May 27th, 2008


Interest in zukans?

Sorry if I seem to be spamming the comm lately! But~

I've been offered a chance to buy a box of the Diamond & Pearl Edition zukan set, but since I wouldn't want doubles I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in any doubles I do get, if I bought the box? I'm not certain how much each zukan would be, but probably $5-$9 (depending on which ones they are/how many I get of each). The zukans in this set are:

* Capsule One
o Turtwig
o Grotle
o Torterra
* Capsule Two
o Starly
o Staravia
o Staraptor
* Capsule Three
o Buizel
o Floatzel
o Water Base
* Capsule Four
o Mantyke
o Mantine
o Seabed Base
* Capsule Five
o Croagunk (2 Versions: pouches inflated or deflated)
o Toxicroak (2 Versions: pouches inflated or deflated)
* Capsule Six
o Manaphy + Sea Floor Diorama

(thank you Zukan Ranger!)

I'm not taking reservations or anything, just finding out if people would be interested. ^^;;

(of course shipping'd be combined with anything from my sales or cards posts ^_^)


Look what I won! It's nothing revolutionary or anything, but it's a win all the same!


 It cost me just over $30 shipped. The funny thing about this lot is that I first bid $20, but the maximun bid was higher. Then I bid $21, and I was the high bidder, but that's probably because the previous bidder put in $20 as a maximum bid. Since the auction ended at such an odd time, I couldn't bid at the very end; I had to go to bed. As a result, I did this all around the time I went to bed (or when the auction had around an hour and change left before ending). Anyways, when I woke up, I was happy to discover that a) I won, and b) that there weren't any snipe attempts.

Anyways, when I plan to sell this summer, expect all the Plusles to go for sale, as well as that one roller-ball Minun (I have him already, albeit in not-as-good shape). Also, is that figure in front of the grabby Plusle plush a Kid? The style looks right, but I think I've seen the Minun Kid before and it looked different.
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hi guys. :) first of all, thanks for participating in the group chat the other day, everyone who did. i think we got some good stuff talked about and i'm working on updating the rules/various other aspects of the comm. the rules will be posted/updated once a month from now on, to make sure everyone's had a chance to read them. older members make mistakaes too... ;D

anyway, if you didnt know already, i was contacted a few weeks ago by pokebeach's webmaster to do some translation/news work from japan. i've been writing "articles" about pokemon life in japan (on top of sending links to fake shaymin forms, i was SO fooled XD), and although they go against almost everything im trying to say in my personal project about japan (@_@;;;), they are a lot of fun to write and i hope fun to read as well. pokemon life in japan is one of the BEST things about being in japan for me, and i only discovered it after 1.5 years of being here already!! im very glad i did!!

i took some photos of a place i use sometimes to stock sunyshore, thought you all might appreciate them!

The Article, and....

these are my fav photos! tomys and UFO catchers and battrio!

well, i hope you enjoyed :D

Sales Post


* Shaymin and Origin Form Giratina cube
*Chou Get
* Pan Stickers
And more!

Check it out: here
(links to my LJ page)

Warning: HUGE pictures ahead!
Also some random anime figures

*edit: Please fill out my feedback thread If you've bought from me before. It only has one reply so far. I really appreciate it :D

Wren: Bitty boop

ebay finds!


Thinking of selling huge part of Pokemon collection

Well My computer is beyond repair(sob) so I'm trying to earn money for a new one. But I'm torn. My mom's telling me to sell a bunch of my pokemon stuff.
So I need your help. How much would you say I should sell things for? I was thinking of selling things in lots. Like my kids,pez some stuffed toys and figures.. This is what I was thinking of selling. Please let me know if you're interested in these first,before I ebay them.

I have most of the boxes still for the kids, their just not in them at the moment.
I might turn this into a bid if I decide I can part with these.

Chimchar Pokedoll for sale!

I got a set of the three DP starter Pokedolls, and I'm not a huge chimchar fan. He's brand new with tags, and a great looking little guy! I'm asking 10.00 for him plus 5.00 shipping to the US! Anywhere else will be 6.00 for shipping. Image used as ebay reference....because of a dead camera battery.


Back from Florida. @@

I'm back from the long drive from Florida, thus I'll be going back on active duty, and start appearing in chats again. ^_^

All packages from the finger-puppet group buy have been mailed except whoever bought Manaphy - (I'm sorry, I can't remember your LJ name at the moment!) I wasn't able to mail anything going outside the US today due to some kind of emergency at the post office - I could ONLY get to the APC, as the inside was blocked off by emergency workers and caution tape. (The APC is at the far end, so I could still get to it.)

The group-buy for the first generation UFO dolls should be being mailed to me soon from SMJ, so I'll keep you guys posted on that as well. ^_^

Oh, and I finally caved and bought myself an Umbreon batrio coin. :X
Spring-Time Mew

2006 Worlds staff stamped Tropical Tidal Wave card for sale on Ebay

To those who wants to get hands on a pokemon card that features a Pikachu/Munchlax surfing artwork, this is your greeat chance on try to win this awesome & rare card :)


The card text read:
Flip a coin, if heads, discard all Trainer cards your opponent has in play. if tails, discard all Trainer cards you have in play.
Pokemon - legendary bird trio

Bell Plush - TOGEKISS

Togekiss has joined the brawl contest!

This was so amazingly easy to make, it only took a few hours yesterday! The only reason it took a while to take photos is because of life getting in the way. XD

Collapse )

I absolutely LOVE how she turned out! This one is going into my personal collection (as will future bell plushies I'll make), but because she was so insanely fun, fast, and easy to make, I'm willing to take commissions or custom bell plush trades for one of these. :3 Though I made a few mistakes on this one, I know how to work around them should I make another one. :D

(On a side note, obscurevibrance, jedi_amara, and soddymothdust- your packages will go out TOMORROW, as I couldn't make it to the post office on Friday and it was a stormy mess today. ;; Thanks for being patient!)

chou + sales + collection

Hyaa so I got back from England last night (me and castform had a blast, btw) and was happy to find 5 packages waiting for me! One of them was just a return for someone under the name of Bobthehyena and it was a Lanturn Kid and Rattata mini figure. The address was completely crossed out when I got it back. They didn't include a LJ name in the memo so I don't know who it was. ;n; Speak up if it's you!
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Now to the packages! The first, as you may have guessed, was the chou get! Collapse ) for reservations and pictures. Infernape and Aipom hasn't been claimed yet.

I was hasty in buying this next set, of course for the Pachirisu... Collapse ) I'd keep them if I didn't need money. xD

And I'm sure everybody knows the reputation of ToysnJoys... sadly enough, I've now become one of the victims, so to say. I ordered a Pachirisu puppet, sticker for my mum's boyfriend, and a Pachirisu cellphone strap -- which they messed up on and gave me Infernape. I sent them an email, so hopefully since I haven't opened it, they'll take a return. The other items are okay though.

Lastly, and probably bestly, we got some Majestic Dawn cards! Collapse )

And that's just about it. :D It was like.. the best 5 days of my life probably! If you wanna read more about it, go here!