June 11th, 2008


Some newcomers into my life! :D

School has made me way too busy to be more active, but I had enough time today to take two quick pictures of two Pokemon items I got out of some Japanese magazines. Seriously, Japanese magazines KNOW where it's at when they give you prizes. I got the following GIANT poster:

Also, for a poster that came in a magazine, along with other awesome goodies, it's not made out of cheap paper. It's actually a really nice quality poster! Sorry about the glare, it's late, and the poster reflects a lot of light. I have to work on getting it flatter too.

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I also need to find time to take some quality pictures of my Mew collection, including one of my favorite pieces! It chimes, in case anyone was wondering. It hangs under my light, and I've decided that it helps repel evil. The bell on it's head instills happiness and lets me know when evil comes close. Hahaha. Oi... I'm a nerd.

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with a lack of funds i havent been buying too much lately, although i have over ten custom plushies that should be done sometime this summer (ive ordered about one each month this year, and only a few have been finished in all that time!). thats the great thing about custom plushies, you get plushies you paid for so long ago that it feels like a free plush!! :D

so, expect a parade of custom plush photos from over here :D

THEY WILL JOIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!

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now ive just got to sit back and wait for more to be finished... and also for the movie and platnium to come out. yaaaaaaaay! isnt anyone else excited to re-visit the world of diamond and pearl, only this time with an altered plot and altered dimensions? new characters? eh? :D
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An update, so you don't think I've gone all *takez money flees community* regarding my sales post.

If you had already sent payment before THIS post about my paypal problems, please can you let me know. I am still not in a position to receive funds from Paypal and I have requested a further update, but I HAVE accessed the names and addresses of those who have bought from me. If you aren't listed below, let me know so I can cross reference with Paypal and hopefully find your name/address.

The ones I have noted down from Paypal, which I aim to have shipped by tomorrow at the latest are:

Akirajess - Umbreon and Ho-Oh Pokedolls
Almiraswolf - Rayquaza and Flareon Pokedoll
Kiaras_Lemon - Espeon and Celebi Pokedolls
Norkia - Lugia Pokedoll
Pkmn_Masta~ - Entei doll
Regen - Groudon x2 and Palkia Pokedoll
RocketHaruka - Lucario Pokedoll

Of course, some of you are confirmed to buy the items from me and are listed in my sales post, and those will be updated as soon as I'm in a position where I can do so.

*drives away*

Cosplay w/plushies and POOCHYENA

Nothing super exciting has arrived for my collection lately, so I don't have any pictures to post. ^_^;

Instead, I bring you a QUESTION.

Do any of you cosplay with your pokemon plush? :D (You know I do!) Any more I don't like bringing my rarer ones with me to conventions (nor have I been to a convention in awhile), but I like to bring one as a prop if I do. ^_^

If you do, SHOW ME YOUR PICTURES, HERE! (Must have some kind of plushie in the picture, though! :O)

Also, Yutakayumi is selling a premade, Poocheyna plush! Much cuter than the UFO - http://yutakayumi.deviantart.com/art/Poochyena-Pokemon-plush-88274233 - She tells me she's marked down the price to $70, though she hasn't updated it on the page yet. The plushie is 12.5" long and 5.5" high - YY's work is very high quality, and I have bought many plush from her in the past few years. If you're interested in buying, just send her a note on DA, or comment here! ^_^

A cat without a koban

I recently received another bounty of items from regen, and among the loot was a scrappy little Scratch Cat from my wantlist. I was very pleased to have it, yet something about it seemed a tad askew. At first I thought it had an unusually large forehead, but then it dawned on me--

This cat has no koban!!

But that doesn't mean I love it any less; on the contrary, it has a unique charm (pun intended) all its own. My flawed friend has even inspired a picture post...

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Collection Update <3

My first collection update! ♥

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I am very interested in Bulbasaur (and evos) merch (including flat items) that people may want to give a good home...PARTICULARLY plushies...so feel free to let me know! >w<

!-- EDIT --!
Multi-purpose post is used for multiple purposes.

Interesting auctions! I've been away so long.

1. Huge lot of Pokemon stuff
Includes giant Pikachu and Squirtle plushes, many smaller/rarer plushies (Lugia, Marril, Dratini, Nidoran M, Blastoise, Gligar, Vulpix, Seel, etc), and a bunch of other Pokemon toys. Great prospect for a group auction.
2. 16x17" Eevee Plush
May be a knock off... but Buy It Now for $15? Steal.
3. 18.5" Banpresto Rayquayza Plush
Holy shit, this is the most awesome looking thing I have ever seen. Ever. In my whole life. (Downside: $60 But It Now.)
4. Mew Sitting on a Tree Stump clock
$25 Buy It Now
5. 10" Tall Knock-offchu
Knock-offchu is HAMMER TIME! $10 Buy It Now
6. Beanie Lapras
I haven't seen it before... $13 Buy It Now
7. Sexy Chest Hair Eevee
Wicked cheap, one of those "oh my son said it's name is __ I don't know otherwise!!" sellers
8. 256-piece Pokemon Lot
Someone with a store should really pick this up. Or, someone who would like to begin a store. Starts at $25, 2 days left.
9. 13" "Fish Eyes" Goldeen plush
I haven't seen her anywhere else... But It Now $45
10. 10" Grumpychu
Grumpychu will not clean his room for you. $20 Buy It Now.

And, gotta pimp the sales post.
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First Collection Post!

My collection was, uh, quite pathetic before. Quite. It's still pretty bad now but. . . Hey. It's better. So I thought I'd finally make a collection post, after lurking for a year or something ridiculous like that! YAY.

All images are thumbnails, if you for some reason want a better view.


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