May 24th, 2008

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So, I was out with my sister today and bought some Majestic Dawn boosters. Hippowdon is on one of the boosters and for whatever reason she fell in love with him. Unfortunately I didn't score him and on the way home only got Hippopotas. I kind of want to surprise her with some hippos and maybe kick start a collection of her own.

So two questions;

1. Anyone want to trade/sell me the Hippowdon card ?
2. What other -if any- hippo merch is out there?

[Just as planned!]

So, if you guys thought that this was a lot of parcels, you ain't seen nothin' yet! 8D
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I received parcels from latifox, crimson_angel, psychmoonshadow, 216handsbound, pacificpikachu, and happyjolteon, I also mailed the Mime JR/MR Mime Zukan out to friskavk today, so look out for it in about a week! ^_^

I'm still waiting for the Eveelutions cards that Kirara and I won from obakehoshi
, but I'm sure they're not lost or anything~ I hope not anyway XDD And now I'm all out of useful things to say xD Except that I figured out how to search for Flygon merch on Y!J xD;; This is bad; I don't even have an account (it will probably never happen) ^^;;

Hope you're all doing well guys =D

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So, does anyone know where I can get the misprint Ancient Mew? Hopefully with program book...
And I'll have to turn to you fanartists for this, but how about a Rocket uniform shirt? I'm hoping to cosplay Kaede from How I Became A Pokemon Card, and that's kinda a key element (I'm also not looking forward to looking for the boots). I need it in 2X or 3X. Also not related to sales, but does anyone have any tips on wearing a wig?

Also! The con's come and gone, but My Sales Post is still up and running! And if you've bought from me before, now I have a feedback thread!

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SUNYSHORE IS UPDATED! below the cut check out whats new, updated, price reduced, and more!!!! some things had their prices sliced by 90%, so check it out! :D


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Suicune Stained Glass

My First-Ever Sales Post!

I've finally decided to bite the bullet and sell off some extra items I've acquired over the years. Admittedly, I'm a little nervous since this is my first time selling (and I'm constantly nervous about somehow breaking rules), but I'll do my very best to pack up and ship these little goodies to you guys. :3 I hope you guys find something you might like!

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Fun Ebay Findings

Hello to all! :) I found some big lots on ebay that I thought some of you may be interested in.

This one is a bit pricey, but there is a cute Eevee plush in it. :)

This is a lot like the lots you see me win. This one has a Flygon plush in it and the lot is REALLY cheap! If anyone gets this lot, I'd be willing to buy Deoxys off of you. ^_~

Yet another BIG lot at a reasonable price! This one has Blaziken! :)

If these kinds of posts aren't allowed anymore, jut let me know. I don't wanna cause trouble. =/

Remember, I still have a TON of stuff still for sale from my recent lot here. Also, you may refer to two other sales posts located here and here. Damn! I REALLY need to make a sales post where everything is featured and organized. ^^; Thanks for looking, guys!
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YJapan Question

So, I just attempted to bid on an auction, the current bid is 4,000 yen, and I entered 5,000 yen as my max. Every time I press the bid button is keeps saying bid 4,000 or more. I'm confused, now and I really want this item. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Edit: OK, now it's saying I won the auction

But I don't think that's not my User Name(I think), sorry this is my first buy with Y!Japan.>.>
The username that won the auction is chaosjapan_ac. Nevermind, I won then, I've been looking for this set for a while. Nidoking =<3 and the Ponyta/Rapidash zukan is pretty too.
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Lucky Star: Oversoul

[Sales and Majestic Dawn stuff!]

Attn! happyjolteon!! I found you an 'Invisible Sandwich'. XD I've not opened anything but the black polythene to check the bits and the casting. From what I can see (which is lets face it, practically everything!) it looks as good as the last one I got ^ ^
It will be $10 + $4 shipping, and until happyjolteon says she doesn't want it, it's not up for general sale!

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---Sale end!--- (ish)

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And that's that! Thanks for looking! :D

All cards that I've stated I don't really want to keep are 'make an offer'. Please keep it reasonable, and fair. My T&C can all be found on my Shop! And I have a member feedback thread here.