May 26th, 2008


So I was bad tonight xD I caved and bought a 3-pack of Pokemon cards...mostly because I love promos and wanted the promo Raichu xD The 3-pack came with two Great Encounters packs and a Holon Phantoms pack (which I wanted more than the GE packs, as I want to complete that set)

And now I want to go and get another 3-pack so I can get the Magmortar promo xD

Anyway...I in no way have been trying to complete/collect Great Encounters...I just buy packs that have promos with them etc...well...I rarely ever pull good holos...usually just regular rares and what not...for first holo from this set was a xD

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And that this will be kind of like a collection post....I took a picture of my "one card shy of a complete set" Diamond and Pearl Base set.

WARNING: *HUGE* picture....and I had to lower the quality in order to upload it -.-;

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Bell Plush - DODUO

I made this for practice before I move on to more complex Pokemon I've had planned out. I was originally goingto make a Hoothoot for practice, but why not make a Pokemon I collect that I don't already have a plush of? (Not that an official Doduo plush even exists!)

I made it with felt for the body and face/feet, nylon rope/yarn... something for the legs, and pipe cleaners for the necks. :D

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??? :|

hey pkmncollectors help me out!

I have an eevee kid thats from an encore series for FR/LG. ive been looking at it (im planning to sell it soon) and i noticed something that i thought was unusual...

he looks clear when he is in light! but I don't want to make assumptions (i only own one clear kid and it's an obvious kind of clear)... do i have a clear eevee?

Notices + Collection Update Post

gamecubegirl, jaxtoys, tortoises, just posting to let you know I recieved all the stuff you guys sent and everything arrived perfectly.

I also recieved the Starly Kid. I didn't save the LJ name, but it got here just fine too. =D I'm going to the post office Tuesday so I'll probably recieve the rest of the stuff then and pick up some forms for those that I need to ship to that are international.

Now, a Murkrow/Honchkrow Collection update!
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Spotted: TFG lots on ebay (buy it now's)

These may interest anyone who collects the TFG (or collects some of the good figures like me!):

The seller has more lots than just this one lot in their shop- I'm interested in some as well once they give me a shipping quote- EDIT got a shipping quote- so I have now bought a set with Lugia, Eevee & Zangoose! Yay!

lati, latios, soital, soi

Yay! I finally got one!

I was browsing through eBay a couple of days ago and found an auction for a group of figures, a few of the figures were pokemon kids!! One in particular was a Latias kid! I was soo happy since I've been searching for Latios/Latias kids since I have none at the moment. I waited the day before and decided to bid then, the next day I woke up and checked to see if I won and I did! ((Over the moon ^V^))
Since I'm too young for paypal I have to subject myself to the UK eBay with the help of my mums checks. So yeah ^^ squee ~~

I have a couple of questions about the other figures though.

1) Are Mudkip, Shroomish, Azurill kid figures?
2) Is Whismer a kid figure? The seller did say it was but I'm not so sure.

Lastly I'm sorry if this post is useless, I'm just so happy that I won this ^.^

Oh and before I go there were other auctions, well they have ended now but maybe the seller will re-sell them again, one lot in particular had a lot of poke kid figures which included a Groudon, 2 Pikachu, this squirtle round ball thing, so if I ever see it re-selling again and if anyone is interested in that lot I could ask the seller if she's re-selling them again ^-^.

((If the image is too big I'll re-size it!)) 
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Collection Post

I never thought I would be online sharing my collection of Pokémon things with a bunch of people.

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RocketHaruka, I got the Mew charm in the mail! Thank you so much! It was very well packaged, definitely made it here in one piece. Thanks again!

Also, Aftertheheaven-- I got the Gastrodon in the mail, too. Thank you very much for sending him along! ... I can't get over Japanese mailing materials / stationery. It's always so cute. :3 The little picture you drew was adorable, too! Danke danke!

Zukan Collection (also trade/sell zukan)

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 Warning Picture Heavy: 

Well I went to Game yesterday and bought a few Zukans from the Palkia Edition- I now have a new found love for Palkia just beacuse of the Zukan:

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As usual I end up with doubles: Sneasel/Weavile & Mr Mime/Mime JR (which I have 2 doubles of  only 1 Mime left now!):
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Would really want to trade them for Lucario & Sudowoodo/Bonsly Zukan from the same set (Lucario I should be trading with Latios!):
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Or I would sell them for $5 each if no trades are possible: $2 ship to UK, $2.50 ship to Europe & $3.40 ship elsewhere.


PS How do I make the pictures only appear when someone clicks on the post? 


Hiya friends!
Yes, a commission post! I need moneys!
I already hear you say: Oh no! Yet another one of these annoying people wanting my moneys for their art??

Before I even go into details, click under this neat thumbnail for more samples!! Large images under cut!

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How much, you ask?

I charge 10$ for any Pokemon related work. That's right, 10$ ! If you want a picture of your trainer with 6 Pokemon, that would be 15$. I accept Payapal, and also concealed Canadian money at your own risk.

4 reasons to commission me:
- It's not expensive!
- I'm not the best, but I'm pretty good, right?
- It can get done in a week or less! (Unless there's a long queue, of course.)
- You pay only when I'm done, not before.

That's for digital art. I also do traditional art. Choose your medium, and the picture will be mailed to you! I charge 15$ for traditional, including mailing it to you. If you don't want the original mailed, I can scan it and it'll cost 13$.

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Ok! I think you get the point! I'll be posting this to pokemon too. Please consider it! =)

Sales post!

Hello folks! I hope our American members enjoyed a fine holiday weekend. :o)

For once I'll be short and sweet; I actually have some new merchandise for sale! Have a look!

Individually wrapped for freshness

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Don't get used to my newfound brevity; something special's in the works...

Hi again


I apologize for the fact that I keep coming back and asking if this is a good deal but yet here I am AGAIN, still new to the collectors world and not quite sure if I am doing the right thing. 


(DID the link pop up?)

It is a Vaporeon plush NWT the Seller has a 99.7% rating and he is asking for $26.99 Is it a good deal?


Eeveelution DS Lite case


On June 13th will come to Europe new colors for DS Lite, and I´ll get one, so I´m looking for accesories of DS Lite and I thought in the Eeveelution case that came not long ago.

As I can remember I saw it in Sunyshore but I didn´t have the Lite, and now I´m looking for it and I can´t find it XD, anybody know where I can get it or can help me?.

Thanks in advance ^^.