June 12th, 2008

Spring-Time Mew

My MEW folder :)

Yeah, my Mew folder, contains my Mews :)

Here are the links to my Mew cards photos :)

And lastly, my Mew wants :)
(the bottom 3 right cards are English, and rest have to be Japanese).

Anyone have any of those? I can buy/trade. JLMK. :)


(in case anyone asks, the rest of the pages in the folders are filled by holo energy cards for my decks.
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epic multi-purpose post is epic: collection update & sales.

Hey guise :D

As some of you may know, I moved out of my old apartment in February and have been temporarily staying in school housing while waiting for a dorm to accept me. It has taken longer than I thought, so my collection remains packed up, but since moving in I have amassed quite a bit of stuff, so I have photographed most of it (minus a few things + flat items) and thought I'd post it, since I haven't made a collection-related post since Idunno last December 8,D. I have never actually posted my entire collection, but am planning on doing so when I get moved in and unpacked.

For the record, I collect Linoone, Kadabra, (top 2 favorites <3)Piplup, Manaphy, Spinda, and Spoink mainly, and a little bit of this and that here and there. :F Sub-collections include Buizel, the lions, Nosepass, Shaymin, Finneon/Lumineon...etc. XD;

So yes, this is basically more or less what I have amassed since the end of February.

At the bottom of the collection pictures will be a tiny sales post full of useless crap and more pan stickers 8,D.

*Note: Sorry my image size sucks. My computer doesn't have photoshop so I have to use photobucket's crappy editor which either makes my images too big or...this size. ...XD My lief.


Warning: image heavy

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(no subject)

I -think- I'm up to date now - If there's anyone waiting on a reply from me, lmk!

Anyway, I got a pic of my landsharks. I love these guys to bits, though Gabite is my fave <3
Under the cut are other views and the flat objects.

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Also, Crescent Shop - What's it like? I've been considering moving, but I'm still not sure.
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Updates and Mega Blok Questions

Welp hi again!

Just wanted to say again everyone's stuff was shipped Thursday of last week. You guys should have everything/or it should be there anyday if its international.

Also I believe I've paid for everything I had held/traded. If not please let me know I've been really scarce lately and I really appologize ;;

I just got in my latest SMJ box (and probably my last I am so fed up with them.) and I've got a lot of neat things to update such as- ADORABLE eevee bobble head, my highly sought after houndoom zukan, and clear original umbreon kid to name a few goodies. So be on the look out for that soon :3

Some questions now:

- Im really looking for an umbreon Mega Blok. Anyone have one for sale/trade?

- Is there a flareon Mega blok? AWESOME- now..anyone have IT for sale/trade? xD

Thanks in advance :3
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Items on eBay!

Hi guys, long time no see!

Sorry, I've been off really busy with work and shitty stuff with life. I'm getting back into the groove of selling and sewing. I'm a bit slower at everything than usual because I'm working 40+ hours/week, and am learning and trying to have a social life :x
I have items on ebay. 11 auctions! Stuff from my shop that didn't sell, new stuff, all sorts of stuff! Drifloons, Luxrays, Squirtles, Umbreon/Espeon kids, plushies, cards, figures - Go check it out!


Will be updating my shop in the next week or two - tons of rare items, some plushies. Be excited!

(Sorry for the delay on PPP, I know people have been pestering me about it. I have hundreds of photos to add, and my commissions come first right now. :x)

Also my icon is awesome, Armaina made it :D I really recommend her. She's so friendly, and made these overnight @_@ See the rest I commissioned here!

I'm really looking for the DX Weavile Pokedoll, the newest DP Luxio card, and the DX Retsuden 3D Luxio magnet ;~; If you have seen these recently for sale, or have one that you would be willing to sell or trade for something nice, please let me know!!

Collection Post + Small Sales/Poke Doll CHARM Auctions

Yep here's my promised collection update along with a teeny tiny sales/auction post :3

-WARNING- Extreemly image heavy. Dial up- beware.

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Onto my small sales including Lucario bottle cap figure, and Salamence, Charizard, and Mewtwo Pokedoll Charms-

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Auction won: buy these up for cheap!

I jut won this auction, which I posted earlier about potential group auction (to no particular avail), for next to nothing. I only want the giant Bulbasaur. As such, I'll be selling off the other merchandise for wicked cheap.

Giant Bulbasaur - emurii
"Meh"chu - $5 (yaoi_queen)
Plush Squirtle - $5
Charmander Bank - $5
Squirtle Bank - $5
Pocket Pikachu - $5 (digivolution) (described as in good used condition but in need of a battery)
Beanbag Meowth - $3
Venusaur launcher - $3 (pkmn_masta)
Charmander figure with light-up tail - $3

I'm open to trades (I collect Bulbasaur), but since these are sooo cheap, I would really advocate just buying them... haggle away, if you want. (Just slashed Meowth's price by $2.)

Also, I'll come around to collect payment/trades once the items arrive, in case there's any problems. (Unless you REALLY want to pay me now, which I can do, too.)

(PS: Anyone have a Bulbasaur Mega Blok for sale/trade and/or have Bulbasaur Pokemon pan or know if it exists?)

Massive Collection Update Kinda! :D

Yay! :D I finally got some mail today. :3 So now it's time for a collection update of my entire collection. xD

I have been sick and out of it since Sunday so I am sorry for missing commenting on other collection posts, though I think I did look at most of them. :D Nice stuff all around. <3

Click the cut for a bigger version and of course plenty more pictures! :D

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Well that's all I have! :D I am still expecting more in the mail. If you sent me something and it's not in these pictures then I haven't gotten it yet! But I'm sure I will soon. :D Or I will let you know, don't worry. xD

do you like my crappy icon? i made it in like 2 seconds.

I realized something about a week ago...
I love Swinub! I love it's whole line, but Swinub the most. :D

So, I'd like it if you all showed me Swinub line stuff! I know about the new stuff coming out mostly, but not so much about older merch. If anyone wants to try and sell me stuff, thats okay too. ;D I want to expand my tiny, almost nonexistent collection! I'm only interested in figures, and misc. stuff, so no flat stuff right now please. Sorry. D:
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A small update :3

I've received a few packages over the past week or so, and since I haven't had much else to post lately I thought I'd combine them into one update. ^_^

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On a final note, I'm pleased to announce that I finally have a wants page! It's not completed yet since there's still a few Pokemon left to add, but I'm always looking for neat things to add to my collections; I'm especially fond of additions for my Chimecho and Jynx/Smoochum collections in particular.

Thanks for looking! ♥

parcels! yay!!! <3 and more zukan for sale XD

Hii guys =3 A quick update and a mini zukan sale, hurrah XD

Firstly, I got packages today! yay!!! =D I luffs parcels <3

I got my omgsocute Piplup kid from yaoi_queen      =D and some looovely cards from _nofuturenohope      =D
I luff them all so much! My collection's really starting to look slightly more respectable in size now thanks to you guys hehe =D

Oh and to everyone who bought from me in my last sales post, your packages have all been sent out and should be with you guys soon =)

Pictures of my packages and the zukan I have for sale are under the cut =)

Piplup says hiiiii! =3

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Quick Question

Is this a real zukanor a knock off? it looks lighter and the kings horn is bent....
I know is was probably a bad idea posting this 'cause i've noticed alot of people are seeking this zukan, but i need to know before i bid on it. also with the change in price, is $10-$15 a good price for it? i've never bought a zukan before. Thanks for any help.
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Who and what am I?

I got this in the mail today when I got home from a long long day at the stables (work!)
I am filled with much gleee~ And dancing and spazzing~ x3

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Right, now where are those 1st Gen bell plushes? xD

Just incase anyone was wondering what the heck it is (and I just assumed everyone would know !! !!)... It is an Umbreon V-Trainers Prototype figure. According to the research Dani did, there are very few (probably less than 10) figures in existence, as the prototypes were never put into production, and only existed in a Hasbro production house in China~! |3
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(no subject)

Commissions are closed for now, if you've contacted me in another post or via email you're okay though :)

I just wanted to show off mintbunny's Lugia! It's two or three times the size of the others I've done.

Warning, image heavy!

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X-posted to pokemon, sorry if you get this twice!


Oh yes! I was wondering if someone might be able to help me price some Pokemon cards? I told my boyfriend I could help him sell some of his old collection, but I don't know anything about how much they sell for! I'd greatly appreciate if someone could lend some advice <3 Comment and I'll respond with a less vague description. :P
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Found another Blaziken pokedoll, mislabeled as a UFO catcher. |3


Apologies if anyone has already bid on it >.>

Also, I was browsing google out of boredom, and typed in "Empoleon toy" and looked through the image results, and found this:


OMG Do want! It is so awesome and adorable and on its belly~! I think it came from the blogspot on upcoming toy releases in japan, but I couldn't find the exact article.