June 3rd, 2008

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I still have a custom Umbreon Bell Plush up for auction that starts at $7, no one has bid on it and it ends tonight!

I'm also thinking about selling my Spiritomb Bell Plush that I made.
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I'm thinking something around $5-7 would be fine, since it's so small. ^-^; I guess the best offer by the time my auction closes tonight at 8pm Pacific time.

I'm located in the US and accept Paypal only, sorry!

Missed Darkrai? Nintendo World Store has it for a month.


"We New Yorkers don't really need another reason to feel way cooler than the rest of the country, but what the hey - here's another one. If you missed the Pokemon Darkrai giveaway event at Toys R Us stores over the weekend, you still have the entire month to pick up the little guy at the Nintendo World Store.

An employee of the Store just confirmed to us that Darkrai will be available there until the end of June. So if you haven't snagged that lil' Legendary yet, there's still time! If you live in New York, of course. If not, you have given all six or seven million residents of the nation's Empire just one more reason to think we're so great."

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they are on presale! ive stocked as many as i have cash for. because i am literally going to spend most of my cash in-hand to buy these, PLEASE do not order with money orders or e-check right now. ive been ripped off by too many money order customers lately =(

later on today or tomorrow i'll be finishing the official rules update, but i've already updated parts of it (including how you can be banned) so go read up early if interested. :)

*disclaimer: yes the items are PRESALE, it is in the rules to NOT accept money before an item is in hand, but the community decided and voted as a whole that presales of pokemon center items is the exception. if you don't like it, then don't buy it! :)

Collection Update!

I was long overdue for a collection update! Here they are...

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P.S: pheonixxfoxx: I received your package in the mail a couple days ago! Thanks!
Kiraras_Lemon: Sorry, I didn't mail out the zukan base/peg yet. I didn't get a chance to buy the shipping materials. I'll try to run out to the post office and get them and mail your stuff out by the end of this week. Thanks for understanding. :)

1st Selling Post!!!

Hey everyone!!! My friend and I CrystalSuicune are selling some of our Poke collections that we don't want so we can have money to buy more of our faves!!! This is my 1st selling post so I hope I do everything right!!!

Please take a look and just post what'd you'd like to buy!! (I ship anywhere in the world!)

By the way, we're also willing to make trades for any of our fave Pokes!! We like Medicham, Espeon, Deoxys, Darkrai, Ampharos, Dialga, any other cat Poke, Groudon, Turtwig, Chimchar, Moltres, Ho-Oh, Articuno, Banette!!!

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lati, latios, soital, soi

Interesting auctions!!

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Surfing Pika

Big Sales Post!


*Note: Not all things pictured in this picture are for sale.

So, here is the big sales post, as promised!

Please note before there is any complaining: Prices are very high right now because I want those who really want these plush to be able to get them, and also so I can get back the money I spent buying all these things (which was a lot). I will be lowering prices on things that don't sell, so if you have your eye on something and it doesn't sell right away, check back every day or two and I'll be lowering prices. Thanks. You may make offers, but I will probably only accept them after seeing if someone is interested in paying full price for items.

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I'll be constantly lowering prices on these guys and I may add things, too. GO GO GO, EVERYONE! I'll respond to comments as fast as I can. Let me know if you have any questions!

New Plushies!

Lots of new plushies have arrived in the last week!! Huge thanks to warandromance (for the cute pichu button plush and the piplup puppet) and crimson_angel02 (for buneary and pachirisu!) - I'll leave good feedback for you guys! ^-^

My Pichu and Skiploom plushie also arived - it is indeed a Banpresto DX plush, and so cute in real life! Here he is with some of my new friends:

oh - also! - I posted your cards at the weekend kiraraslemon, I hope they get to you okay :)
Twlight Sparkle

A Wild New Member Appeared!

Greetings, Pokefans everywhere! I am Lizzie, avid collector of all Pokemon things cute! (or at least, I'm fast becoming said collector; I'm trying to anyway)  I found a link to this community on Bulbagarden and checked it out.  Seeing so much Pokemon stuff and other people like me who love to collect it makes me really happy! (my family thinks I'm weird for still liking/collecting Pokemon at age 21) So I hurried and joined the community!

First things first.  Saturday I went to the Darkrai event at a local Toys R Us, and added some stuff to my collection. So, let's take a look at my newest items first!
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Now, it's time for the rest (mostly!) of my collection. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Warning! Tons of Pictures!

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This is not my entire collection: There are still books and cards.  However, most of those are missing (except the cards) so I will wait until I can find them before I show them.

I also have a wishlist for anyone who wants to see what might pop up in my collection in the future: Lizzie's Pokemon Wishlist!

WOW long time no post

Okay guys- Im extreemly sorry about the lack of activity, and the delays in shipping. Lots of stuff is going on right now. You know stuff happens, and I just want to openly say I am sorry for the delay. Its not like me.

With that said all items are shipping out TOMMOROW.

I appologize for the delay, and I've missed this community a lot but with work, and personal issues it just became pushed aside. Sorry again..

Look for your stuff its going out tomorrow~

Sugargerbil I'll have to wait for a friday payment for you- but your items go out tomorrow for our partial trade.

Kiraras Lemon- work still doesnt have shinx plush but when they do you be sure I'll pick it up for you. Look out for umbreon she's finally on her way. Sorry ;__;
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Getting a letter in the mail from my bank telling me I withdrew from my savings too many times in a month to supplement my checking account so I could support my habit of collecting was a little unsettling. So I have tired to cut back drastically.

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On top of that I have also been working on a collection page for all my Pokemon ---> peachypokemon. It's only half done though because I got half way through my collection before I realized the macro wasn't on. Now I have to wait for another sunny day (it's been cloudy all week) to finish taking the pictures.
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Lurker EMURII evolved into a MEMBER!

So, there really aren't words to describe the extent to which I've been stalking this community over the past day and night.

So hello, ladies and gents! My name is Emurii, Pokemon enthusiast for about a decade at this point, current Bulbasaur collector... and I'm pretty awesome, I guess? (My collection is pretty meager right now, and awaiting two new arrivals, so I'm waiting at least for those to come before posting it.)

Due to my aforementioned obsession, I hunted around the net for a while today, looking for items I hadn't seen or that seemed pretty interesting. So, please enjoy the following Collapse )

I'll hopefully be posting (or amending this post to include) a sales post soon, including a small, vintage Togepi collection (including a Togepi piece I haven't seen anywhere else at all :X) so stay tuned for that.

Nice to meet you guys! >w< よろしく〜


(Larger image under the cut)

Contained in this post:
- Large Eevee PVC figure: $7 $5
- N64 Cartridges:
   Pokemon Snap: $5
   Hey You, Pikachu!: $10 $6
- Big Ol' Bag O' Cards: $? (See explanation)
- †ogepi Collection:
   Ultra-rare Togepi lolipop holder with keychain $15 $5
   Large PVC Figure $8 $5
   Electronic walking, talking Togepi $5
   Gold-plated Burger King Card $5 $3
   Keychain (light up?) $3 $2
   Burger King Beanie $3
   Togepi Birthday Card with Stickers and Games $3
   Togepi, Ivysaur and Raticate: Southern Isle Post Card $2

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EDIT: I removed the auction status of the Togepi merch, that's just ridiculous and confusing. So now they are flat prices.


New Arrivals/SMJ Box, Display suggestion?

It's been awhile since I've had any kind of collection updates, but to be honest, I don't feel like there has been much for me to collect. ^_^; I started semi-collecting a few older pokemon - (Charizard, Celebi, and a few Lucario things here and there), but not much of the new merchandise has really GRABBED me.

My SMJ box of Celebi things DID come, however, along with a few other things including the group-auction UFO plushies! ^_^

With movie 11 coming out soon, I must say I'm excited about collecting more (Giratina and Shaymin!), so, bring it on, Japan. 8D

I do have a question (maybe some of you can suggest something?) - about displaying kids figures. It's below the cut next to my picture, so you'll see what I mean.


What's nice about the bandana, is I can actually wear it, unlike some of my pokemon ones I have. (I've also got May's and one with the Team Magma elblem on it that are wearable, but my Latias one is too small. ;_;)

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jon lion

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hey guys, i'm going to need people to not send me any payments/complete transactions for a minute. I just got a notification from paypal that basically i've received x amount of money recently and that in order to make sure i'm not soliciting the account for something [drugs? laundering etc] i have to fill out some information :|. not sure what its all about but i'll let you guys know asap

according to the site it could take 2-3 days (which is frustrating to hear as it limits me on a lot of things). sorry for any delays to you all :\

edit: this was inside the paypal site