May 31st, 2008


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Hi everyone!

Ok, so I'm flustered. Does anyone remember this lot on ebay that was linked here? Well I was going to bid on it until I noticed the 'Ships to: United States' line. and I'm int he UK! I'm dying to have that Flygon plush. So if there person who wins it is a member and doesn't want the Flygon plush, I'd really appreciated it if you could please let me know ;-;  Thank you!


wal mark crane machienes?

hi everyone, a little while ago someone posted somethign about crane machienes with pokemon plushies in walmart, does anyone know of this? i dont live to close to a walmart, but my mom might drive me 2 one. i wouldnt want to make the stop if i there weren't any for sure...if anyone else has heard of this, plz let me know, thanx^^ 
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I hate Jetlag.

KYA. I'm still not into my normal sleep pattern >>;

But, I am back, and I come bearing messages - And loads of images of stuff from Japan. I'll show you some of the highlights merchandise-wise.

kanackering - Thanks for holding Larvitar! BTW - I picked you up a Gallade Tomy MC if you still need him! Though I should warn you - He was the last from the store and has a sticky security barcode on the back of the box --;
warandromance, doctorsidrat & kefanii - I received everyones packages! Thanks guys! If there's anywhere I can leave feedback for ya, let me know.
denkimouse - Thanks again for everything <3

I'll start off with 10th Anniversary plushies.

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A sales post will be coming either later today or tomorrow, and store_xiii will be temporarily back open. I'll reply to any messages soon!
....And I hope I haven't forgotten anyone/anything. Watch this space XD;

Yey! New Pika card!

andyboyh and I went to a local antiques fair today, and a stall had a binder of Pokemon cards - I was pleased to find this card amonst them:

Yey! A Pika I don't have! I did a little dance (and got some wierd looks ^^;) when I found it!

I also picked up a Dark Flareon and Dark Vaporeon - i they're not in fantastic condition, but if anyone needs them, let me know and all you have to pay is the shipping :)

Also! The Leafeon Ex auction finishes at midnight tonight UK time! -


Yes! My Sunyshore package arrived today. :D But what did I see when I opened it?

Bad Toothy. >:[

I kid. xD I got to eat my Pan all by myself (well I shared a bite with my mom, and she really liked it too! :D) Pokemon Pan is VERY delicious.

Click the cut to see what sticker I got and what was in my Sunyshore package. :D Thanks, Gin! :D

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Also, I went to the Darkrai Event today! :D While there, I picked up the Darkrai Box Set. :3

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Finally, I would like to tell you the story of Toothy. Toothy is a very special Snorlax. <3

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Also, I have an Espeon from Majestic Dawn that I pulled today. It is non-holo. I would like to trade it for a Secret Wonders Raikou (non-holo).

Thanks to whoever read all that. ;D

OH YEAH. I forgot this originally, but have you ever wanted to see the complete set of Pokemon Pan stickers? Like ALL they way back to the beginning? I have found the site for you! :D

Pokemon Pan <3

Click the Blue Button to get started. :3
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Hey y'all. It's been awhile. BUT I come bearing a collection update that I've been anticipating for aaagggeess now. And it all begins with

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Okay, enough collection. Now for something more serious.

So I graduated last Friday. And as a gift, my ex-boyfriend albowsmit bought me a giant lot on Y!J of Full Color Stadium figures with a few other miscellaneous figures. Only, even between the both of us, plus two of my friends, a huge majority of the figures are unwanted, so I've decided to sell them. But I'm not sure to auction them off or put them at a set price, so I was wondering if you guys could help me out with an interest inventory?

Pictures and details are under the cut. If you're interested in a figure or so, just comment with which one/s. CC:

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Today was a good day. :3

Leafeon&Glaceon Carry Case(Help!)

Remember I want this carry case? I found one in YahooJapan!.

Carry Case Leafeon/Glaceon&Eevee
I found at last the DS Lite carry case of Leafeon&Glaceon that I was searching, but it's in YahooJapan, and as always I cant's buy there x-x so if someone is nice enough o buy it for me...I think it's in BIN(Not sure, I can't read japanese).

Sorry if I'm overweight but I have no other way to find it in another place, and the only person that could help me isn't availiable now ^^U.

Thanks in advance :3.

Darkrai Event and Poke Goods

First off, whomever bought from me before yesterday, your stuff has been shipped out as of Friday afternoon. Those of you who paid for your stuff yesterday or who plan on doing so in the near future, your stuff will be shipped out next week.

That being said, it's time to stop talking business and get to the good stuff. :)

I went to the TRU Darkrai event today with my sis and
 . Details are under the cut, plus a pic of my new Ladylegs! <3 I wish we had the option to give them nicknames! ;_; It woulda been SO fun to see all the different nicknames you guys would come up with. ^_^

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I will have an updated Pika collection soon! o^_^o I'm getting quite a few plush and items in the mail soon. Once I do, it will be a Pika-palooza! ^__^ As a preview, I was able to snatch the Pika DX plush yesterday! <3 I was thrilled beyond all reason because Anime Jungle had run out really fast, so I thought I'd never see it again for a good price. Then the lady at the booth (of which I will be a new employee ^____^) had one more left, so I snatched it! Yay!

Also, it's so rare to find decent people selling on ebay. I messaged the person that sold me the last big lot asking about my shipping status and she responded back with a really honest and quite unfortunate story. =/ Here's what happened to her in her exact words:
"Yes, this stuff has been mailed. Total nightmare on my end. I shipped it at our local post office. Thought everything was fine. When I went back in three days later to ship another bag, they told me they were holding my box till I came back. They informed me that my box was 1 inch too tall and big around to ship at that post office. So the next day I drove it 45 minutes to the next nearest post office and mailed it. I had to redo the postage, which I am fighting this one. Because total, both shipments, I have paid 32.00. Crazy! Please let me know when you get it. It is in a big box, because I did not want to smash their cute little faces. Have a great weekend! God Bless You! And again, please let me know as soon as you get them."

Why would post offices do that to someone? >< Seriously, wouldn't they tell her on the spot that her package was too big? o_O What an awful ordeal...

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Hey everyone! For once I'm not posting about buying stuff xDD

So finally I have a DS and I can catch up with all my Pokemon-playing friends. I have Pearl, Diamond and Ranger. Ranger thus far is looking rather good, different, if a bit annoying at times. ^_^

Doing some window-shopping today I found these in a shop:

They're very, very small Pokeball-plushes. From what I can tell they only have Pikachu, Piplup, Chimchar, Munchlax and Manaphy. I was going to buy a Munchlax until I realised they were pokeball plushes. xD I don't know how rare/old these guys are. So I thought I'd offer to buy and ship them for people who want them. As shown in the image they're £3 to buy. I'd be willing to buy there for people with little or no profit, and mail them out. You'd pay for the item and shipping of course (About $5 for international and $4 for the UK where I am). I don't know when I'd next be able to go, but if you're interested, comment here and let me know ^^

Also, on a similar topic, I found this on ebay: 'Mystery Dungeon vending figures' I'd like to buy these for myself. But I'm mostly interested in the scene of Munchlax/Piplup/Turtwig. So I was wondering if anyone was after the Pikachu/Bidoof/Chimchar scene, and would be willing to go halves on this with me? One of us can win the auction, the other person paypals over half the amount (for the auction and shipping) and then whoever gets the packages mails out the other half to the other person. *shrugs* Something like that? I don't even know if I'm allowed to do this or not~ It's not a pre-sale or a group auction. I just wanted to check that no-one else would be interested ^_^ Let me know if you are and we can work something out =D

On a final note. I have decided that I will be taking part in the Community Bell Plush contest ^_^ I have thus far four Pokemon lined up, starting with the most basic of them/those with the easiest designs (I think) anyway. But I'll see how I go. I was just wondering, as I've not made anything like these before, if anyone new of any good plush-making guides, or patterns that might help? I'm not looking for full guides or anything just something to help get me started. ^^;; I hope this doesn't count as cheating O_O

Take care! ^_^