May 25th, 2008


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Just thought I'd throw this out here.

Ever wanted to make your own croched mew?

Now's your chance with all the materials you need!

Also on this same search I found some bell plushes (Poliwhirl, Slowpoke, and Slowbro) and a cute Farfetch'd plush. ^^

Do I spy May's Bulbasaur?

Now this is a unique item: A beach ball with a plush piplup suspended inside.

Mega Bloks Kyogre!

Wasn't someone looking for this Suicune plush?

A unique Dragonite keychain plush.



Not having an account, I can't bid on it (especially with only half an hour to go), but... IT'S A CHANSEY I DON'T HAVE. AND AN AWESOME BLISSEY. AND A HAPPINY THAT IS ACTUALLY CUTE. Can someone tell me what these are/how rare/how much they normally go for/WHETHER I WILL BE ABLE TO GET ONE OMG ;o;

Anyone interested?

Well I found Part 2 theme decks of the original cards,and The Team Rocket theme decks,at a thrift store the other day. They had about 5 Decks each. And they were only $4.99(25% off of that too I think?)I was just wondering if anyone wanted me to pick some up for them?

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log onto AIM and invite yourself to "pkmncollectors" chat!!!

1) the influx of new members, and how to handle it and welcome them!
2) advice for the mods!
3) questions about the bell plush contest!
4) palkia's sausage roll???? is that honestly the bread pokemon co. decided to give to palkia?

auction reminder

Hey guys! Just wanted to post a friendly reminder that my recent auction is still going on for 7 and a half more hours. :D There aren't any bids on the Umbreon pan sticker or Sneasel Kid, Umbreon is up to $20 and Houndoom is $13.

Thanks for looking! That's all for now. Here's hoping I will win a few of the shrew items I'm bidding on today and have a new collection update soon. :D

Collection Post!

I haven't posted my entire collection EVER! I mainly collect Zapdos, but I also have a soft spot for Entei, Jolteon and Lady Legs Darkrai.

See below for my sister's Vaporeon and Exeggcute collection as well as my boyfriend's Larvitar collection.

Most of these items come from you guys! This community has been a big help in growing our collections! Thank you!

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We are also looking for a number of wanted items at the moment. See the list below:
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Also, please check out my Sales Post. I love to trade and there are some FREE items as well. :)

My Outing to TRU and Wal Mart

As many of you are doing, I decided to post pics of the nice pulls I've gotten from the new Majestic Dawn series. A few holos I don't really want, so you guys can make offers for them if you wish. I also got some more stuff while I was out, so take a gander if you please. ^_^

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I also wanted to ask who is going to the TRU Darkrai event next weekend. ^_^ My boss gave me Saturday off, so I'm gonna get there bright and early! Or... should my sis and I camp out over night like nut jobs? xD;; I wish you guys lived closer so we could all have a get-together there. ;_; Ah well. We still have AX. ^_^ So, for those of you going to this event, tell me about when you plan arriving and any other plans. :)

Kids and new cards!

Hey all! I got some new kids today, so they're up here.

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Shipping on (any number of) these is $10 to most places, less to Australia/NZ. Unfortunately, that's the cheapest air shipping Australia Post offers. But it's the same up to 250g, so if you buy multiple kids, or kids and cards (or whatever else), it'll stay the same for a while. :>

If you're bidding, please reply to the last bid (if there was one)!

For auction: Eeveelutions

Flareon - starting bid $5, BIN $10
Vaporeon - starting bid $5, BIN $10
both sold!

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I've made a big update to my card sales post, I got a box of Majestic Dawn so there's a lot of new stuff there including Eeveelutions and prerelease promos! Expecting two more boxes of cards this week, so another update next weekend probably.

I also have a rare staff prerelease promo Mothim on eBay here! :D

Okay, thanks for reading ^o^

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Sorry for another post, but I just had to make a quick update. Last week I went to Circuit City with my husband, as he was scouting out deals (as he always does) and I was looking at the DS peripherals, and noticed an awesome Turtwig stylus. Unfortunately, I didn't want Turtwig, but looking at the back I saw that they also had Piplup, Chimchar and Pikachu. So I asked the customer service rep if there were any more in the back; he said no, and that they usually get new shipments every Friday. Good deal, I would just come back next weekend.

My patience paid off, and there was one solitary Piplup waiting for me!
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Edit: Found them on
Hey Baby!

Official First Sales Post!

Hey there, lovely people! Namely I'm a buyer here, but I've got a number of Pokemon merchandise that are looking for a new home!

Please click on the image to visit my LJ store's Pokemon Sales Post! Additionally, please note that I only ship within the US and only accept PayPal as payment.

I'm currently open to trades as well! Currently, my main collections are Skitty, Lucario line, Cyndaquil line, and the Torchic line. Thanks for looking, everyone! ♥