June 4th, 2008


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i think this is as good a time as ever to post that the RULES HAVE BEEN UPDATED! these updates were discussed by roughly 30-40 community members as a whole a week or so ago, so hopefully i've written them down well for you guys.

also keep in mind i am the official maintainer of rules and policy on this community, so any complaints or questions can be forwarded to me.

please read them over in their ENTIRETY here! yes, all members, please :)

the most important section is the BANHAMMER section, so i'll post it here (another section with a big update was Group Auctions, concerning posting of URLs, so please read it over as well).

BANHAMMER! You will officially be banned for the following reasons!

-If you are found out to have stolen money/items and/or have delibrately swindled or ripped off members.

-If you show trolling/constantly negative/anti-pokemon (or anti-the hobby of pokemon collecting) behaviour.

-If you have more than three negative feedback (this may change based on the severity of the feedback). members who gained more than three negative feedback before this rule was made (June 2nd) will not be banned immediatly, but have only one warning left.

-If you are warned more than three times by a moderator. You can be warned for any range of obnoxious rule breaking, disrespect towards members, reposting deleted posts over and over and over (new members need permission to post sales posts, info on this is posted in two other places in the rules aside from just here so ignorance is not an excuse).

i want to add a few more notes!! READ PLEASE!!!

1) DON'T BE SLEEZY. And don't do sleezy things where everyone will catch you if you look. Come on, people!!!

2) Nobody is a more SERIOUS fan of some Pokemon than any other fan of said Pokemon (for example: I am only buying shirts for serious Luxray fans AKA Heerosferret????)

3) OMG PLEASE PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGES STAY PRIVATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE THINK THAT A MESSAGE TO 1-3 PEOPLE NEEDS TO BE READ BY 500 MEMBERS? Contact people in private!! That includes if you want to get someone a rare item (IE: A Luxray Shirt), it's a nice gesture, but plastering on a huge community that you are getting a shirt just for one person will only make you AND THAT PERSON look like a jerk. Just contact the person in private.

Lots of members reserve items for their friends. That's fine. Some of us probably even feel like we are pretty dang hot at what we collect, maybe even "the most serious" collector. I can't force all members to not have this attitude, but I warn it will lead to problems for everyone if it continues. I don't want to see these nasty attitudes between collectors of the same Pokemon. This is a message to everyone, including myself! Let's just be kind to eachother!

Thanks, guys, and just reply or come into chat if you want to discuss anything.

(PS: No, I did NOT approve the Luxray shirt posts, nor did I have ANY idea about such a thing. I suppose I went to sleep at the right time for the crap to hit the fan... sorry all =( )

UK to US

Alright, i posted about this when the ebay offer showed up, but nobody responded.
I am very intirested in these here....
But i do not live in the UK! Is there any way i can make a ebay account with someone else's address (from this community) and ship the item to them, and pay for the shipping to the US?
Please let me know if you're okay with that ASAP. The bidding ends on the 6th.

My (picture) collection of huge Pokemon plushes

As I've said in my intro thread, the bigger the Pokeplush, the awesomer it is. Every time I've seen a fantastic, huge Pokeplush online, I've saved the images. There's a good chance a lot of you know at least half of these giant things. But I thought I'd just post my findings regardless, it makes for a good read.

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What an awesome Entei specimen. This guy has got to be at LEAST 2-3 feet long. Even though Entei isn't as high on my favorites list as Suicune and Raikou, I still like him a lot. And I LOVE this.

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Nyaah! It's so cute! And so big... probably one of the biggest Pokedolls I can think of. While this isn't as high on my wishlist, I wouldn't mind having this. It's awesome. When I saw this on ebay, the going price was $475. Aggh...

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Wow. I love this one. I like Tyranitar, and what is this? Like 3 feet tall?
The only time I remember seeing this was when I saved an image online years ago. Then I found it on ebay, being sold with another huge pokeplush. I had to save the images. I've never seen it since...

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I swear, I would do just about ANYTHING to get this. Just about ANYTHING. How long is this guy, 3 feet? Suicune is my favorite of the legendary beasts, and this awesome huge Suicune plush has been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember. It's just that it's so outrageously rare and pricey that it's almost impossible to get. This is also what has inspired me to learn how to many my own plushes, because if I could try hard enough, maybe I could recreate this. Does anyone know the kind of fabric these things are made out of? I'm willing to practice.
But really, I'd do anything to get this. Hell, I'd pay to just rent it from someone for a few days. It's that awesome.

There's two other huge ones that I don't have pictures of.

1. That huge Lugia. Everyone probably knows of this one, featured prominently on that Lugia fansite. That's got to be the single biggest pokedoll ever crafted. Seriously. I'd be happy with just the one 17-inch one.

2. Raikou. The picture I have on ebay isn't very clear, but this thing is massive, just like the other beasts. To see an arrangement of all three of those johto legends would be a really awesome thing to see. I've seen this in a few places online too.

Why they don't make more of these big things I have no idea. Isn't it theoretically possible to commission the company who makes them, ask them to manufacture X Suicunes or Raikous, since they're the only ones who know how? It just baffles me. We all want them, they can make extra money, it's a win-win situation. Sigh...
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So I'm looking for the following items. I'm only interested in trades right now, though I might do sales in the future(when my other zukan sets arrive in the mail

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EDIT: I'm just gonna sale the above items, I just saw some things on Y!japan I really want but lack the funds for.>.>
Big Bang Theory BAZINGA


Hellew all!! I'm on a mission for a few things:

Looking for:

-Glameow Kid Thank you kari_xiii

-Duskull megablock

-Duskull pokedex figure [with clear base and stats on base]

-Skitty Zukan

-Skitty Tomy

-Leafeon Tomy

-Houndour/Houndoom zukan

- Honchkrow clipping figure Thank you   regen

-Grimer Tomy

These down here would be anniversary gifts for my boyfriend.. Any help is much appreciated!

-Banette Kid
Thank you eeveelution

Torchic Zukan

-Arbok Zukan

-Zubat zukan

-Buizel Zukan

-Pichu Zukan

Now I know some of these guys are pretty hard to come by! Don't laugh XD You never know if you don't ask right?
Also some of these things I've found on ebay, but I figured if someone had them for sale/trade I'd rather support someone here on the comm! I'm willing to buy or trade! I have tons of kids, tons of cards, some zukan and some battle museum figure N-I-P for trade! :3 Thanks for reading all! <3
Kuros, current

Zukan Auction!

So this is babael here, this is my Pokeymanz LJ, lol.(it keeps things from getting cluttered in my Live Journal>.>) Anyway auction time. The auction will end in on Sunday at 12:00am. This is my first time selling, so I'm not familiar with shipping anywhere outside of the US, and I'd appreciate your patience.  I'll be shipping items in the bubble padded mailers, so it'll be no more than four bucks shipping for those in the US. I accept Paypal only. Pictures courtesy of Zukan Ranger. Holds: I will hold items for a maximum of 3 days, anything longer than that feel free message me on my AIM Aquawulf7.

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Love Tsushi is in Ditto-love

Sales + notes about shipping

To my knowledge I'll have a Glaceon kid on my hands in a few days that I'm willing to sell, but for now I have some POP eeveelutions, Plusle + Minun backpacks and Leafeon kids.

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yaoi_queen, goku_the_saru, and warandromance I have your mail addressed and packaged, I just need to get to the post office tomorrow to get them sent. Sorry for the delay!

Pikachu world collection promos? Anyone interested?

Here's a small image of the binder it comes in. I can take more pics if people are interested. This binder has 9 promo cards, all in different languages, of Pikachu. This set includes the illusive english birthday pikachu as well! The languages are:

English-b-day pika
Flying Pikachu-German
Jungle Pikachu-Chinese
Base Pikachu-Korean
Snap Pikachu-Spanish
Surfing Pikachu-French
Ivy Pikachu-Unsure
1st movie promo-unsure
And the last one, I'm not sure where the promo is initially from.

But if people would be interested in this set...I'm looking to get 30.00 for the binder and all 9 cards. Shipping shouldn't be more than 3.00 for this. Thanks for looking!
Hey Baby!

Group Auction Call: Pokemon Plushies!

Anyone up for a potential group auction on these fellas? :D

ATTENTION: I'm very sorry, but we didn't win the auction on these guys. I deeply apologize! D;

The auction ends today around 7 PM (Pacific Standard Time) and is relatively well-priced. Depending on the ending price for this lot, the price per plush could be anywhere from a steal to averagely priced, so claim yours while you can! The rest that are unclaimed will later be posted through a future sales post. I'm planning to make only a small profit to no profit on these guys. In no way do I plan on ripping anyone off; I'd like to extend the benefits of a great deal to the rest of you! :D

Please only comment to claim only if you are seriously interested! Payments will be due in after the items are delivered to my location. Again, as the seller seems a bit sketchy, I will only start taking payments when the items arrive at my location in the possible case the transaction turns out to be a bad one (or the plushies are in terrible condition). Otherwise meaning, I'm taking any and all hits for you!

Price: Potentially $2 - 5 per Plush + Shipping (To Be Finalized After End of Auction)
Shipping: About $4 - 5 for each individual plush within the United States (combined shipping available); international shipping will be a bit more.

Method of Payment: PayPal Only
Shipping: Combined shipping available and I am willing to ship internationally on this lot this time around.

Currently Claimed:

rinkatink: All Digimon Plush (Not Pictured)
papersnow: Lugia and One Raichu Plush
soddymothdust: Staryu, Onix, and Gyarados Plush
ladylegsdarkrai: Charizard, Butterfree, Gengar, and One Ivysaur Plush
tortoises: One Ivysaur Plush | Gengar and Raichu Plush (2nd in Line for Both)
castform: Snubbull and One Raichu Plush
216handsbound: Clefairy Plush and One Raichu Plush
emurii: Koffing Plush | Ivysaur Plush (2nd in Line)
lightofapollo: Koffing Plush
yaoi_queen: Pikachu Plush
pkmn_masta: Mewtwo Plush
kari_xiii: Lugia Plush (2nd in Line)
kiraras_lemon: Lugia Plush (3rd in Line)
andres_: Snorlax and Butterfree Plush

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NOTE: Huge thanks to emurii for bringing this auction to light.