June 14th, 2008


Pixel Icon Commissions

Okay so this is my first sales post here, so here it goes

This is a Sale for 100x100 Pixel Art Commissions for 10$ each.
(At this time I am only accepting Paypal Payments!)
I've recently done a few commissions for members of the community, so I'll use these as examples:

for juumou
for denkimouse
for happyjolteon

Current Feedback Thread

I can do trainers, I just feel I don't do them very well haha.

How this will work, basically just comment if you're interested and what you would like. Once I've confirmed you have a slot, please email me what you would like for you icon to armaina [at] gmail.com
I will send you a small sketch of the icon before I 'pixelize' it, so that the overall pose/layout can be determined before hand as I do not want to make major alterations to the pixel icon after it's already been made. (believe me it'll be faster for both of us haha) I don't mind changes after it's been made, as long as they're minor.

Each 100x100 Pixel Icon is 10$
(Not accepting trades at this time though, of course next time I post, I probably will)

If you want to commission 2 icons, this will take up 2 slots and so on, as the slots are mostly just to balance my workload. I will be closing off commission sign ups on Thursday

Available Slots:

1. denkimouse
2. dingerroxxors
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The Doctor: ........... I want my lawyer.

Gin: *plops 15 sky forme shaymins into basket in a row*
Staff: *staring* D....don't you like this one even a little? *holding up normal Pokedoll*
Gin: Oh!! I like it, it's just... don't you know Sky Forme was an international phenomenon?! People have been freaking out about it all month! There was even a Ken Sugimori copycat who drew a fake one and caused a huge scandal! People have been clinging to every scrap of news about Sky Forme Shaymin!!! Every last SCRAP!! It's an international craze!!!
Staff: Wow.... *looks at regular Shaymin pokedoll* *makes a sad face and pets it gently*

AND NOW! do you want THIS shaymin sky FOR-MAY charm in with your plushie order? you can! get them while they are overhyped!!! i have five available! SOLD OUT! sorry!!!

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Shipping Update and Poster sale

Hello to all! I have yet to ship out everyone's packages because of some personal issues. I had planned on shipping everything out today, but after what happened to me last night, I needed rest. So, with that said, I will ship everything out on Monday without a doubt. I'm terribly sorry for the delay and thank you for being so patient. *bows*

Now, I have two posters for sale. Both are Pouchama/Piplup 'lution related. They are medium sized and are still wrapped in plastic. They were/are advertisements for the new Banpresto plush. They are $2 each. Please inquire about shipping if you're interested. I will have to fold them some more in order to fit them into a decently sized shipping envelope. Or I can have them shipped in a document envelope. I did that when mailing Gin's Raichu poster and it seemed to work out fine. It's up to you, really. :) Pictures are under the cut. Thank you for looking. BOTH ARE SOLD!

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Looking to the Sky

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Hi everyone!

My little brother and I were making Pokémon sculptures last night (I made an Umbreon, he made a Bonsly--they're in the oven right now), and he suddenly realized he wants a Bonsly/Sudowoodo zukan. Anyone have one they're willing to sell for a reasonable price? I know I've seen some for sale somewhat recently, but I can't remember where. Got one!

Also, I know of a seller on Ebay who has a bunch of unopened zukan she's selling for a very reasonable price per capsule--including the set with Umbreon/Espeon/Eevee, the Johto starters, and Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. I'm going to wait and make sure I successfully get the zukan (just in case) before I give other people her username, but I thought it might be a good option for everyone if you're willing to buy a bunch and take a chance on getting the one you want. She has a few other sets as well. :3 I'll keep everyone updated. I bought ten from the set I talked about above, so I'll be selling off my extras, too, if there's a specific one you're after. I'm not taking reservations right now because I don't know what I'm getting, but just so everyone knows. :)
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Small wishlist, can't find these guys!

Aside from the ultra-rare huge Pokemon plushes that are too expensive and I might never see, there are a few other guys that are way high on my want list but I just can't find.

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I've wanted this for a long time, and I'm always going to beat myself over the head for just missing this. I was so close to getting it last year, and I had almost earned the $60 needed. But then a few days before I got the money, Lugia was snatched away from me. It hurt so bad. >___< This is pretty much one of my most sought-after Pokeplushes, it's a wonderful size, and it's not even the ultra-huge Lugia that nobody has. I'd gladly pay in the ball park of $50 for one if anyone were to sell it here.

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I've been so obsessed with Grovy lately because of Dungeon 2. I really like him now, and I can't believe that I'm late to get his plush. I can't find it anywhere except this toy manufacturing site that hasn't updated in three years. One of the members here and I tried emailing them, but no response. Should I try to call their phone number listed on their site? I would also be willing to buy one from anyone here if he is for sale.
Vaerin centra

10th Anniversary Zukans

Hurr hurr impulse buy. I'm starting to like the space peen.. not sure what this says about me, but oh well. I liked the Palkia in this set, and also liked a couple others. Originally I wasn't sure what to do with the rest of then, but they're growing on me.

Anyway, here are some close-up pictures of the (first?) set. I had some trouble finding good pictures before I bought the set, but now I can confirm they're lovely. ;D

Sorry if this is uninteresting, I was just bored today and my camera is fun.

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Hello! This is my first real post here >>
I don't have a collection pic up yet, but I will get one soon! I have a lot, and it's constantly growing, so any picture is never accurate enough, lol.
But yeah, I'm just about 17, live in Hawaii, blah blah blah. Pokemon is my blood, srsly. Ask anyone I know ;___; I don't really have a life.
Today I was out, and I found a 12" Darkrai plush for $15 ;___;! I had to buy it~

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Ok, I'm done :P
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I thought this was pretty cool!


But this is rly starting to frustrate me. I'll be kicking myself forever for not buying a Glaceon pokedoll when it came out.

ALSO, I have fallen madly in love with Shieldon and would kill for the plush.

And there also may be bloodshed for the DX Buneary. *hates immediate purchase on eBay*

Ebay win with a few keychains up for grabs

Hi again! I completely forgot to do this post when I won a recent small keychain lot on ebay. ^^;

I only want Pikachu. The rest is up for grabs. I haven't gotten this in the mail yet because I won it four days ago. The seller contacted me the day after I won it and said they had been shipped out. So I should be getting them soon. They will be $2 each. Shipping within the US will be $1.50; Canada $2; Int. $3. There will be a Paypal fee included in the total. If you have ordered stuff from me in the recent past and I haven't mailed your items out yet, I'll be happy to combine shipping. :)

Thanks for looking!

Gengar: shootthetanks
Jigglypuff: alakazzandra