June 13th, 2008

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I deeply apologize for the double-post, but this is pretty time-sensitive, and my other post is way down the page now....

This is the most glorious thing, ever.

><; Would someone with an SMJ or other Yahoo!Auction account be willing to bid on this for me? I just do not want to open myself up to that kind of spending potential... but I've never seen this before, and likely never will again. And there's only 2 days on it, with no bids yet.

I'll PayPal all fees/cost/shipping to you and throw in a dollar for your trouble. :[ My eBay feedback can be found here if you're looking for assurance that I'm trustworthy.

(Gin, I can move this to my other post if it's absolutely necessary.)

Thanks so much to keisuro!! >w< ~

Collection Update

I have not posted a real collection update in a long time, and it has grown quite a bit. When I first joined, I showed my small collection at the time:


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iCollect--by profsparky

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How does one go about obtaining these beauties? And why did they stop showing who the trainers were on the movie promos? They did it for 4, for 5, and for 6, and that was it, right?

Also, and Gin said it was all right to do this--it's my birthday, and I'd like presents. Spam me with pictures of Vileplumes, Torchics, Chatots, and basically any pokémon you think I'd like. Unusual pictures a plus!
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Auction Wins!

*dances* I finally won some zukan I've been wanting for a while, minus the Persian/Meowth zukan, who just happen to come with Arbok, lol. Picture or courtesy of the sellers.

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On another note for everyone who paid(rinkatink, teenbulma, 216handsbound, eeveelution) I sent out your zukan yesterday, so they should be arriving soon, I also owe all of you a dollar, which I'll be refunding shortly. Shipping was a little cheaper than I thought.^^ I'm gonna go back to sleep now, I work up early to check on my auctions, lol.

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Iiiii have some collection updates. :D

One of these days I should really snap a picture of allll of my collections together but I am lazy. Here is some new stuff for now that made me happy:

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Shop update later tonight. I am slashing my prices and adding a few more items because I really need to get rid of stuff before the summer. I am still slowly scaling down my collection but it is hard because I will look at something and say, "omg i have an obscure memory attached to this toy kfjfkf" and refuse to sell it. :(

ALSO. I am still looking for a few key figures. If anybody could point me in the direction of an Ekans/Arbok zukan or a Feraligatr alt kid (attacking one) you may very well complete my life.

A Pokemon surprise!

Sooo... we're walking out of the store when my brother sees something REALLY interesting. :OOO


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These are temporary tattoos but they are really huge and GREAT quality. I would never use one on myself because they are THAT nice. XD I'm going to place them on a wall or shelf, as they look really nice displayed. I'm going back to the store later today and will try to get more. I love them. X3 Oh, and if anyone is curious, I actually flipped the photos in Photoshop so that you can read the name... Obviously they look like this.

thinking about making a lickitastic collection

For a while now, before even joining this club, I was thinking of getting rid of most my old Pokemon stuff and restarting mostly from scratch to collect my favorite Pokemon family (lickitung/lickilicky). But I have obviously two problems.
-finding lickitung/lickilicky stuff
-getting rid of my old Pokemon stuff

Now the first part can be difficult because I don't have and can't currently get paypal (making it ever so difficult to get stuff from ebay and from people here) and am not certain of all the pokemon products made of these two Pokemon.

The second part is both simple and difficult at one time. It would be easy for me to bring all my old Pokemon stuff to the salvation army to just get rid of it, but it may be regrettable to do just in case someone here comes forward looking for something I already own.

But back to the point, does anyone here have any lickitung/lickilicky stuff they be willing to sell (only if you accept something other than paypal) or trade? The only thing I currently own of either Pokemon is the Jungle set lickitung card (which I must add was the first card I even owned) so I'm pretty much starting from scratch in hopes to own the ultimate licki collection.

PS: remember communication is key. nothing is more irritating than saying you be willing to trade or sell something to a person and just stop responding with them .__.

First I got some images of what I'm trading or trying to get rid of. seen here

because of certain happenings I cannot afford to buy anything more this month (I can only do trades for small objects). I will open another subject similar to this at the begining of July. thanks so much for all your help to date :>

Shipping delay and Little update

Well, I have good news and bad news. Fact that my boyfriend's bike EXPLODED this morning when we were litterally on the way to the post office, and then we tried to get a ride to the post office, and they were on a 2 hour lunch break, I am unable to ship everything out until monday. But that gives people that haven't had a chance to pay me, pay me. As soon as we can, we shall ship out Monday.
To make this interesting, here's an update to our collection. :D
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So I shall do a shipment on monday, in the morning, I'm really sorry you guys )=
Your stuff would be on the way, if his bike didn't blow up.

Sales Post~

Hello! This is my first sales post. For those who may want to verify my feedback, here is my ebay account. And yes, permission was obtained beforehand. |D

I've been a member for around a month now, but have mostly been lurking (other than an intro post). Hopefully you'll find something interesting among these items. :> Click the banner to see the sales~


look what i made! =D

I didn't intend on posting this here, but with all the hype revolving said pokemon, and the fact that I'm more proud of her than I thought I would be, I now am posting it XD

Now, I would firstly like to say that the mp3 player case idea is completely credited to pikachuashnat, it was her custom mp3 player cases that inspired me to try and make my own (it made my leather case look boring in comparison =P) and my original pokemon idea was to make a Piplup (which I'm also going to make for myself) but I just couldn't resist making one of this particular Pokemon first..

XD Yes, it is Shaymin.  Not Skymin, Shaymin =3

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Small Sales/Trades and Shaymin! :D

Yes! I have finished my Shaymin! :D I would be willing to make one for you too! Please contact me via AIM or email (both in my profile) if you are interested. Bigger picture/More explanation and other items I have available for sale/trade under the cut! :D

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Anything I posted can be combined with shipping for anything in my SALES POST! :D Also I am open for trades again since I paid back my brother. I am REALLY wishing to trade currently for a Jakks Munchlax Plush. ;_; It eludes me....

All policies in my sales post apply here too of course. :D

Also this manga is awesome and I highly recommend it! :D
Gossip Girl: Summer Blair

Kids for sale/auction.

....Sorry for making 2 posts in the course of 3 days. ;-;

But. Hey guise remember these? :D I have managed to acquire some extras (including a Shinx for myself ;o;) so I will be offering them up on the community.

All are NIB (boxes were opened only to check for clears; kinds and contents were not touched)

I have for direct sale:

Combee (x2) $5 each
Toxicroak $5
Shinx $5 SOLD

I have for auction: (Each Pokemon starts at $5)

Drifblim high bid: $5 by tortoises
Giratina high bid: $6 by happyjolteon

Auction will end on Sunday at 11 am EST. Please place bids in the comments if you're interested. :D

Thanks!! <3