June 5th, 2008

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Interesting auctions!

More interesting items auctions! (Interesting items are interesting in and of themselves -- good deals are just good prices for the items listed)

Interesting Items
1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Poster
Features Lucario and Alakazam prominently
2. Plusle and Minun Wristbands
Plushies on wristbands (Ends 6/5 at 11PM Eastern)
3. Pokemon Chocolate Lollipops
This is the sweetest thing ever. 10 Pokemon chocolate lollipops for $12.50, featuring Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Pikachu and Dragonite. Upon request, orders can be made for any single Pokemon. (Confirmed to be any, not just Pikachu.) Friendly staff, too, I wouldn't be surprised if they would accept a commission for a different Poke.
5. Plusle/Minun/Pikachu Sleeping Bag
$23 Buy It Now, or bid starting at $1.

Good Deals
1. Wobuffet, Cherrim and Mantyke Plushies - Ending 6/5 at Midnight Eastern, starts at $2 ($7 w/ shipping)
2. Burger King Toy Lot - Whole lotta bang for your buck... Ending June 10th, starts at 99cents ($7.99 w/ shipping)
3. 8" Tall Piplup Pochama Plush
Starts at $9.49 -- Free shipping -- but from Hong Kong. Still, possibly the cutest Piplup I've ever seen.
4. Giant Lot of Pokemon/Digimon Plushies
~31 Pokemon and ~28 Digimon plushies, starting at $5.50 with only $5.95 shipping. Mediocre quality, but great variety. Ends 5/5 at 9PM

(Pimpin' my Sales Post, too...)

Don't Ship to Me!!

There seems to be a problem lately with shipping in this community. If I have ordered something to you, DONT SHIP IT!
If you have shipped it and I told you to re-ship it with a customs sheet, DONT listen to me D:
If I have ordered/ reserved something from you, cancel it please.
I'm not sure why things are not going through, but I know it is MY fault. I believe it has something to do with my PayPal account.
I am telling you this because I don't want to waste anyone else's time or money.

This does not affect people who have bought from me, your stuff is shipping just fine.
Thank you.

(no subject)

Okay, I'm looking to by a dialga plush next week for my brother's birthday thats near the end of the month. I was hoping to get a rather big one too, but have no clue about them. I've seen some huge ones on Y!J, but don't know actual sizes and such. And I'd rather not pay smj fees for something that big. Anyone that might be sell one, or can point me in the right direction to one? Any information or help would be greatly appreciated :3
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All packages have been mailed! ^_^

This includes any sales from last night/this morning that were paid for (I believe, all of them), and the UFO catchers for starseed4 and pkmn_masta, I believe. ^_^

I finally bought some materials to make a bell plush, since I must say I am quite impressed with the plethora of talent shown in the entries from this community!

And a question:

What kind of animal needs more pokemon representation? Comment with your answers - GO! (Of course, we're really thinking about merchandise, here, so maybe your answer could have something to do with that. For example, there's a crap-ton of pikachu (electric/mouse) merchandise. What void needs to be filled? A grass-squirrel? A water-snake?)

Edit: Another question added!

A second question:

What kind of merchandise would you like to see, that doesn'tn exist? I'm not talking about a plush of a pokemon you'd like to have, but something that's just NEVER been made before! (I'd really like gashapon of some of the human characters, maybe some water-pokemon type stuff that would be safe for aquariums, or a vulpix stole/scarf.)

(Personally, I'd like to see another fox-like pokemon apart from Vulpix and Eevee, but that's just me. XD)
shiny vince

yay for first posts~

Hi everyone! I'm Caryn, aka 99reddrifloons :Djuumou directed me to this community after finding my journal on a google search ^^ I've only recently gotten back into collecting pokemon, though I've always played the games since pokemon came to the US. Anyway, my favorite pokemon is Rapidash, followed by Drifloon/Drifblim, and they make up the bulk of my collection (not counting the insane amount of cards I have).
I finally got around to taking some pictures the other day, so on to the main event:

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So hi pkmncollectors! :D Glad to join the ranks!


Hii guys =) Yes it's me again XD I know, I post way too much, do not kill me, I'm too young to die..
Anyway XD

I've been clearing out my room, which included under the bed (oh dear god) and there I found a case full of Pokemon comics that I had forgotten I even had 0.0

Now, I'm considering selling these but I really have no idea how to value them, I've tried looking them up on the net and tbh it's just confusing, I've found some obscene prices for Surf's Up Pikachu, but they seem way too high to be true (on amazon it's £170!!!) but I know if anyone knows what to price these at, it's you guys =)

I hope it's ok to ask about it here, I don't want to be a pain, I'm just not really an expert in comics =( nor do I ever know how to price these things really..

Anyway, I'll post a picture of them all under the cut, I hope it's clear enough to see them, if you want to see photos or details of the inside of them or anything, please don't hesitate to ask =)

Thank you so much in advance to anyone who can help me with these, I just don't know anything about them =(

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Hey Baby!

Concerning Group Auction

Attention! Attention to those who claimed plushies on the group auction I arranged yesterday!

I'm reporting back just minutes after the auction ended (my heart's still thumping like crazy!) and unfortunately, we did not win the auction. We were winning during the last few minutes (I bidded well over a $100 on these guys - much much more than I was planning for), but unfortunately it was sniped away at the very last moment by an unforeseen fellow eBayer.

I deeply apologize to everyone who claimed plushies and am very sorry things turned out the way they did. D;
Pokemon - Shaymin <3

Amigurumi kitten & her Pokemon love. <3

Hey! Back again with a plushie, and although she's not a Pokemon, I definitely incorporated it into her. ^3^
When I saw the tea set for sale, I just had to buy it for her (Thank you, keisuro!). It's the perfect size and I've been wanting something like this for a while now!

I warn you, many photos under the cut!
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Hope everyone enjoyed Bella's day out. :3

In a day or two, I will have a Pokemon plush to post, by the way!
Fatal Frame; Ribbon of Destiny

Question about Ebay

There are quite a few zukans I want on Ebay, but some of them you have to bid GBP or EUR. I live in America so I obviously don't have those currencies, but is there a way to convert it in paypal or something? Same with amazon.com. They have a few gacha sets that I need zukan from but its the European Amazon. =/ So, help guys? ♥
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