May 28th, 2008

Spring-Time Mew

Pokemon cards haves & wants list =D

Hey ya'll!

I have put up a video featuring my haves =D

A few notes need to be said:
1. I am from Australia.
2. Cards must be sent in something that prevent from being bent during the transit, such as toploader/thick cardboard.
3. Offers can be made in the comments section.
3. Finalised Deals must be made by email only please. Email is jade dot asp at gmail dot com.

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Cheers, Jason.
i love normal types~!


I said to one of my co-workers, "Hey, did you see the new Pokemon styluses over in media?"
He says, "No."
I reply, "Thats because I bought them all!"

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I was trying to think of a cute way to display them. Maybe a terra cotta pot with red and white gravel to keep them steady. Photobucket I hate keeping things in the box. I don't like having my collection look like a store shelf. But I know that some people feel differently about original packaging.

How do you guys make the decision to take things out fo the box?
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Collections update

I wandered into my local K-mart today and found they had the new sets of D/P kidlets :D
So I grabbed three packs ;_; my poor wallet. It was so hard to pick which ones to get.

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But now it seems I'm falling in love with drifloon. Thats the only reason I got that pack


I'm waiting for the mailman now, so there'll probably be more pictures soon. I got some cards yesterday (chimchar, turtwig, piplup and drifloon) Though I'm not sure who I bought them off. Raverstar maybe? Anyway, whoever sold them, thank you! Want feedback?
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Bell Plush - The OTHER hedgehog named "Faker"

Stemmed from a whim while fabric shopping and completely enabled by a few people in the AIM chat. Basically, Purple Kecleon's infamous Sky Forme Shaymin hoax in bell plush form.

This is mostly an experimental plush; Doduo and Togekiss were simple and round, so I wanted to attempt one of the Eeveelution/Vulpix-esque bodies as well as coloring the bells with colored window stain (the latter which, unfortunately, didn't turn out so well). That said, I learned a few things (thanks to some help from comm members) and will be attempting more of this style in the future~

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Pokemon - Shaymin <3

Jolteon, Magby, & Espeon Coin Purses! :D

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Espeon is for sale, I suppose. If anyone wants her, please let me know, I don't know what to do with her as I don't collect Espeon. :[

Also, I may be able to take one more custom DS case / MP3 player case, as I may be going on a long car ride and need something to do. :D However, I will not start items anymore without payment upfront as I'm tired of having things just sit here. Sorry! :c
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New Additions!

So, I received the new additions to my collection today. I got the G/S/C set 3 zukans in today, and I have the G/S/C set 6 zukans on the way, I'm looking forward to my Nidoking and Ponyta/Rapidash zukans.
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New shop, arrivals and a notice

Since I just received a lot of lenticular cards from which I needed just one and I already had three (!) different sales posts, I decided to do one shop for all of them. I also scanned all the Amada stickers again so there aren't so many pictures now.

I'm concentrated on selling Pokémon stickers and lenticular cards but I might be offering some other flat items in the future. All of the items listed are also available for trade, so just show me your Raichu things if you have any. :)

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Attention, soddymothdust! Did you perhaps forget about your Illumise card? ^^*