES. We have TOMY figures coming out our asses. Srsly.

Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

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Two bell plush contest entries under the cut!
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As a non-contest update, I recently created a website for my collection and since I'm no longer expecting any packages (received my Giratina Kid and Zukan today! 8D) and I got the bell plush uploaded onto there I decided to finally show it to the community since I haven't shown my entire collection in a while.