June 9th, 2008



Hey everyone! I'm selling more stuff!


A Piplup and a Munchlax for jedi_amara and Nefhithiel ^o^ I hope to get your packages mailed out tomorrow guys! =D

I have updated my main Sailor Moon and Pokemon Sales post with new items and included some Special offers, particularly on cards: CLICK HERE

- I will ship internationally
- For International buyers (I'm located in the UK) Paypal only, for those in the UK I may accept cheque's
-Shipping is NOT included in the prices
- I have kept my prices as low as possible, but feel free to haggle if you think something is too expensive
- Anything with an asterix (*) next to it; I am checking interest/offers, not necessarily selling. Ask/let me know if you're interested in any of these items.
- All Items will be cleaned before shipping
-For feedback, please see here.

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Also, my sale post that has non-Pokemon items has been updated. I'm trying to get back some of the absrud amount of money that I've sent XD;; Some items on it have been reduced in price, and some offers are going, so take a look there also: CLICK HERE

If I'm not supposed to have that link up though, let me know and I'll remove it ^^

Now then... Bell plushes... *gets sewing* XD

Selling some figures and a card for now

I'm selling some old pieces of my collection because I'm short on money now. I'll be selling more later, but here's what I have ending on eBay within 15 hours.

Mint Ancient Mew card (plus five random cards)

Mint Lugia Trading Figure

Sandshrew TOMY figure

Farfetch'd TOMY figure

Psyduck TOMY figure

Alt Pikachu TOMY figure

I will gladly combine shipping since these items are so small. Please bid if you are interested — time's almost up!


Question About Pika Plush

I just won a new Pika plush on ebay and am curious about it origins. The seller said it was a Japan Pokemon Center exclusive and very limited in production. People on ebay can be quite deceiving, hence why I'm coming to the experts aka you guys. ^_~ I'm also asking those who live and Japan for help, because I'm sure you guys would know if this particular plush was exclusive to Japan Pokemon Centers only. Thanks for any help! :3

I fell in love because he's so shiny~! <3 He also resembles the big shiny UFO catcher Pika I'm getting soon. Coincidence?
EDIT: here's the link to the auction so you all can read what the seller put in the description!

bitchy mod post

Hey everyone.

This is not directed at anybody in particular, but I would just like to make it clear since I have been seeing it a lot lately.

This community is strictly for Pokemon merchandise collecting. This is NOT a community for Pokemon video games. This includes asking for help/trades in the game, information about events, new games, etc. Please put those posts in pokemon. We appreciate you trying to inform us, however, this is not a general Pokemon community.

I have seen a lot of advertising for events around here and this is not the place to do it. Posting about going to the event is fine, as long as you can include something about collecting as well. For example, people posted here about the Darkrai event, but also included items they purchased there.

Note: The selling/buying of Pokemon games is perfectly fine.


Went to Seattle today! Got a whole bunch of the original Pokemon eps on VHS! One has the eps where Meowth learns how to talk :) I was so happy to find these!
I also got a manaphy kid.
Oh an like the saying goes"one mans trash is another mans treasure." Well (ok I'm officially considered psychotic) I found a pokemon diamond and pearl shoe box sticking out of a trash can in the mall...I made sure the coast was clear, and I snatched it up! Hahaha! It now holds my Yugioh cards in it...I would put my pokemon cards in it,but they wouldn't all fit. :)

As soon as I get pics I'll show you all my additions to my collection!!!

Oh and if you haven't guessed by now,I decided to stay. I'll just keep away from sales posts!


hey everyone! i must say, everyone who made a bell plush, i was really impressed! i ddint have the right material for a bell plush, so i just made a big squirtle plush-his name's squatle!!-also check out my dev art galley for more pokemon art i take requests if anyone would like!


btw im sorry if this post isnt allowed...if it is feel free to remove it, i dont wanna violate any rules^^:: 

small holy grail? get!

To my surprise I got *3* packages today! :O One from Italy. One from Canada and one from Japan =D! These cheered up my day a lot, as for most of it I was reading for a test tomorrow ^^; And once a card arrives for my Mewtwo collection, I'll finally update ^_^ But for now...

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I also still have a few sales over here

Until next time...=D

New to the Community

Just wanted to say drop a line and say "hi." I've been lurking on here for a couple of months and decided it was a really cool community. I've been playing Pokemon video games since '98 and my two younger sons have gotten me into everything Pokemon. Well I thought everything until I came here. (What's a "zukan"? LOL) I really enjoy looking at pics of your collections and hope to branch out on our collection now. I hope to get some pics up soon, although it's mostly game and plush related. Quick question, how do you decide to collect just one type of pokemon?  
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Intro! Also, old-school Japanese cards!

Hi everyone! It's about time I stop lurking and introduce myself. :B My name is Will, and I've had a Pokémon addiction since 1998 when a friend talked me into buying the red version. I have fond(?) memories of the first season of the anime, fake Mew/Pikablu/Togepi codes, the initial shock of the Gold/Silver Pokemon, and spending all of my allowance on cards. Due to a support group called "high school," I was mostly cured of my addiction for several years. But just when I thought I could stay clean forever, my good friend badgerr_ftw (who authorized this annoying post) renewed my interest in Pokémon and once again I'm a junkie. Today, I'm reliving the good old days by playing LeafGreen. This is because I am very old and the thought of any Pokémon after the first 251 is still terrifying to me (I only know a few from Ruby/Sapphire and beyond). As a result, my collection is old-school. My favorite Pokémon, in no particular order, are Seel, Vaporeon, Persian, and Mawile. Now that I'm in the mood for Pokémon again, I feel it's time to start a new collection! Which means I'll need to make room by unloading some of the older stuff. ;_;

To start, I'll be selling some cards! Namely, Japanese holos from the Rocket, Gym, and Neo sets, as well as a few interesting Japanese promos. :3


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