May 29th, 2008

Claw Machine Pokes at Wally World

Today I went down to the local Wally World (Wal-Mart) and as I walked in they had there toy crane machines and low and behold who do I see sticking out of the mountian of plushies but Pikachu, and I also saw a Piplup and a Chimchar in there as well, It seems Wal-Mart now they are placing DP plushies in the toy crane machines and of course I had to get Pika, It took me 12 tries at $6.00 total to finally get him..He was in the machine all the way in the right corner and pretty wedged in, thankfully this was a crane machine that you could slowly drop the claw and wiggle it a bit to try and losen the plushies up, Even then it still took me 12 tries to drag his yellow butt to the hole to dispense him..He is quite large at about 13 inches high and at an anime con he would probably go for about $20.00...On his tag there is also a list of others in this set including, Aipom,Buzel,Bulbasaur,Charmander,Chatot,Chimchar,Croagunk,Manaphy,Mantyke,
Pachirisu,Piplup,Squirtle,Sudowoodo and Turtwig.

So check your local Wal-Mart in the entrance in there crane machines if they have them cause right now there are DP pokemon plushies in them....

Another Chu gets welcomed in my pika palace

Hey Guys lets party....(o~_^o)

I can has group buy?


I have already gotten positive feedback from the seller, wow. :O

Deoxys is 4.50 plus 3 or 4 dollars for shipping depending on where you are.

I want to thank the participants of my first ever group buy! It was a happy experience (so far xD) and I hope to do more in the future! :D

ON TO THE FUN PART- Reserves! :D

Gonbe- ME :D
Pikachu- NOT INCLUDED :(
Rayquaza- kanackering
Deoxys- ???
Prasle A- kiraras_lemon Minun A- kiraras_lemonPrasle B- rocketharukaMinun B- kiraras_lemon

If you have piles of negative feedback in the community feedback post, I will ignore you. Fair warning. xD

OH YEAH. THIS IS IMPORTANT. PAYPAL ONLY, SORRY. It's just, I need to pay the seller, you know? xD

I am still trying to get a better pic of Deoxys (all that's left) but Y!J hates me. :(

And here's a link to the auction. It's 'safe' to post now. xD



I have decided to auction off a few things from my last post. :) Let me know if you want pictures. ALL THE KIDS,BUT SHYNX COME WITH THEIR BOXES AND STICKERS!(but were opened)

Auction ends June 4th 8pm PT. Shipping within the USA is $3 WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE! But will need your zipcode to figure out shipping cost.

Glaceon kid:5.00
Espeon kid: 5.00
Shynx kid:5.00
Yukinooh kid:3.00
Skuntank Kid:3.00

Dialga cho get:3.00
unopened chimchar pez 6.00

HOLO CARDS(not sure what to price them)Starting bids

Darkrai hp70 $4
Moltres first edition fossil $10
(nh)ho-oh e-reader promo $6
Milotic(df) $5
(JP.Holo ROCKET)Evil Blastiose $5
1st edition (nh)Clefable $3
Mexican Brock

New member/contest entry

Hi! I'm a new memeber... Uhhh basically I'd been lurking this place cause I like looking at people's stuff, lol. And then after a while I decided I wanted to try my hand at the bell plush contest.

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He's actually the second one I made. I was all ready to post my Illumise too but then I realized I forgot to give her wings. =P I'll post her later when I've made some more, cause they're fun XD

Majestic Dawn gets and Sales! (including possibly an Eeveelution lv.X)

My fiance andyboyh and I took the plunge and bought a whole box of Majestic Dawn last week :S We've always wanted to tear our way through 36 packets, and we thought It'd probably be cheaper than all the single packs we end up buying of expansions ^^;

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We got some doubles of rare cards (including some Eeveelutions), so we're putting them up for sale here. We're also considering auctioning our Leafeon Lv.X - it's a pretty card, but I know that there are probably some people here who would appreciate her more :) Please leave a comment if you are interested, and I'll start an auction if there are people who are ^-^

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Big collection update/ thank you post coming soon - we've had so many nice things recently!

Jolteon Kid?

Hellooo :3 .....Yes, other figure I want -_oU.

I´m looking for it and I can´t find it(In YahooJapan only have clear version), anybody know where I can get it or can help me?. Please XDU Only I need this kid and I have complete my Eeveelution Collection of Kids!.

Thanks in advance :3U
WoW - Khadgar

Ancient Mew Error "Nintedo" Card

I just got my newest shipment of Yahoo Japan "goodies" today and in one of the lots I won, is an Ancient Mew card with the movie book! This Ancient Mew happens to be the "Nintedo" error version, and I was wondering what a good price to put on the card would be? I searched eBay and there is one up for auction that is going for a little over $10.00, then there is one available the "But It Now" way for a mad amount of over $100.00!! So I figured to ask here...What is the cards value? How much should I sell it for? It does have the movie book, but the cover of the book has taken a beating, the card is MINT!!!

Thanks in Advance!!!!


Leafeon Lv.X Auction!

A few people are interested and I'd rather sell this cutie here than on eBay, so it's auction time for Leafeon! The auction starts at $5 and ends at Midnight on Saturday GMT :) Reply to the comment below to place a bid ^-^

She's in beautiful condition, and has only just been pulled form a Majestic Dawn pack - she will be shipped in a hard card wallet for protection ^-^

We have aso recently got a Salamence Ex and Manelectric Ex which we're happy to sell if anyone is interested - just leave a comment ^-^

My heart just skipped a beat...Shiny Raichu Jaaks??!!

While doing my usual search on ebay for anything Raichu- a Jaaks Raichu with battle link. Thought it was the normal one- but noticed it was with Pachirisu instead of Pikachu. So I clicked on it and found it looks very different:

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OMG it's SHINY! Well, it has shiny paint and a wacked out coloured mouth but still! Look at that lovely copper tail and metallic paws & ears! 
And of course I bought it! Mwh ha ha! This totally makes up for me buying the rubbish Battle Dome for $$$$$ and then finding out the same one comes with Pikachu for cheaper!
Anyway- has there been any other Shiny (alternate coloured) Jaaks figures?
Mew Giddy

Moar Updates

Before anything else, I just wanted to say that I had the neatest dream last night. I dreamed there was this gigantic garage sale my neighbourhood was having where everything was all in one store-like place and organized by who it belonged to/the item, and I found sooooo much awesome Pokémon stuff, including gigantic plushies, a shiny Scyther Bell plush, neat figures and insanely rare cards I didn't want, but knew you guys would be interested in. I grabbed soooo much stuff in my arms, including lots of plushies (ones I knew you guys'd LOVE) and was just getting to pay for all this oobercheap stuff when THE DREAM ENDED.

Psychic was sad. ;;

So um, you know that gacha machine near my place that's been dispensing the legendaries that were supposed to stop being available in 2006?'s finally gone. In it's place is a machine for frelling Marvel characters. MARVEL. BECAUSE EVERYBODY LOVES SUPERHEROS.

Stupidly enough, they already have a Marvel gacha at the other entrance of the store. How stupid can you get? >>
There was also the series 4 gacha machine (with the starters, Pika, Riolu and Manaphy) which is also unavailable. Since I was with my friend and sister, we all got; we each got a starter, and my sister got two and she got a Riolu (the only one I actually want).

In happier news, though, the two new Pokémon sets by gacha are coming out very soon. Well, at least series 5 will be out in like, two days, and IT HAS LADYLEGS AND TIME PONY SO EXCITED YAY! Those looking forward to the new buildables will have to wait another month, though. XP

So question: of all of gacha's (Pokémon) products, which charms/buildables have been your favourites? And do you use them, or prefer to keep them safer on display?

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Grah, my irl friend and I keep planning to make plushies for the bell plush contest, but keep getting distracted! We want to try crocheting as well as using the standard material.

Currently, we've only planned to make Igglybuff, Natu and Xatu, but I really wanna do more. We just need to make the time for it. We have to make time between my job-searching and her laziness. Grarg. :S


Hello everyone! *Newbie*

    Hello everyone!  I just happened to come upon this community and really wanted to join in, so here I am!  I'm a Raichu collector mostly, but I love pokemon in general.  Anyway, this is my first post in here but I can't think of what to say so... Um... Here's a link to my Raichu collection!  It gets updated every now and again.  
Note that its a bit bigger now, and constantly growing.  Individual pictures can be seen at the link on this picture.  Let me know what you think!

This should be a fun place to look around in.