June 8th, 2008

Twlight Sparkle

Well, Scratch One Item Off My Wish List...

Guess what I won on Ebay yesterday? This adorable little Pokemon!

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I was really lucky and turned out to be the only one who bid on it...but I'm still really happy I got it! Usually someone always outbids me at the last second, so I was very excited when I got the email saying I won!

Now, I have to wait for my Paypal transfers to complete so I can pay for it. It's taking a bit longer than usual. So, to PacificPikachu, it might take a few more days before I can pay you-I need to put more money in my bank account because I bought something for my dad the other day-but you WILL get payed soon.

Expect a lot of pics when this cute little Ambipom arrives in the mail.
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i bought too many shaymins! i have three extra, so they are back in stock. this is not a presale, i have these items on hand, so check it out :)

also, look at AAPF for a preview of some new can badges featuring everyone's favourite overhyped critter beast!