May 30th, 2008

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So I've decided on my next cosplay. I'm going to be Kaede the Allergic Rocket from PokeWake. But I need a uniform shirt! Would any of you know where I could find a Rocket shirt? If you notice, hers comes down lower than most uniforms, and it's loose at the bottom (it's also possible she just doesn't tuck hers in).

If you can't see it from the picture well, she's also in my icon.

The rest of the stuff I can get around town, but for the shirt I have to turn to the internet. Any of you know where I can find a shirt like that? Any of you *make* shirts like that?
Wren: Bitty boop

Sales post!

Hello everyone~ Just me with some things most of you have seen before. =_= I really want to get rid of this stuff, and all it's doing is sitting around in my closet.

SO. I scanned them in this time for better quality, and am LOWERING THE PRICES a lot. Since I also know what people are willing to pay for these guys now, better than before. :3

Sale includes: around 100 cards, stationary figures, and more!
You have to buy at least 4 items before a sale can be made.

Payment: Via PayPal is preferred. But I will also take concealed cash if you're in the US. I'm open to trades and will consider partial payments. Meaning that you may pay part of the asking price and offer an item with a value that fills out the rest of the payment.

Trades: Only wanting to trade for items on my Want List right now. This includes partial payments.

Shipping: Cost for shipping will be calculated once your order is complete. They will be standard rates unless I'm requested otherwise. I'm located in the US, so prices will be based off of that.

With each shipment you'll get 1-6 free cards!!!

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Thank you for looking~ <3

Angry Booty Pika Want

I've seen this little Pika figure on ebay for some time now and WANT IT~!!! But it come with some ugly booty friends that I REALLY don't want. XP I was wondering if anyone here has one and is willing to part with it. I'd really appreciate it! :) Here's a pic of the pissed Chu and his booty-licious buddies:

Seriously, the only ones that look half way decent are the Pikas. =/
Fav scene in the GN XD

Refunds For Previous Transactions ;O;

Hey guys, i hope this is okay i post it up here since i really didn't want to have to go and contact each person individually because there's different lj names as well as paypal names etc and i'm so incredibly frazzled with moving soon and everything else going on.

A heads up for these guys, i'm scheduled to move in a few weeks so after July 1st, i'll be able to send payment to you guys for my pokee stuff you've held for me! Just thought i'd let you know =D

redstars, enshogirl, taycs

And this is where it gets complicated and really bloody stupid. Basically, most of you know the horrendous problem i was having with Paypal a while ago. Well, i called yesterday and finally after 4 godamn months of grueling customer service, they fixed the error in their system and downgraded my account back to normal.

I was specifically told numerous times and talked to i dont know how many damn people there, in the course of this problem, and was told that i should accept incoming payments with no problem and not to worry about anything because all the fees i would be getting will be reimbursed. I wasn't just hearing what i wanted to hear, i was told this time and time again.

It turns out they CAN'T reimburse me for the fees, which ended up totalling to about $30 so now i'm screwed over all that money that should be in my godamn account, all because they're too fucking stupid. If i had known this would have happened, then of course i wouldn't have accepted the incoming payments! Half the time they didn't even know what they were talking about and kept telling me to call back and this went on for FOUR months until it finally ended yesterday. I was pretty damn upset at them yesterday on the phone.

SO, basically the only thing i can do, is issue refunds up to 60 days, which means the only part of the $30 in fees that were charged to me, by issuing refunds to all you guys and having you send the payment back to me, i'll at least gain the $10 out of that $30 i was cheated from. Each transaction is like, a fee of $.36-1.17 so at first it didn't seem like much but when it's all added up, that's how it got to $30 and with moving costs and such coming around, i can use as much as i can get.

I recently was cheated out of an incredibly rude and horrible client who owed me $50 for the other half of my project payment as well as someone else who i took the money out of my own pocket to pay for their stuff so they could have it as fast as they could and they owe me $40 which i've been waiting and trying to settle on for about 4 months now as well so things are really hairy for me right now and this just blew my head up.

So guys, it would be an immense favor if i could do this one by one and refund each payment and have you guys send them back to me so the fees will be settled. This is such a pain in the arse but it's the only thing i can do to at least get some of what i lost back...I have to do this one at a time because i can only issue refunds if the amount is sufficient in my Paypal funds. I have to deal with non-Pokemon comm deals as well so this is all so frustrating. If you need to reach me i can always be reached on here obviously, noted on my profile page or at or at

I really hope this is okay with you guys and if you can, thank you so much for doing this ;____;


tortoises Togekiss zukan $13 Thank you!

ravestars85 Guilty Gear game $16.50 Thank you!

eggsterminatus Giratina figure $26.50

juumou $2 Was refund to me Thank you!

linnealba $2 Was refund to me Thank you!

missmoonsault $4.50 Was refund to me

staraptor $13 Nidorina plush Thank you!

EDIT: And i just found out my dog died yesterday so things are just going SO shitty for me...If i can get all this stuff settled as soon as possible you guys would be doing me a huge favor...thank you so much

New Stuff and Updated Shop Items!

Before all that though, I still have a Deoxys 7th Movie 7-11 MIP Bottlecap figure available from my group-buy.

He is $4.50 plus shipping depending on location. The one you receive will be mint in package, this is just an image I found on Y!J (Thanks keisuro :) ). If you click it it will get bigger.

Also I woke up to an email today saying the bottle cap figures had shipped, so yay. :D

Click on the toybox to see what I have for you in my shop!

Highlights include an almost-full set of Bandai Gashapon from the Lucario and the Mystery of Mew movie (Mew, Lucario, Regis... Tropius xD).

I hope you find something you want! :D

Now on to new 'laxes for my collection. :3 None are on my website yet, ;_;
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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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My order from Sunyshore came in the mail today!

I originally ordered the Moltres plush, Flying-type pin, in-case Beedrill, and Starly band-aid... but I got the Spearow, Fearow, and Beedrill 151 Collection pins and metal Pidgey figure as freebies! *_* Thank you sooo much!

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Also, I have another bell plush finished! But before I post it, I'm going to make yet ANOTHER with the same basic pattern. X) I'm totally hooked on making bellplush!


I feel really lucky, the other day I thought I'd check to see if in my local K'mart, which is crap, had restocked any pokemon card folders or anything worth buying and went and looked only to find what I always find but this time I noticed a little Chatot plushie under the shelf. I was like "It has no tag...?"
So I went to the counter and asked if they could tell me where I could find the plushies in the store and the girl didn't know so she sent me to the baby toy section. I looked around and there weren't any, but on my way back I saw another plush sitting on the floor of one of the shelves. It was a bean bag Buizel thing. *So cute*
So I went back to the counter and asked another girl where they sold these and she said  "I haven't seen these in months... I'll call them up for you"
After talking on the phone she came back and said "We don't sell these anymore and they're not on our system, you can have them for $2 if you want."

The cheapest pokemon plushies I've ever bought. ^____^

Pokecraft ideas?

Hey there, I've ask this at the main Pokemon community here so I may as well ask this one this time since ya'll seem to love you Pokemon stuff.

I like to make crafts and drawings, I'm artsy like that even though I'm not that great at either. Anyway I'm in the Pokemon mood to do some artisan crafts so I ask what Pokemon you'd like to see me put an attempt in making? I've already made a bell plush of Zapdos, a mini figure of Mudkip and a keychain charm of Shaymin, ditto(2) and Drifloon.

Once the object is done I could potentially sell it to however wishes for it (money order/conceiled cash at your own risk only sadly enough. I can't get paypal).

So who's that Pokemon?

Buying Cell Phone Strap/Charm and Trading Art

Edit: Yes i know i just bought a charm, but i am still looking people!

Hello all, long time lurker first time poster here!
I just got a new forest green sony ericsson, and i have been dying to get a charm for it. I would obviously prefer a green charm (or anything that matches green) but i'm not that picky. Throw pics and prices my way and i'll take a look. I don't really have any particular 'favorite' pokemon, but i will add that i'm not a huge fan of the electric mice (raichu excluded).

Also, I do art!
If anyone is willing to make a trade with me please let me know! I am always happy to do drawings for items, as long as i receive the item first.

!WARNING! Big picture under the cut!
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the shaymin thing

whoo I haven't had such a rush of energy for a while! I did buy one of those $40 plush on eBay just now, but it says 30 days to get here... -_-; if I'd only had the extra dollar for faster shipping.
edit I must've missed this but apparently there was the talking Shaymin plush on eBay?? rofl it was like $120.

And because I feel like I've been doing way too much selling, and not enough sharing photos and news and stuff, I want to show you the pictures I took this week. :)

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