June 2nd, 2008


Huge update to my card sales post and auction!

I opened two boxes of Majestic Dawn today (yay Glaceon Lv. X!) so I've made a massive update to my card sales post, including cards of every single Eeveelution! I also lowered prices on some of the older cards, including the prerelease promos, and I have a Porygon-Z Lv. X up for auction too!

Porygon-Z Lv. X Auction: Starting price $15, BIN $25, comment to bid! Ends June 8 11:59pm GMT+10

Please comment on this post with your bids. :D

card sales post HERE
Jiriillusions--by me

Yes, it's finally happened, she's blurring fantasy and reality

I think I'd like to collect Lugia. It's freakin' badass. But I'm not sure what all's out there. I have a metallic-looking figure I got from Gin, the Hasbro plushie, and not much else besides cards. So what all is there of Lugia?

Also, on a decidedly UN-Jiri note, I want to collect Lickitung/Lickilicky. Because they're also badass and they look like Quina Quen. The only plushie I can find is of 'tung and it's a weird-ass reversable thing with two tongues. I think it's legit, just really badly made. So same thing goes--tell me what's out there.

Lucky Star: Oversoul

[Yeah, this is really just to show off my awesome new icon ^o^//]

(still needed; Leafia/Glacia tomy's, glacia phone charm, leafia keshipoke~ and a bunch of other things I don'teven know about yet XD)
Heeee ♥ ... I really have come to love these two. ^__^

Another reason I've posted, I would like status updates on a few packages I've still not got.
And I got a return-to-sender package that I sent out to soddymothdust containing a raticate roller. Reason was 'Attempted, not known'.
Uhh, talk to me people :X
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Alright everyone! Went to TRU yesterday and picked up a Darkrai premium box (I'm in love with that giant card) and a couple of tins of Action Flipz - And finally completed the set! Yay! So I've added them too. If I owe you money, I'll pay you soon, thanks for being patient! And I still have a few comments to reply to, will do that very shortly too!

Sooo.... Sorry to add to the influx of sales posts, I was gonna post yesterday but then I realised there about 3 of them. I'd already said I'd post yesterday, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to post a day late, but due to timezones, there were more of 'em today. With everything that's been going on IRL, I probably won't find many other chances to get to the post office, so I'll post now. If it helps, I'll be posting a collection update today soon!

And now.

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Anyone have Leafeon Lv. X for trade?

I'm on the hunt for Leafeon Lv. X, and it appears two of my chances on here were pulled away. One from someone who can't pay, and the other, from someone who doesn't respond to the previous bid, so we don't know we've been outbid, and then aren't notified of it. *headdesk* I have a Glaceon Lv. X that I would willingly trade straight up for it.

The card is brand new, and in great condition. I'm actually looking for two of them (both english for playing reasons) and I have a japanese leafeon Lv. x (first edition) I could trade for another english one. Any takers?

Introduction, and my plush collection

Hiya, I'm Toastypk. I've been a really big follower of the Pokemon game series for years. It comes as no surprise that with almost 500 different Pokemon, a lot of them are some of the cutest creatures ever, or in some cases, just cool and awesome, depending on which Pokemon we're talking about. But without a doubt, I love many many many of them.

There's no doubt that the figures are cool, and that they're really accurate. The art on the cards is nice as well. But nothing brings as much Pokemon related joy to me as the plushes do. They're bigger than the other things, they're things I can hold easily in my hands and arms, and they just evoke so much joy if it's a favorite Pokemon of mine. ^_^ They're pretty much the closest you can get to actually having the real thing. You could say I'm sort of an devoted collector of Pokeplushes, though I'm careful how often I buy them. And the bigger and more accurate they are, the better.

Here is a photo series of my collection thus far, I have 52 of these guys. :)

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Not pictured is Chatot, who I bought a few days ago after these photos were taken.

I'm always looking for other Pokedolls that I don't have, and the ones I love. I have a select few that I've been seeking really badly, including that 17ish-inch tall Lugia. I almost could have gotten that Lugia at one point, but by the time I acquired the money, somebody bought it. I still can't get over that, how I was so close. >_<

There are others I'd just die to have too, but they're extra large and exceedingly rare. I have a few pictures I've saved of the super large ones online, I'll have to share them in another post.

And because there are many other Pokemon who I love like Breloom, Mawile, and Milotic, who don't have any plush forms at all, I've been trying to learn how to make my own, so I can make the nicest sized and most accurate ones that I can. I was even thinking I could eventually commission some customs for friends. However, I'm having trouble learning the technique. One day I hope to get it down pat.

Anyway, hello!



Alright, well its about time I got rid of some of my Pokemon stuff, and what better place to do that than right here?

This is my first time selling so PLEASE bare with me.  None of the prices are set! So please, if you want something, talk it out with me.

Go to this link to see what items I have up for sale.
Click Here!



I got two things in the mail today =D! Both are things for my Mewtwo collection ^_^ Though...I do not have a full collection picture of my Mewtwo stuff due to the fact most of my Pokemon stuff is packed away at the moment ^^;;

Anyway...on to the mail!

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Also...I need to make a public thank you to featherclaw: Thank you SO much for *finally* helping me get a Gallade Chou Getto! I really can't thank you enough ^_^ I cannot wait until it's here =D!

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For those who have bought things from me last week, as I mentioned above (under the cut) Things will be mailed this week :)

Last but not least: penanna: I am waiting for payment on the cards that I have for you :)
Thank you :)!

After a long thought

I've decided to leave this community. I really need to save my money and it's just to tempting!

BUT DON'T WORRY! I'm staying till my auction here http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1259826.html is over so people know I'm not trying to rip them off. :)

Also I'm pretty sure I was going in on a group buy. If I remember correctly. I'm still interested so let me know what happens!

Anyway it's been fun! I might come back sometime. we'll see :)
People can feel free to friend me too. Not that anyone wants to but...yeah XD
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Flaming Monkey Collection!

Decided to post my Flaming Monkey collection first, then later my Land Shark collection.

Primarily I really only collect Monferno & Infernape, but I'll take any Chimchar that comes my way too. This doesn't include cards though (speaking of cards - Whoever said they'd sell me their Infernape Lv.X - Do you still have it? I'm still interested)!.

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Soooo, if you have ANY figure (or plush) of either Monferno or Infernape not seen here, I'm interested! Here's my brief want list of them -
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